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Attention to Detail [quest]

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#1† Aleja 

Attention to Detail [quest] Empty Wed Sep 21, 2022 11:23 pm

† Aleja
Everyday the sun doesn't shine, but that's precisely why Alejandro loved tomorrow. Sadness, sorrow, anger and all of the other emotions you'd think loss would bring were all emotions Alejandro felt. Yet today, for the first time in a few days, they felt a little better. Following leads on this new technology unlike anything he had ever seen before, simply served as a distraction. Alas today was different. Today they weren't obsessing over some undercover operation that may or may not have actually existed. The two gangs were the first groups of people he had ever seen with such technology. It drove the young Nephilim insane. It was a mixture of feeling an itch to learn more before it became a problem for anyone else, but it was also because Alejandro himself wanted to perhaps indulge in this cyber-techno world. For now though, he simply settled with an easier job.

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† Aleja
Lady Merlin was known as the Kings private advisor. She was also known as someone who ventured into the mystic arts, something not a lot of mages were capable of tapping into. Legend of Lady Merlin spread all throughout the country and even beyond as she was both beautiful and told to be an extremely powerful sorceress. In fact, she was so powerful that she could keep up even with the members on the magic council. Alejandro had never met her, but rumors of who she was spread far and wide. Today, she would be the person he was working for. Apparently some extremely important merchandise needed to be escorted to her, and she wanted a rune knight Captain Commander to make sure it got to her. A job like this, while it sounded simple, was major. This was the Kings Advisor, after all. Alejandro was chosen and so he would do his duty to the best of his abilities.

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† Aleja
The captain commander began to make his way to the advisor, going to her private estate heavily guarded of course. Saying that it was huge was an understatement. This building was magnificent. Unfortunately he wouldn't be able to see what the inside looked like but he could only imagine. Lady Merlin met the Nephilim at the gate before explaining the details of the quest. He was to meet the caravan by the capital's entrance point and escort them back to her. It was simple enough, especially since the day had been peaceful thus far. Lady Merlin was filthy rich. There was no doubt in his mind that she would be paying him big bucks for such an easy task. With a nod after understanding the task, the Celdruan was on his way to the gates of Crocus city to meet the Caravan. He hoped that this task wouldn't take long.

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† Aleja
This little sun of a gun had things to do. The trek towards the gate of Crocus wouldn't take long at all. In about ten minutes the commander had arrived, checking the surroundings just in case there were people who wanted what Merlin was about to receive. He learned his lesson from the whole orb of Magi ordeal which changed his life forever. The Caravan was unnecessarily huge. The driver stopped as Alejandro raised his badge and told them why he was here. Then, he entered the Caravan and the journey would continue on. At some point during their the people inside of the caravan began to complain about how long it was taking to get there. Alejandro simply told them to shut the fuck up. The first detour came as the caravan tried to move through the streets, but it was busy as hell and so they needed to take another route.

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† Aleja
Alejandro redirected the Caravan through another way instead. Less people, less noise but it'd take a bit longer.Eventually they came across construction workers in who were fixing the roads. Just their luck, the caravan riders sucked their teeth. So once again he redirected the driver. The Nephilim proceeded to tell him to go through the alleyways, which made maneuvering a bit more annoying. After some time had passed while, they heard Rune Knights ordering someone to stop nearby. So, once again they had to switch their route. The caravan adjusted its route a couple more times to stay away from his colleagues as they did what their jobs entailed. The caravan driver became more annoyed, almost losing his mind. In the end they left Alejandro where he was, refusing to go any further and so he was left to finish the task alone. It wasn't much further until he reached Lady Merlin's mansion and finally he explained what happened and accepted his money.

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