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A New Mine [Q]

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A New Mine [Q] Empty Sun Oct 23, 2022 5:27 am


Kaiser couldn’t stay in one place for long. She had left the interesting, new island and returned to a place with a familiar ambiance. Baska Town appeared slightly different from what she recalled, though still mesmerizing nevertheless, or maybe that was because she was imagining the Baska in her memories through rose tinted glasses. The vampire met a shady merchant on her way to Baska who was selling some really fascinating items. She was skeptical at first, but after careful consideration, she continued on her journey with a vial of elder blood. It was an ‘upgrade’ that would take her vampirism to the next level, apparently. She scoffed and dropped a wad of cash into their hands. The mysterious item brought a smile to her face. Something new to play with! Moments after she walked away from the merchant, she popped the lid off and took a shot from it.

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Face flushed from the effects of the elder blood, Kaiser shivered a little. It was the same kind of feeling she would get from taking a shot of tequila or something, which made sense because she could only imagine that an elder vampire’s blood would be thicker for some reason unbeknownst to her and as a result, have a strong taste. The aftertaste lingered for some time as Kaiser continued on her journey, reaching the spot where she remembered taking quests from. There was not a single person she recognized in sight. At least for a while until people started spreading word of her return, she would be safe to travel without worry...for now. There was nothing new or special in the way requests were accepted. Kaiser wasn’t feeling ready enough to take on high ranking quests in notable cities yet, so she decided to start from the bottom.

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The mission she accepted this time required her to set up and set off explosives in a mine. A middle-aged man who went by the name ‘Mattoro’, being the client, would be waiting in a shack near the quest location. He had scribbled a timestamp at the bottom of the request sheet that read ‘1700’. Kaiser had taken enough missions to understand he wanted to meet at five in the evening. She took a quick glance at the wall clock and saw that she had almost two hours left before that, and so she decided to have her hair styled and dyed, which took about two hours. That’s right, she was great at time management too, as she was before. The look she was going for wasn’t very different from before. Although she looked a lot more Joyan than Boscosi now with her dark purple layered hair. She loved that. Kaiser arrived at the arranged spot right on time and got the explosives from the client. They exchanged a few words, just to get an idea of what the client wanted done and Kaiser assuring him that it would be done without fail. She arrived at the mines, planted the explosives while avoiding the miners, left, set them off, and returned to the client for the reward. He seemed satisfied.

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