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Monster Hunter p.2 [S-Rank]

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Monster Hunter p.2 [S-Rank] Empty Sun Oct 30, 2022 8:53 pm

Another day…” Xerxes mutters as the sun shines through the curtains of his room once more. The events of the previous day replayed in his head just before he went to sleep and again after he woke up. The machinations of the so-called ‘Dread Doctor’ and his ‘children’ who were running amok. His conversation with the doctor seemed to imply that there was some underlying scheme going on that the Desiertian had not fully understood yet. In truth, Xerxes did not particularly care about what plans the doctor had in store as it didn’t concern him. He meant what he said when they last spoke. As long as the pay was good, he would complete his ‘retrieval’ tasks without question. At any rate, it would give him something to hone his skills and keep him on his toes. Thirty minutes pass and Xerxes finds himself ready to go as he picks up Jotunn’s Fang from against the wall. He studies the weapon intently, noticing a faint blood smell emanating from it even though he vigorously cleaned it before going to bed. “Might have been from the hacking…” he notes, remembering the surprising level of difficulty he had removing the creature’s tail. Making a mental note to go over it again using the techniques he gleamed from Ikazuchi, Xerxes sheathes his weapon and heads out.

Word Count: 224
Total Word Count: 224 / 2,125 [15% Word Count Reduction due to Great Warrior Shield]


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Before long, the Desiertian makes his way once more to the massive ivory building as he sees Commander Tachibana and her men still moving the deceased creature he left at the base of the stairwell the previous evening. In order to help with the retrieval process, they had divided the creature into parts and were moving it piece by piece. There were multiple guards surrounding the locked down area, likely in case an escaped creature got a whiff of the blood and flesh and decided to have a snack. Xerxes spots Commander Tachibana a small distance away with her thumb and index finger on the corner of her eyes. She seemed to be nursing a headache. “I wouldn’t happen to be the cause of that headache, would I?” Xerxes asks as he approaches. The commander peaks out at Xerxes and sighs before turning to her previous activity. “No. I have to admit though, you dropping this deceased carcass on the steps didn’t particularly help any.” “Sorry.” Xerxes says as he two of them begin to walk inside the building.

Word Count: 179
Total Word Count: 403 / 2,125


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Every now and then, we get some of the escaped creatures who attempt to come back near the facility. One of whom caught a whiff of the big one you dropped off yesterday and decided to strike. We repelled it but it took a lot more than we anticipated. I spoke with the doctor and he agreed to a safer drop off spot. He’s going to meet us there now.” Xerxes sheepishly smiled as he correctly guessed that might have happened when he saw the increased patrol in the lockdown area. He had already apologized and didn’t want to make a habit of it so he kept quiet for the time being as the two walked in silence to the area. A few minutes pass and the two find themselves at an elevator at the end of a long hallway. Xerxes briefly remembering passing by this hallway in his first trip inside the place.

The two ride the elevator down until they exit and come to a large metal entryway. Sat just to the side of the entryway was a small laboratory which Xerxes could see the Dread Doctor inside. Commander Tachibana gives a disgusted facial expression when she sees the doctor and begins to head back to the elevator. “To that room over there is a freight elevator. That leads to the side entrance of the facility. You’ll take the creatures you dispose of to this location from there. That should minimize today’s activities from occurring again. That wack job is inside. Good luck.” She says before bidding Xerxes farewell.

Word Count: 261
Total Word Count: 664 / 2,125


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True to her word, Xerxes found the Dread Doctor slaving over his computer, lost in thought. Images of various DNA sequences flashed on the screen as Xerxes could faintly hear the doctor mumbling to himself. As the Desiertian quietly approached, the furious tapping stopped. The doctor slowly looks away from his monitor towards Xerxes himself, a wide smile plastered on his face. “Well done, my boy.” He says with a fiendish gleam. “I listened to you last night mention that you had brought the deceased body of Subject Alpha but I did not expect for it to be in such pristine condition. A few battle wounds here and there but for the most part, I couldn’t have asked for much more.” “She didn’t make it easy. Plus, you didn’t tell me she could breathe fire.” Xerxes says, still irritated that he found out that tidbit of information the hard way. The doctor shoots him a coy smile, implying that the information was withheld intentionally before turning his gaze towards the computer once more. “Come closer. Allow me to show you today’s target.

Word Count: 182
Total Word Count: 846 / 2,125


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An image of the next target appeared on the screen as the Desiertian came closer. The image was of five creatures that looked the same. They all looked very similar to an iguana with yellowish green scales and a dark blue underside. They had shaggy fur on the top of their head that gave it the appearance of dreadlocks. “These are Subject Beta.” “They look tiny.” Xerxes chimed in. The doctor chuckles darkly before he continues his explanation. “When compared to Subject Alpha, I suppose they do look a tiny. However, they are not your real target. Subject Beta can reproduce asexually. What you are looking at are technically the children of Subject Beta. The real Subject Beta is much larger.” Xerxes sighs as the doctor continues to cycle through the images. The doctor explains that Subject Beta was last located not far from where the initial encounter with Subject Alpha was. It tends to stay away from fights which is why it wasn’t seen then. He further explains that in order to lure out the real Subject Beta, one would have to find and kill its children. As the doctor had no plans for them, they were not necessary to bring back. Taking in all of this information, Xerxes turns to leave but briefly stops. Remembering he was horribly misinformed about Subject Alpha’s agility and fire breathing; he figured it best to ask what this one could do. “Anything I should be mindful about when dealing with this? Would rather not find out last minute that it shoots fire or has some sort of nature magic.” The doctor looks at him darkly for a brief moment before returning his gaze to the monitors once more. “Oh no, nothing like that. I suppose I must warn you though; Don’t let it eat anything.

Word Count: 303
Total Word Count: 1,149 / 2,125


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Don’t let it eat anything? I wonder just what he meant by that.” The Desiertian thinks as he walks towards the creature’s last known location. Those words ring out in his head as he walks closer and closer towards his destination. As he reaches the small settlement, he sees a scene very familiar to the one he saw the day prior with Subject Alpha. Blood and destruction covered the area, the only difference was the lack of fire and the abundance of bodies. Most of them had large chucks of flesh missing from them, showcasing that the smaller creatures were unable to fully devour their prey like the other. As Xerxes kneels down to inspect the corpses fully, he hears some rustling in the bushes. “Shit…” he mutters as he slowly stands up and draws Jotunn’s Fang from its resting place. The realization had finally set in; it was all a trap and he was surrounded.

Word Count: 156
Total Word Count: 1,305 / 2,125


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Slowly, the creatures emerge from their hiding places, blood dripping from the maws of a few of them. Xerxes’s eyes darted to his left and right as the creatures begin to circle around him. They alternate taking nips at him, all of which he violently smacks away with the blunt end of Jotunn’s Fang. Each side waited for the other to slip up, a noticeable crack to show in their defenses to exploit. After a tense thirty seconds, Xerxes sought it best to strike first. He quickly moves towards the smallest of the group and rams his polearm deep into the side of the creature. It attempts to roar out in pain but finds itself unable to as Xerxes lifts the still impaled creature up and uses its body as a battering ram to knock aside the others.

Wanting to capitalize on the creatures’ current dazed state, Xerxes violently shakes off the deceased creature from the tip of his spear and moves to impale another. He repeats the process with startling speed and efficiency, easily cleaning up the rest of the creatures until only one remains. The creature stands against Xerxes would a look of defiance in its eyes as Xerxes moves closer to end it. Suddenly, the look of defiance in the creature’s eyes turns to one of pure terror. A massive shadow looms over Xerxes as he turns around to see the true Subject Beta standing over him with one of the deceased creatures hanging from its mouth. The creature quickly ingests its meal before it increases in size and its stomach engorges. Now completely dwarfing Xerxes, the creature lets out a guttural roar. “Oh…so this is what he meant? Well shit.

Word Count: 284
Total Word Count: 1,589 / 2,125


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The massive creature begins to drop to the ground, threatening to use its massive weight to crush the Desiertian entirely. “Oh shit!” he yells as he narrowly avoids the slam. The smaller creature, however, was not so lucky and was instantly crushed by the sheer weight of its larger parent. The sickening sound of bones being crushed could be heard as the creature rolls around, still attempting to crush Xerxes with its body. The Desiertian runs as fast as he can, opting to sheath his weapon so he can pump his arms while he runs. All he could hear was the rapidly approaching rumbling that nipped at his back. “How the fuck am I going to get out of this?” he thinks.

Suddenly, a plan come to him. A plan that, if he failed in, would undoubtedly spell the end for him. “Please let this work. Last thing I need is that damn Ikazuchi to hate me for this.” He says as he unsheathes Jotunn’s Fang once more. He only had one shot at this and needed to make it count. He aims the weapon in front of him and tosses it forward with all of his might with the blunt edge aimed at the ground. The polearm lodges itself at an angle directly in front of him as Xerxes continues to run. As he passes the lodged weapon, he hears a loud roar of pain as the rumbling behind him gradually stops. The Desiertian comes to a stop before turning around, seeing the creature’s belly split open as a result of rolling directly over Jotunn’s Fang. It laid on its back a short distance away with its breathing labored. “You are a mean son of a bitch!” Xerxes says as he struggles to catch his breath. Slowly, he walks pass the creature and removes Jotunn’s Fang from the ground before moving towards its neck. The creature looks at him with the same defiant eyes as its offspring as Xerxes stares at it expressionlessly. “Don’t blame me for this. You shouldn’t have attempted to squish me. Nothing personal.

Word Count: 348
Total Word Count: 1,937 / 2,125


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God, I’m tired.” Xerxes says as the sky darkens. Four hours had passed since Xerxes had originally encountered the creature known as Subject Beta. After its defeat, Xerxes had the unwelcomed task of dragging the carcass back to the facility for the Dread Doctor. At long last, he had reached the destination but the trip had taken it out of him. He barely had the strength to sever the tail before leaving the body and tail within the freight elevator. Deciding to deal with the doctor and collect his reward after he rested a bit, Xerxes decides to take a break and sit on the bottom of the steps. He looks up at the moon and randomly thinks of home before sighing.

Here.” A voice says up at the top of the stairwell. He looks up to see Commander Tachibana standing there with a bottle of water in her hand. The Desiertian gratefully grabs the bottle and greedily drinks the clear cool liquid as it spills down the sides of his mouth. With a satisfied sigh, he places the bottle near his side and leans back once more with eyes closes. He could hear the commander take a seat beside him before she begins to speak. “Thank you for leaving that one at the freight elevator. That would have taken my men an entire day to get that moved.” “I should charge you.” Xerxes says wearily. The commander chuckles before she reaches into her jacket pocket and places a small sack of jewels beside him. “I spoke with the doctor. He’s currently cooking up something in the lab so he asked me to thank you and to give you your reward. Wants you to come back tomorrow for another job.” Taking the sack, Xerxes slowly makes it to his feet and halfheartedly waves towards the commander. Right now, all he wanted was his bed.

Word Count: 314
Total Word Count: 2,251 / 2,125
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