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Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank]

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Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 5:17 pm

It was still early as two sisters made their way to the forest outskirts. Lotus was still nursing a hangover from all the whiskey she had last night and her muddled mind couldn't understand. She had worked so hard yesterday and was expecting Ashley to praise her. Instead Ash just gave her that look, the one she gives when she feels Lotus has missed something really simple and they don't want to explain or elaborate further.
Not only did she get no praise but Lotus was also dragged to another job the very next day.

Lotus's pouting was interrupted when they arrived at a clearing and met their client for todays job, Seheda Linas.
After brief yet friendly greetings they learned she was a mercenary who wished to improve her combat skills, sadly however she had failed the entrance exam to the combat academy three times now.
This was not enough to make her give up thou, she was determined to improve herself. Lotus found this a little inspiring actually, since she probably would of given up after the first failure.

Seheda informed the pair that their job today was to run through some exercises alongside her as accountability partners.



Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 8:51 pm

Even if they had technically been paid for it, Ashley felt the previous day had just been a day of tomfoolery rather than actual work. Therefore, today's mission was all about exercise, not just for themselves, their body, while not physically strong, was still very much in shape, their muscles built for speed rather than strength.

Lotus, however, was severely lacking in the physical department. While she did possess innate magical talent, that couldn't make up for everything in Ashley's mind. If their little sister couldn't run away from danger, it could lead to terrible consequences later down the line should they choose to partake in more life-threatening work.

As such while their sister and Dex had been busy drinking far too much, Ashley had contacted one of the other clients about a job they'd found on the notice board in town. A simple training regime for both the client and themselves alike. The perfect opportunity to stretch their legs and enjoy some forest scenery.

Upon meeting the young woman, Ashley felt sort of bad for them. They had failed three times to achieve their dream of joining the combat academy. They had to admit, much like Lotus, they found the mercenary's resolve to keep persevering rather inspiring. They themselves had never really struggled with combat training, their keen mind allowing them to easily replicate the moves they saw other people make.

Although Ash's body wasn't always capable of every maneuver, they could at least achieve the bare minimum. However, not many had their natural gifts for mimicking others and there was also a large difference between copying techniques and being capable of creating one's own.



Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 9:22 pm

The task today was pretty simple, a dash through the forest while avoiding obstacles that had been set up in advance. Lotus really despised these kind of physical exercises and the fact that Ash has always been so much better than her at them did nothing to improve Lotus's mood.
The only consolation was at least she was getting paid for this.

As expected once they started Ashley quickly raced ahead, easily avoiding any of the obstacles they encountered. Every now and then Ash would stop and observe the two following them, pointing out any flaws and offering advice.

Lotus really did not expect Seheda to as bad at this as she was. It was actually pleasantly surprising. For once she wasn't the only one lagging behind and making mistakes. Yet despite this Seheda never complained, they listened earnestly to Ashley's advice and kept on trying.
Watching this Lotus couldn't help but do the same.



Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 10:44 pm

Ash's advice, while well-meaning, could have come across as a little too brutish if there were any observers. Fortunately, they were in the forest, isolated and away from civilisation. Despite the barking orders Seheda at least seemed to take their advice seriously after seeing how effortlessly the plum-furred feline navigated the course.

Despite the woman's fumbles, they weren't a completely lost cause. Ash made the occasional note on where their client did well, while nothing was perfect, it was still wise to give some level of confidence booster to someone trying so hard, so as not to completely discourage them.

What actually impressed Ash, however, was Lotus. Normally they would have given up within five minutes, but they kept going, pushing themselves to keep up with their client. Perhaps they should do this sort of thing more often, having someone that wasn't their sibling definitely seemed to help Lotus get into a persevering mindset.

The training naturally had to come to a close at some point, however, it was unfortunate it had to be due to Seheda experiencing a rather nasty fall. One that caused them to injure their leg, not severely, but enough that running through the forest was no longer an option. Neither Ash, nor Lotus were very strong, but with each other's help, they could at least shoulder some of the woman's weight, escorting her back out of the forest.


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Train with me [Ashley & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Fri Jan 13, 2023 11:11 pm

If asked lotus would still say physical exercise sucks. However today was . .  nice, other than Sehedas fall at the end. Training alongside someone of a similar skill level to her was rather pleasant.

On the way back out of the forest Seheda was feeling rather embarrassed and didn't seem too keen on talking much. In an attempt to take their mind of their failure at the end Ash and Lotus asked her about her motivation. Why was she pushing herself so hard?

After some gentle prodding Seheda began to tell them about how she has always dreamed of being a successful mercenary. One that could really help people, really make a difference in others lives. However while she may technically be a mercenary now with her current skill level she doesn't feel like she is living up to that dream. While next time will be her forth attempt to be accepted into the combat academy, she has no plans to give up and they really want to succeed this time.

Once they were back in town Seheda payed the pair for their work today and bid them good bye. The sisters wished her a speedy recovery and Lotus even mentioned she would love to join them again for training in the future.



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