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Deface Property [D-Rank]

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Deface Property [D-Rank] Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 3:40 pm

A black haired and attired feline steps off a boat and onto the dock. Fiore, they were finally here. Hellebore really hoped their sister was here as she glanced disdainfully at the water. She really did not want to take another trip by boat.
Unfortunately her search would have to be put on hold for now as she had used nearly the last of her funds simple getting to Hargeon. It looks like some work was in order.

With this in mind Hellebore began to explore the town, Hargeon was one of the larger ports in Fiore and a beautiful old city. However she wasn't here for sight seeing and quickly found one of the more seedier pubs near the docks. A place like this should have some work for someone of her talents and inclination. As she entered it was still morning, there were very few patrons around, most of the regulars one would assume are at work right now.

Hellebore walked up to the barkeep and greeted him with a nod.
"Hey, Got work for a merc?"
The man looked her up and down then snickered, she was getting pretty use to this reaction. She could only assume it was due to her small size but whatever. Hellebore simply stared at the barkeep and waited until he was done.

"Hm uh yeeeah, actually. Do have a job. Think it'll be just right for you." The fool drawled before writing something down and handing it to Hellebore. The mans handwriting was horrendous, she could just barely make out an address.

"Bloke named Maxwell is looking to hire someone and I just think you're right puurfect for the job."

Oh great, cat puns. Never heard them before.
Barkeep was obviously having a laugh and Hellebore could only imagine what sort of nonsense task this was going to turn out to be but hey, a job is a job. Time to find this Maxwell guy.

It didn't take long to find the apartment listed on the note. Hellebore gave the door a knock, no answer. She gave it a louder one and this time she picked up the faint sounds of cursing and stomping before the door was yanked open. Standing there was a thuggish man with ridiculous hair.

"What the hell do you want?! Banging on my door so early? Better have a good excuse or my fist is going to make an excuse of your face."

Hellebore had to resist the temptation to roll her eyes. What sort of moron was she dealing with here?

"You Maxwell? Heard you got a job needs doing."

"Oh you're here for my job, dam lass why didn't you say so earlier. Wait right here."

With that he rushed back inside and the sounds of rummaging could be heard. Hellebore decided to just ignore his nonsense  and waited to see just what job she had gotten herself into. It didn't take long before Maxwell came storming back out and shoved a slip of paper and a can of spray paint into her hands.

"Jobs simple. Go to this location and trash the joint. Make sure you follow every point on that list ok? Very important you get this done right! I'd go myself but you know? I'm far too busy."

Yep, far too busy. Hellebore couldn't care less about such an obvious lie. She finally had the job, vandalism. She's got this.
Maxwell had surprisingly legible writing and he had even drawn a map on the back of the list so it didn't take long for Hellebore to find the right apartment. Place seemed empty so Hellebore assumed that like an actual busy person the occupant was at work at this hour.

Alright let's look at this list, step one: kick down the door. Sends a better message than sneaking in. Sure, why not. Hellebore gives the door a solid kick, smashing it right open.
Now for step two, smash everything smashable. Hellebore really didn't understand why she needs a list to trash a place but she follows it anyway smashing up glass, furniture all the usual suspects when you trash a joint.
Step three, Take his eggs and smash them all over the walls.
Feels a bit childish but simple enough soon the apartments walls have a wonderful new eggy make over.
Last step now, step four: Spray paint "Take it to the Max" on the wall. In big letters!!! Make sure he can't miss it soon as he walks in.

Hellebore groans, this is getting really childish but hey if that's what the client wants. She adds her new artistic creation to the wall, making sure it's in big letters like she was asked. Finally done, all that was left was to report back to Maxwell and get paid.

Maxwell is out the front of his apartment and spots you approaching, his greeting is much more enthusiastic this time.

"Yo! You done already? Did you make sure you did everything on the list?"

When Hellebore nodded Maxwell whooped and tossed her a bag he had nearby.

"There's your payment as promised and hey. If you're looking for more work in town, you know where to find me."

Hellebore was thinking of the best way to turn him down while checking their pay. However she reconsidered when they noticed the pay was pretty decent for such a silly job, maybe she would come find this moron again.



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