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Ain't No Quests in Central [C -> E]

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#1† Aleja 

Ain't No Quests in Central [C -> E] Empty Fri Sep 23, 2022 2:20 am

† Aleja
Alejandro finally decided to get the hell out of this region. Home would always be in Central Fiore, but this wasn't where the money resided and quite frankly, he hated that. A man's gotta eat and he found himself starving. All of the commander's belongings were safe in his personal pocket dimension and now he was ready to move one city over. With the Magic Council breathing down his back for the amount of damages he was causing as of late, he needed this. He needed a break. Wasn't shit left here anyway. His mother was dead, resting with the ancestors as she well deserved, and his father was in a state so depressive that he'd been rejecting the only child he had left. Perhaps the leader of House Celdrua felt like Alejandro was to blame or something. Shit, he wasn't far off.

Either way, it didn't really matter. The Captain-Commander wasn't about to sit around and wait for his rich father to send cash to his struggling son. Their destinies were entirely different. Their vision for Ale's life were completely different. That's just what happens when you force your children to live out your dreams. Rohan saw a future where Alejandro was somebody important. He saw a Legacy that transcended his own... and all Alejandro could see was money. His own money, and so much of it that he'd be able to buy entire kingdoms if he wanted to. Hell, abandoning the Rune Knights wasn't that farfetched, for the Stellan was a mercenary at heart. With his motorcycle revved and ready, the blue exceed hopped on the back.

"If it ain't about the money..."


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