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Monster Hunter p.1 [S-Rank]

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The sun peeks through the cracks of the curtains of the darkened room causing the figure within to groan in annoyance. After a few seconds of silence, an exasperated sigh could be heard before the bed makes a loud creaking sound. The figure moves to curtain to open it fully, revealing a shirtless Xerxes with both eyes still closed. It had been a little over a week since Xerxes arrived in Central Fiore and outside of his daily training regimen, he had not done much while he was there. He took to taking in the sights and getting to know the lay of the land. But alas, he was running low on money and needed to gain some influence in the new part of the continent. He’d could only rely on his reputation from his time in the North for so long. The previous night, he picked up a flyer from the local inn and decide that today would be the day he would tackle that quest. Sighing again, he quickly departs to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Thirty minutes pass and Xerxes exits the room with Jotunn’s Fang in hand.

Word Count: 194
Total Word Count: 194 / 2,125 [15% Word Count Reduction due to Great Warrior Shield]


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This must be the place…” Xerxes says as he glances from the flyer in his hand to the massive ivory building in front of him, tucked away near the outskirts of the city. A few armed guards appeared to patrol the area with weapons securely at their sides. There was a strong presence of magic in the area that was so great that even Xerxes could feel it. “Something unnatural about this damn place...” he mutters as he ascends the steps to the front door. “Hold it.” One of the guards says as she and her comrades briskly make their way towards Xerxes. In a matter of seconds, Xerxes finds himself surrounded with magic circles around his immediate location. “State your business!” the female guard demands, the Desiertian correctly assuming that she must be the leader of the group. He holds up the flyer in front of her face and discreetly places his free hand on the handle of Jotunn’s Fang, just in case the situation calls for it.

Word Count: 169
Total Word Count: 363 / 2,125


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She takes the flyer from his hand and quickly scans it before a wave of relief spreads across her face. She gives her squad a knowing glancing as the magic circles slowly disappear. After taking her hand off of the sword sheathed to her side, and Xerxes removing his hand from Jotunn’s Fang, she hands the flyer back to him and begins to speak. “My apologies about that misunderstanding. I’m Commander Mizu Tachibana. Thanks to that damned crackpot inside, we’ve been on edge. You’ve accepted his request so hopefully, that means this nightmare will be over with soon.” “Nightmare?” Xerxes says with a fair amount of intrigue as he retrieves the flyer and places it back at its proper location. The woman takes a deep sigh and nods. “Come with me. I’ll take you to the nut job himself and explain everything on the way. Men, stay alert. If you see any of those things, kill it.” They all salute as the two of them depart inside the giant ivory building.

Word Count: 171
Total Word Count: 534 / 2,125


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The Desiertian looks around the building in awe as they walk in relative silence. The inside of the building was lined with the skeletal structures of various creatures. Dragons, Wyverns, Demons, Dinosaurs, the list went on. Each skeletal structure had a brief summary of the creature it belonged to on a placard below. “Impressive at first glance, isn’t it?” Commander Tachibana says, breaking the silence between them. “It is. Never saw any of these back in Desierto. You said there was something about a nightmare?” Xerxes asks as Mizu audibly sighs once more. “You seem new to town so I doubt you’ve heard about the ‘Dread Doctor’.” The mention of the name causes a visible expression of confusion to appear on Xerxes’ face, confirming her suspicions.

Doctor Hiroshi Sakyo, the Dread Doctor, a native from my homeland of Joya. He came to Fiore in pursuit of knowledge, his dream was to restore some of history’s most fearsome creatures to life. The dream seems farfetched but most dreams usually are. Doctor Sakyo made him dream a reality and brought back these vicious creatures. He intended to study them in the biome area we are about to pass through but, not even the doctor can predict how uncontrollable the world’s creatures are. They have escaped captivity and now roam the areas. Most tend to stay away from here but others try to come back, presumably to kill.

Word Count: 235
Total Word Count: 769 / 2,125


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Xerxes listens to the story in awed silence, respecting the doctor for his talents but also condemning him for attempting to play God. Xerxes knew full well the ramifications of such a feat, momentarily remembering an event years ago back home during his childhood. Shaking the memory, Xerxes refocuses and hears the end of the commander’s story as the two enter another room. It was a laboratory of sorts with a massive computer at the end of the room with a chair in front of it. “So, what exactly is it that I’m supposed to do?” he inquires. “I need you to bring my children back, my boy.” The chair slowly spins around to reveal an elderly man with shaggy grey hair and a jet-black cane placed across his lap. “So, you must be the so-called Dread Doctor.” Xerxes says as the man nods in approval and gets out of the chair. “I’ll leave you to it.” Commander Tachibana says as she shoots annoyed glance towards the doctor before leaving.

Word Count: 170
Total Word Count: 939 / 2,125


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Such a lovely woman…” the doctor says as he ushers Xerxes closer. Xerxes stares at him with indifference causing the doctor to laugh. He pours himself a small cup of coffee and takes a long drink before returning his gaze towards Xerxes once more. “I assume she told you the stories about me, right? I hope she didn’t warp your opinion of me. I only wish to bring back the creatures of yesterday.” “I personally don’t care what you do. So long as I get compensated for my work, I’ll get the job done.” The doctor smiles gleefully as he takes another swig of his drink and walks back to the large computer. He rapidly types a few buttons on his keyboard as the image of a pinkish-red creature appears. The creature looked strikingly similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex with a horned shaped nasal crest. Intrigued by the unfamiliar creature that he saw, Xerxes moves closer towards the screen.

Word Count: 159
Total Word Count: 1,098 / 2,125


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This is Subject Alpha, one of my children that has escaped. I hear she’s currently lurking nearby. Probably rampaging as we speak. I need you to bring her back to me.” “You know…capturing really isn’t my specialty. I’m more of a brute force individual.” The doctor is lost in thought for a moment before he eventually begins to type once more on the computer. “I was afraid of that. Thankfully, I am prepared. If bringing her back fully is impossible, please bring back a part of her. A tail or something would do.” He replies, never taking his eyes off of the computer. Xerxes cracks his knuckles, excited at the prospect of finally getting his hands dirty. This beast presented an unusual challenge, one that he eagerly looked forward to. The doctor directed him to Subject Alpha’s last known location, a small settlement just outside the city of Crocus not far from their current location. He assumed that the creature likely wanted to hunt before moving to larger prey. Bidding the doctor farewell, Xerxes exits the building and heads towards the village, his current challenge waiting.

Word Count: 186
Total Word Count: 1,284 / 2,125


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About twenty minutes pass and Xerxes finds himself at the small settlement the doctor previously told him about. The area reeked of charred flesh and blood as the entire area was covered in fire. Half-eaten bodies littered the area, not a single soul was alive. As Xerxes walks through the charred remains, he sees a large footprint off in the distance. He quickly moves towards it and squats to take a better look. “The tracks are fresh, looks like I just missed it.” He looks around at the wreckage once more, taking note of the creature’s destructive potential in awe. A wave of excitement spreads across him once more as he follows the tracks. Continuing his hunt, he hears a soft squishing sound coming near his feet. He looks down and sees a large puddle of a mucus-like substance, randomly in the middle of the road. “This must be from the creature. I’m close.” He mutters with a smile on his face. Before long, he sees his target. The massive Tyrannosaurus Rex-like behemoth standing in the middle of a clearing, surrounded by fire. She crunches on the bones of the body currently within her massive jaws before swallowing the remains whole. She roars in victory before suddenly stopping, picking up Xerxes’ scent. She slowly turns around to face her newest target. A brief wave of flames escapes from her snout as she bears down towards Xerxes.

Word Count: 236
Total Word Count: 1,520 / 2,125


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With a surprising level of nimbleness, she leaps towards Xerxes with jaws open, threatening to eat him in one giant bite. Taken aback and with little time to dodge out of the way, Xerxes removes Jotunn’s Fang from its sheathed position and uses it to keep the beast’s jaws from closing. The sheer strength behind her is enough to push the Desiertian back as he struggles to keep her at bay. As he stares down the black abyss that is the creature’s throat, he begins to see a faint reddish light. Gradually, the light becomes brighter and brighter before Xerxes realizes what he is seeing. “Oh shit!” he yells as he yanks Jotunn’s Fang from her mouth and barely moves out of the way before the wave of fire blankets in the ground in front of her. “Damned doctor didn’t tell me that you breath fire.” He says as he points the tip of his weapon towards the creature. She roars in anger as she charges him once more, becoming faster and faster as she moves. The Desiertian charges ahead, using his superior speed to leap over her initial strike and deliver a powerful downward strike to the top of her head, bringing the creature crashing down.

Word Count: 207
Total Word Count: 1,727 / 2,125


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She hits the ground with a thud, momentarily dazed by the strike. Plumes of fire billow from her nostrils as she angrily rises to her feet, looking for her prey with tunnel vision. She glances back and forth, searching for her target in vain. “Looking for me?” Xerxes says, standing atop the back of the creature head. The creature roars before charging forward towards a nearby boulder, attempting to smash the Desiertian between the rock. Xerxes grabs a tuff of fur near the nape of the neck with his free hand and holds on for the ride, a gleeful smile on his face. As the creature nears the rock, Xerxes leaps off, allowing the creature to smash through it. Upon impact, she lets out a pained groan as she collapses to her right side. “Time to finish this up.” Xerxes says as he lands on the ground and immediately charges towards the rising subject alpha. As he nears, he twirls Jotunn’s Fang and cleanly slices the creature’s neck, felling it once more. “Damn, her skin is tough. I meant to sever the neck but it only made a deep cut. Looks like it did the trick all the same.” He speaks. The creature glances towards Xerxes and, in a last-ditch act of defiance, attempts to breath fire towards him once more but only a small puff of smoke escapes. Her eyes glaze over as she draws her last breath.

Word Count: 239
Total Word Count: 1,966 / 2,125


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Rapid clicks could be heard echoing from the laboratory as the doctor furiously types away at his computer, his gaze never faltering from the screen. It wasn’t until he heard the door open and a loud thud echo behind him that he stopped. Turning around, he sees the Desiertian standing in the doorway with a massive severed tail thrown in the middle of the room. A smile forms on the doctor’s face as he quickly gets up to inspect the tail. “So, you were able to kill Subject Alpha? Impressive. To be honest with you, I expected you to die like the others who have attempted. You may have potential.” “You should have more faith in people doc. Or at least faith in me. Like I told you when I met you, as long as you’ll pay, I’ll get the job done. Oh. I also brought the entire dead body. It’s outside with Commander Tachibana. She wouldn’t let me drag it inside so I brought the tail in.” “You just might be right.” He says as he moves towards Xerxes and hands him the payment for his work. “There are many more of my children who have escaped. If you are interested, I’ve plenty of work for you.” Xerxes takes the money and places it in his jacket pocket before turning to leave. “As long as it pays doc. Don’t forget that. I’ll be back tomorrow.” As the Desiertian leaves, the doctor extracts some blood and tissue samples from the severed tail and moves to the nearby lab table to carefully place the samples on a petri dish. He grabs a small lacrima from the edge of the table and begins to speak into it. “Send a crew to retrieve the deceased Subject Alpha from outside and another crew to move this tail from the lab to the processing area. We’ve work to do.

Word Count: 314
Total Word Count: 2,280 / 2,125
Quest Completed

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