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Critical Business [Manzo]

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#1† Aleja 

Critical Business [Manzo] Empty Sun Oct 02, 2022 1:44 am

† Aleja

"I'll just have a water, thank you." The Vampire commander replied kindly to the waiter with a friendly smile.

Ollie's Cake Shop; perhaps the best place in the entire eastern region to meet someone without having to worry about prying eyes or eager ears. Fairy Tail's guild hall had initially been Aleja's first option to conduct the meeting, but she quickly realized that she was unaware of Fairy Tail's true position in this whole fiasco. Odin was known to have some type of relationship with the former guild master -someone who was still an active member of the guild- so meeting there may've not been the best option. While this humble establishment was rather popular, it was still very early in the morning. She wasn't surprised to see that the shop was virtually empty. Between one other person and herself, Olli's Cake shop was as vacant as the streets of Dahlia city.

The waiter nodded, returning the friendly smile before going to fetch the water. Save for liquids, food didn't mesh too well with Aleja's new body, so no cake for her today...or ever. The last time she had human food she found herself puking throughout the entire night. Lesson learned.

The Death Dealer sat with her legs crossed at the table directly beside the window, watching as the people of Magnolia went about their day, and patiently waiting for the Ace of Blue Pegasus to enter. Her attire somewhat resembled "business casual" with her own sense of style of course. Her bosom sat comfortably as her white buttoned shirt revealed just a bit of what she had to offer. Aleja wasn't the most patient person but her schedule today was as free as it'll probably ever be. Besides this very important business meeting, she had the entire day to just...relax. For once she would have time to enjoy the last bit of warm weather and maybe even catch up with her baby Happy. With a quick glance down at the small lacrma device around her wrist, she noted the time. "Eight-thirty-two." She whispered to herself.


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"I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date." Manzo said to himself as he rushed to get himself in a state of togetherness to meet this new liaison from the Rune Knights. Not entirely sure of what he should expect from such a thing, he attempted to make himself look presentable for an official meeting. He wondered why it was he who was summoned and not the mistress herself. Perhaps this wasn't as important as he believed it to be.

He quickly dashed out the door in a more presentable attire of a dress shirt and pants, still in a kind of flip flops for his shoes. He despised closed toe shoes, they felt like foot prisons, something he couldn't stand was being confined. His black hair covered most of his face except for one yellow eye peeking out between the jungle of black hair.

He arrived at meeting spot a total of fifteen minutes late. He felt quite terrible about this, but he had far too much to drink the night before and he missed his wake up call, hopefully the Knight would not be too upset with him as he wandered into the cafe looking around for who it was he was supposed to meet.

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#3† Aleja 

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† Aleja

And there he was; the man of the hour, Manzo of Blue Pegasus. Aleja gazed over the long haired Pegasus mage as from out of the window just before he entered the establishment, seemingly trying to prevent himself from being later than he already was. The waiter had just dropped off Aleja's cup of water, but before she could refresh herself she turned in her chair to face the man. He was interesting looking to say the least. The Death Dealer's sunlit eyes surveyed the man of Pegasus as if she could scour his soul. Definitely handsome with a physique that seemed to be toned and fit for a fighter but obviously not a native of Fiore- which was honestly a breath of fresh air. Aleja, of course, had a file on him. Considering she was the Commander of the Secret Services department she had information on a lot of renown mages, more than most people would have. "You're late, mister Mattori." She said with a tone of voice that didn't match the innocent look on her face. "Come." With both of her hands she moved her bangs from out of her face and behind her ears, facing the wall again. In front of the wall and behind the table awaited a chair for Manzo to sit in. "We have much to discuss~." She chimed.


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The woman he was supposed to meet summoned him over to a table facing the window of the cafe. Interesting choice of spots for it considering they were here for official business. The location felt more like they were meeting for some kind of date rather than what they were actually brought together to discuss. But perhaps he was just over thinking things, he was known for that.

He took his seat at her behest, quickly taking a cigar from his front pocket and snapping his fingers to light it. He grabbed an ash tray from the corner of the table and placed it between the two of them. He took a quick drag from his cigar before exhaling a plume of cherry scented smoke in the opposite direction of the woman sitting across from him.

"I apologize for the wait, I had a bit of a long night." He said as he placed his cigar on the corner of the ash tray as rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand. It was true he was a bit embarassed by his tardiness, but maybe she'd be willing to over look it so they could continue their business.

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#5† Aleja 

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† Aleja

Aleja had been quick to reach over to grab the windows curtains and closed them just before Manzo sat down. Now that he was here, it was safer for everyone if nobody could see the two of them together. Two renown mages meeting at a cafe could start spark rumors and conspiracies. It was very likely that folks may've taken it the wrong way- they were practically celebrities after all. The thought alone was enough to annoy the Death Dealer. Anyway, without further adieu the commander turned to face her new acquaintance just as a folder and pen had been summoned. Then the pegasus lit his cigar. Who knew that you could smoke in this little ol cake shop? "No worries, just don't let it happen again~." She smiled heartily whilst her golden eyes connected with Manzo's shining apertures. Aleja extended her arm over the table to shake the man's hand. "My name is Aleja Celdrua, Rune Knight Captain Commander of the Secret Services division." Meeting with Alisa Vollan would have been more efficient but between the Vampire's busy schedule and Alisa's busy schedule making that happen wasn't necessarily easy.


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"Nice name." Manzo said with a brief smile. Not wanting the pleasantries to extend any further than they needed to. For the sole factor that this was not a pleasure trip, it was a business trip. But all the same she had given her name, and he would give his. "While you may already know my name, its rude to not extend the same curtesy to you. I am Mattori Manzo, Ace of Blue Pegasus." He said as he grabbed his cigar from the ash tray and putting it to his lips. He took another drag off of it before ashing it in the tray one more time, though this time he would keep it in his mouth.

"So tell me, what exactly do you want with me, and what would you like to know." His words muffled by the cigar he had clinched in the corner of his mouth. It was a simple enough question of course, though since she was high ranking he figured she'd probably dance around the subject a bit.

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#7† Aleja 

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† Aleja

"Thank you." She smiled warmly as he complimented her name, meeting his eyes before shifting her eyes back down to the folder in front of her. Manzo formally introduced himself. Quite the gentleman it seemed. The Commander shuffled through her papers as he ashed his flavorful cigarette, looking up to meet him with a nod. "The Woodland Dragon Slayer~." she added. Aleja knew a bit more about him than the general public had known, though it wasn't as much as she would have liked, admittedly. Luckily, there wasn't much she needed to know about Manzo for this meeting to be productive. Mr. Mattori began the conversation with two questions. The Celdruan slid a couple of papers to the center of the table.

"I had hoped to get in contact with Alisa Vollan to discuss the future of Blue Pegasus, but she's extremely busy it seems so..." her black painted stiletto acrylic nails tapped the files between Manzo and herself. On them were statements about Eternal Nightmare. Locations, guild building size, notable members, the new guild master and all that. "These are copies of some of the files we have on E-N. We understand that Lady Alisa murdered their guild leader so we're expecting some sort of retaliation from them soon, a war even. In honor of Blue pegasus' loyalty to Fiore, consider this intel a gift..."

The Vampiress sat back in her chair, crossing one leg over the other beneath the table. "As I'm sure you could imagine, Rune Knights are sworn to protect and serve-" She nearly cringed. Gods, she hated saying that. "So it's important for us to be in the know if Blue Pegasus has plans to defend themselves- or plans to march onto E-N."


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So this was an information gathering mission, well it checks out. It makes sense of course, a woman with her position would need to be in the know. But of course, that didn't mean he had to cooperate. He did not have a very favorable view of the rune knights. Which was well established, too much politics in the capital for his liking. Though he knew that due to his rank he'd have to play nice. Even if it did pain him. He took a look at the files, they were indeed quite thorough, which was good. "Heh, murder, more like cleansing. Odin was a blight upon this land, plain and simple." Manzo said as he closed the file. Turning his gaze back to the woman before him.

"You think we are going to be the aggressors in this whole ordeal? You just said yourself that we murdered their master. Don't you think your time would be best spent investigating them?" He took his cigar from his mouth and ashed it one last time as he looked across to her.

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#9† Aleja 

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† Aleja

Aleja watched as Manzo scanned through the files. She couldn't tell how he felt about everything in the beginning, but as soon as he began to speak the Commander could feel that in some capacity he wasn't very fond of the Rune Knights Organization. It seemed like most people shared that sentiment these days. It wasn't like the vampiress could blame them though, corruption existed on ever political level. The Ace said his piece on Odin, to which Aleja merely blinked, moving her bangs from out of her face. The Stellan didn't expect Manzo to push-back. In fact, she knew for certain that Blue pegasus and the Rune Knights had a great relationship.

"And I suppose you want us to just walk in E-N's guild hall and ask them what their plans are, mister Mattori?" she hissed immediately after he finished his last sentence.

"The only reason these files in front of you exist is because we've investigated E-N." Aleja sighed, glaring into Manzo's eyes. "E-N hasn't outwardly shown signs of preparing for an attack, but they've grown predictable. We know they'll react, we just don't know when." Perhaps Blue Pegasus didn't need allies after all. "We want to help ensure Eternal Nightmare's demise. If you don't want to collaborate, then the blood of possibly hundreds of citizens will be on your hands."


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"I respect you for meeting me, don't get my words twisted. But speaking as the Ace of the guild. I have no knowledge of us planning an assault on any guilds in the immediate future." Manzo said as he took his cigar and put it to his lips again. He could tell she was becoming a bit frustrated with him. But it was the truth after all, he had not met with Alisa for many months now. He had just recently gotten back in the country since his trip to Joya.

"Believe it or not, my general disdain for the rune knights doesn't apply to you. I just don't know you, so I don't trust you, or what you say are your motives." It was a harsh reality. But it was his reality at the end of the day. He saw many things in the prison of the capital city, so he'd have to try to get out of this comfort zone.

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#11† Aleja 

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† Aleja

The Vampiress tucked her lips. Manzo said that his guild weren't planning an assault, but were they playing the defensive? Did they come up with a strategy yet? Surely they must have figured that Eternal Nightmare would attack in the future? Or...maybe they knew something she didn't know? Whatever the case may've been she assumed Blue Pegasus had something up their sleeve. With a sigh, the commander sat back in her chair. "Well..." she placed the pen upon the table. "I'm just doing my job. In any case, I hope you take it upon yourself to prepare. Some Knights will be at Blue Pegasus tomorrow for a check-in. We've gotta keep everything orderly after all." Lady Aleja stood up from her chair, grabbing the black pocketbook that dangled on the back of it as she prepared to leave.


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"I'll be sure to pass that information along. But this is a horrible setting for this kind of business. We ought to go to a hot spring and have a drink." Manzo said as he got up from his own chair to head in the direction she was headed in. It was true though, he detested formal wear, or anything like that. He felt it was better to get to know someone the same way his people did. But sharing a hot bath and a drink. it seemed to have worked for centuries. Though he couldn't imagine what kind of reaction she'd have to such an offer. Or if she'd even take it seriously, such things could neve be truly gauged after just knowing someone for a few moments. But in all honesty, he would probably head that direction anyway, it was the best thing for him after all this mess.

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#13† Aleja 

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† Aleja

Everything was about work. So much so that Aleja hardly had a social life. In fact, she never even considered having one because of how busy she'd been- not until Manzo, at least. As soon as the Captain commander threw her purse over her shoulder, the Ace of the Pegasi spoke. A drink at the hot springs? Lady Celdrua was taken aback for a moment, caught by surprise mostly by how straightforward he was. She quickly glanced around as if she was trying to make sure that she still recognized her surroundings because this was a business meeting. It may have meant little to the Dragon Slayer, but she gave a damn. Her golden eyes landed back onto Manzo's.

It was like he didn't have a care in the world about neither the pending war nor about professionalism and yet...

"I..." Aleja began as her cheeks reddened, truly unsure how to respond. "I mean it's not like I have anything planned today anyway..." Mixing business with pleasure wasn't the wisest decision she'd make, plus who knew where things would lead? Hot springs and drinks led to one thing which ultimately led to another and the last thing Aleja needed right now was someone just adding more stress into her life. "Lead the way, Mister Mattori~." It'd be nice to have someone other than your family in your corner after all. Maybe she didn't really care as much as she thought she did.


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"Glad to hear it, I hate wearing these monkey suits." Manzo said as he pulled at his collar. It truly did feel like being stuck inside of some kind of fabric prison in all honesty. So a good soak in a hot spring would do them both some good in all honesty. Far too much hostility with these formal meetings. No real opportunity for them to truly get to know one another like that.

Manzo took the lead and guided them out of the shop and down the streets in the direction of the bath house. Which was not too far from where they were now, which was good. Actual effort being put into things like this were not really his speed if he was being perfectly honest with himself. "It's mixed bathing, hope that's not a problem." Manzo said as he stopped in front of the bath house, holding the door open for Aleja to enter.

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#15† Aleja 

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† Aleja

"Then it's a good thing you'll be taking it off soon, hm?" She said slyly as she followed Manzo. His "Monkey Suit" wasn't that bad, all things considered. She'd seen so many people wear the strangest things in this country. Manzo's clothing had been more cultural than anything and she found that to be beautiful~. The two of them moved to the Bathouses of Magnolia and the Stellan could already feel the heat radiating from within. Funnily enough, she didn't get the vibe that there were many people here. It was early morning after all. "Oh, that's not a problem at all~." She responded with a smile as she was the first to walk in. Unisex baths were of no problem to her. She wasn't exactly all that modest, all things considered. "Thank you." she nodded to the gentleman, looking directly into his eyes as she spoke softly.

She barely knew Manzo, but perhaps this was the perfect way to get to know him. Ususally she was concerned about the future and as much as she'd been tempting to make this only the second part of the meeting, there was truly nothing more to talk about. "I'll meet you at the Bath." She said said softly, blushing as she glanced back at Manzo. It was time to find her way to the woman's locker room. The Commander would depart from Manzo, strip down until she was completely naked and stuff the clothes in a locker, then she'd find a towel, wrap it around herself and make her way towards the unisex baths.

To be Continued: to Magnolia's Bathhouse~


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"I'll see you inside." Manzo said as he took his leave from her. He would of course walk into the mens changing area. It was empty, thankfully. It would give them the privacy they needed to conduct their business further. Which was good, he didn't particularly like being a spectacle in this way. He felt as though such matters were better discussed in private, as well as in compromising positions that way they could achieve complete and total honesty.

He began to take his clothes off, folding them neatly into the locker. If she was truly going to get to know him, it would probably be best for him to ditch his disguise, and really be himself. So like that, he pulled off his wig, and the face he was wearing at the time. Revealing a very serious, and stoic looking face, chiseled jaw line, and bare head. It was not a look he had shown to many people before now.

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