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All In A Day's Work [Ash & Lotus | D-Rank]

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All In A Day's Work [Ash & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 8:14 pm

During their previous day of relaxation, Ash had gone to the local job board, picking a few off a few of the requests that they believed themselves and Lotus more than capable of. The first had been a bit of a strange one, a detective looking for an assistant to help them discover the truth behind what they believed to be an assassination plot against him.

'Odd.' Was the first thought that came to the feline's mind. 'Why would someone wish to remove him from the picture?'. It wasn't until they met him properly that they began to understand. The man wasn't exactly all there in the head. A total conspiracy nutcase. One that jumped to conclusions before they had a proper handle on the facts. The worst kind of detective.

Regardless the job itself was simple, all she and her sister had to do was follow him, let him go about his ridiculous endeavours, and keep an eye out for 'dangers'. What worried Ash, however, was how enthusiastically Lotus had been indulging in the man's fantasies. It was almost as if... No, she had to realise, right?



All In A Day's Work [Ash & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:19 pm

Their first job in Orchida was much more exciting than Lotus expected. A detective with a target on his back needed to train some successors incase he doesn't make it. Sounded perfect for Ash.

The meeting place was a small out of the way coffee shop, the sisters found detective Dex Miller sitting in a shadowy corner sipping coffee. While suspicious at first Dex is soon satisfied that the two feline mages are the ones he hired today.
However he is not satisfied with Lotus's outfit, she looked too much like a frail doll and not enough like a proper detective. Soon remedied when he pulled a black trench coat and matching fedora out of his bag.
Now Lotus looked the part apparently, even if the coat and hat were too big for her.

There had been a murder just last night and they needed to interview witnesses. However Lotus soon discovered that many of the towns people were not co-operative. Often blowing the group off or calling Dex crazy and some only looked at him with pity while they politely answered his questions.
Did the conspiracy really go so deep? Where so many people involved in opposing Dex? Why was Ashley being so quiet? They normally love this kind of thing.
While Lotus pondered over this Dex handed her a cigarette. Smoking it wasn't necessary but holding one while thinking definitely was. All proper detectives knew this.



All In A Day's Work [Ash & Lotus | D-Rank] Empty Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:53 pm

The day went by fairly quickly, as Ashley suspected most of the town's residents were already far more informed than the two outsiders on Dex's... Condition? If it could be called that. Many blew them off, telling them they were far too busy to play around right now. A few were kinder, indulging both the man and Lotus it seemed as they gave incredibly 'vague' hints that could be taken to mean whatever the listener wished it to.

A couple of times throughout the day Ashley got caught asking the people personal questions about Dex rather than the 'murder' investigation. This led to Dex occasionally eyeing them up suspiciously before shaking his head and wandering off to the next unlucky passerby. Clearly, he didn't dare to believe that the two felines helping him out had ulterior motives, especially given Lotus' thorough involvement.

However, as the day continued, Ashley had a passing thought, one that made her lips curl up ever so slightly. Perhaps she could give them a true mystery to solve the next time they met. It would take some careful planning and asking the villagers that had shown pity to help her out, but it was doable. There wasn't enough time to do so today, unfortunately, but next time for sure. If nothing else watching Lotus have fun with Dex had been rather pleasant.

Not wishing to spoil their fun, or ruin the magic of the day for their little sister, they even began taking Dex up on some of their antics, including pretending to smoke. Although, rather than a cigarette, they pulled out a small pipe, which quickly earnt a round of applause from the mad detective.


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While Ashley was talking to some witnesses Dex pulled Lotus aside and questioned her in whispers. Gesturing to Ashley and asking if she was sure we could trust this broad? Apparently some of the questions Ashley was asking people were suspicious. Could Ash be involved with . . . them??

Of course not.

With Lotus's reassurances Dex no longer seemed to be suspicious of Ashley. His attitude towards them was further improved after Ashley started to take a more active role in the case and taking their part more seriously.

Questioning witnesses had turned up no leads so far, this case was proving quite tricky to crack. Lotus suggested taking another look at the crime scene, maybe Dex missed something last night.
However when they arrived there was nothing to be found.

The scene must of been scrubbed clean! They were clearly not dealing with amateurs here, it hadn't even been 24 hours. The people here weren't anymore helpful either, some even claimed that no murder had taken place.
It seems we were dealing with a very powerful organization able to intimidate so many people into keeping their mouth shut.

As the sky begun to darken Ashley suggested calling it for the day. Dex seemed to reluctantly agree but before we were finished there was one more thing that needed to be done, something absolutely essential.

Brooding in a bar over some whisky. Absolutely essential Dex claimed.
Several drinks in Dex begun reminiscing over some of his old cases that had a lot in common with last nights murder. He'd never been able to catch the ones behind it, however he would never give up. Not until he was rotting in the ground.

As the night wore on Dex and Lotus kept taking shot after shot of whiskey, frustrated by their lack of progress today. Ashley was sipping hers at a more refined pace.
Dex became quite emotional while drunk, telling the sisters they were too young and hopeful for this life. They should step back while they still could least the darkness swallow them up. Like it had swallowed him.

He paid the pair for a job well done and reassured them that even without their further involvement, he would never rest, never give up until he cracks this case. With a final tip of his hat he bid them good bye and stepped out into the night.

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