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Now That I'm Here [Private]

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#1† Aleja 

Now That I'm Here [Private] Empty Sun Oct 16, 2022 3:23 pm

† Aleja
To Lady Aleja Celdrua:

Aleja stood in her room alone, brushing her hair as she read the letter sent to her by "Harrold Bemmund". The young Lady had been pondering on joining Paradise Dawn just moments before this letter was brought to her, but it seemed that the government of Fiore had already decided that she would be best suited as someone considered "Crime Sorciere". Of course, Aleja had known what Crime Sorciere was, but she never imagined that she would have been granted the honor. Hard Work paid off. It was no secret that Ms. Celdrua had worked her ass off to rise through the ranks, trying to make her father proud. Her initial goal had been Kingsguard, for she was certain that a title of that caliber would push her family to the table. Aleja didn't realize until later that she wasn't following her own dreams. She always considered herself a mercenary at heart- or someone who drifted in the winds and now as Crime Sorciere, she could do just that if she wanted.

This new position of hers would still bring Honor to her house and it placed her family in a very, very good position- one even better than Kingsguard would have, perhaps. "Oh, wow..." the former commander murmured. She simply stared at the letter upon the table for a moment, rereading the words a few times before slowly turning to face the mirror above the desk. Her reflection glared back at her whilst she slowly brushed her hair, processing the reality of the letter. This meant something a little different for her future. Aside from knowing how Crime Sorciere worked, the truth was that the Elven mistress had no idea what came with such a title. Did she get any special privileges? A Bonus perhaps? Some sort of Ceremony? Naturally this position came with fame and love. The People of Crime Sorciere were known as heroes.

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