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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Q]

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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Q] Empty Sun Nov 13, 2022 6:09 am

When Kali just so happened to pick up a mission from someone going by the name of Cain, she sure was not expecting the person to be an even bigger being than Godfrey, the client she had been working for up till now. This one was not just bigger than Godfrey in size, but he seemed like an almost entirely different species with the way he looked. All the while he was giving her details on what the mission would be, Kali found herself just staring up at the hollow of his eyes where there was nothing but a red glow to indicate some ‘thing’ that gave Cain the ability to see.

The mission was quite straightforward. All she had to do was stop some adventurers from recruiting people so that they can explore the newly sprung up tomb somewhere in Baska. She did not ask why, having heard some intel on Cain and his little “hobby” with the dead. She could almost immediately tell that this one would be a bigger mess than Godfrey’s incident but honestly, Kali could care less. She wouldn’t even bat an eyelid if Baska was to go up in flames the next second as long as she got her money.

So walking through the streets of Baska, it did not take Kali long to spot the group of adventurers that were handing out fliers and actively trying to recruit people into their team. They were sticking out like a sore thumb if anything and it seemed that they were almost successful in getting some people to join them. One of them in particular seemed especially persuasive with his handsome face and charming smile.

Kali just watched them from the side for a while, seeing them approach many people of all ages and sizes. They went hard for the obvious looking mages and other creatures, knowing that they would be an asset to the team. And it was at this one point where they seemed to have caught the attention of a water mage that Kali stepped in. She blasted the fliers off their hands first with a ball of void magic and then simply stood aside as they cast their bewildered eyes at her. They tried to approach and reason with her but Kali threw another ball of void energy at them, this time almost completely knocking out the more handsome adventurer who seemed to be doing the most work.

The whole thing soon caused a commotion and every time they would either approach someone or someone approached them, Kali would simply fire a blast of void magic between them. There was an obvious difference in power between all the adventurers and Kali herself so even when they wanted to attack her, she simply threw another ball of void magic or simply punched and kicked them back. She did not kill any of them, however, choosing to just be a bully rather than a murderer in daylight. Getting Rune Knights to notice her was the last thing she needed. Anyhow, the same situation continued for a while longer until the now partially injured adventurers decided to be done for the day and Kali simply went back to get her reward from Cain. The End.


Questionable Recruitment Practices [Q] YJbUk0F

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