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Let's Get Physical-Carson

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 Let's Get Physical-Carson Empty Fri Nov 04, 2022 8:56 am

After the strange anomaly that happened a couple of days ago, Carson fell ill to a strange sickness and was on bed rest for a week.Soon after the new week began Carson was up and in working condition so he went to the quest board and picked up a simple quest to get him back in the game.After reading the paper he made his way to Crocus to spend his day has a teacher.He traveled by carriage and mad it there my the beginning of the afternoon.Once stepping out of the carriage Carson made his way to the central park of Crocus.Walking through the park there were many beautiful trees as his eyes finally land on five young men.As he arrive he said "Hello recruits today I will be you teacher be ready for the hardest training session of your life boys."Carson started off by making the boys form up on him as they ran the trails around the park for at least two hours.Carson felt amazing but unlike before he do not feel the strength of the wolf anymore.He also knows he isn't all the way back to being normal still seeming to be marginally enhanced from something.After finishing there run Carson began to make the recruits do basic workouts like crunches and push ups.Carson made them do five sets of twenty before he walked them back to the center of the park for hand to hand training.

Once everyone was in the center Carson called the biggest recruit over and told him to take a fighting stance.The boy brought his hands up and began walking towards Carson.It looked like the young solider as been in a fight or two.The cadet after closing the gap through out a long punch something similar to a haymaker only superior in speed.Carson having hunted beast far scary than a mere student caught the cadets arm with his left arm kicking his leg out from under him sending him to the ground.After Carson helped the kid up he sent him back to the line up and initiated partnered training for some time.Carson watched as the boys began fighting adjusting  the style helping them improve in hand to hand combat.After they trained for a couple of sets a couple of the cadets challenged Carson with the out come being the same as the first cadet.Carson finally thought it was finally time to call it quits and made the boys help him clean up the area leaving it in better shape than they found it.Carson then slowly strolled through the park arriving at the carriage that would take him to Armin. Once arriving at the location he was at Carson gave him the quest paper and told him the training regime before he walked back to the carriage leaving Corcus. When leaving Corcus Carson let a smile form on his face feeling pretty good about his first quest back.

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