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Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK]

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Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 11:07 pm

Lotus was in a much better mood today as they headed out to their next job with their sister. Having received many praises and head pets from Ash for the last job they did. For once she didn't feel like complaining about being dragged to yet another job so soon.

On their way to the castle Ash explained about the job they had found this time. Some rich people where having a party and they didn't want a certain old man to cause a scene. So all they had to do today was distract him when he showed up and keep him away for the day.

The pair arrived outside the castle early in the morning just in case their target showed up early today, however there was still several hours until the time he usually showed up at.
As time dragged on Lotus grew increasing restless she really didn't like this kind of idleness, and Ash was too busy taking her job seriously, keeping an eye on all the passing people. Boring.
If she was going to do nothing she'd much rather have a nice nap.



Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 11:53 pm

Keeping idiots in check was one of Ashley's many talents. Lotus was a prime example, although she wasn't necessarily lacking in intelligence, she often poked her nose into places she really shouldn't; far less wise than their older sibling. Although they were occasionally the reason for their sister getting into trouble, Ash had always done their utmost to keep their sister out of real trouble. Guiding her away from things that could potentially harbour danger to either of them.

Therefore, keeping one village idiot out of the hair of a nobleman seemed like child's play. Their plan was simple, invite the man to come to play some games with Lotus and themselves, perhaps pull a few pranks on other locals. Nothing that would get them into serious trouble, of course, just little nonsensical games that would entertain both Leis and Lotus alike.

Naturally, they had shared the plan with Lotus, the younger sibling far better when it came to being socially endearing enough to convince someone to play with them compared to Ashley.



Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK] Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 12:24 am

Leaning against a wall Lotus was just beginning to nod off when Ashley suddenly nudged them, motioning towards an approaching old man in a wheelchair. Leis had arrived.

While Ashley had explained their plan to Lotus, who totally definitely remembered it, things went side ways when the pair of felines approached Leis. He immediately began his rant about how the nobles were Satanists who maintained their power by drinking the blood innocents. Hearing this Lotus quickly turned to Ash with an excited expression on her face. This could be a clue for their unsolved case, perhaps these satanic nobles are behind the mysterious murders.

However when she shared her brilliant deduction with Ashley instead of being praised Ash rapped her on the head with her knuckles and told her to focus on their current job.
Leis had fallen silent, watching the exchange between the two sisters with a rather confused look on his face.



Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK] Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 12:56 am

Ashley could barely believe the nonsense being spouted, not only by the village madman but Lotus as well. Rubbing their temple for a moment before noticing Leis staring at the two siblings. Their features quickly softened into a smile, approaching him with a courteous bow. A small plan hatching. One they definitely knew they were going to regret later, but it would at least get the job done. One using Lotus' stupidity to their advantage.

Speaking a little more casually than they normally did, they asked if perhaps Leis would be willing to tell Lotus and themselves more about this conspiracy he was spouting talking about. Telling him of how they and Lotus had been trying to uncover their own truths and would love to discuss the details further. However, they were sure to claim that it would be best to perhaps go somewhere a little less out in the open. So the wrong people didn't overhear them.

A plan that, while half-cocked for sure in Ashley's opinion, apparently worked, Leis chuckling as he signalled for the two to follow him. As he began to wheel himself away from the mansion, Ashley sighed in relief, step one of the plan was complete. Leaning into their sister, they whispered into her ear, apologising for not realising her genius sooner and telling her to explain the details of the investigation they'd undertaken with Dex with this man. With this, their job would be completed with ease.


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Note: Weapon - Svallin (20% Quest WC Reduction)


Distraction [Ashley & Lotus | D-RANK] Empty Sat Jan 14, 2023 1:23 am

As Ashley apologized to her a smile crept across Lotus's face. It seems after thinking about it for a moment her sister had discovered the genius of Lotus's new plan. Sure they were hired to distract Leis today but surely they could accomplish that while also obtaining what could be vital information for Dex's investigation.

As they followed Leis away from the noble castle and away from potential eavesdroppers, Lotus begun to explain the details of the case they had worked on the other day. Leis listened with rapt attention and provided Lotus with several new theories that she couldn't wait to share with Dex when she saw him next. Who knew the nobles of this town could be so depraved? Truly sickening.

At one point in their conversation Leis grew really quiet and a look sadness crossed his face. After a moment of silence he begun to tell the two sisters about his late wife, she had passed away a few years ago in a tragic accident that had also cost him his legs. Since she passed no one else had listened to him or taken him seriously.

After this conversation he just smiled sadly and asked the two of them to escort him home. He thanked them for listening to him today, he was very grateful for the company. As they parted Leis told Ashley to take good care of their little sister, since she would need it.
Lotus kind of felt she was missing something here but oh well their job was done! Time to get paid.

The two sisters walked back to the castle to meet the contact who then informed them that the event had no issues, he paid the pair and thanked them for their time.



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