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Conman Coward [Quest]

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#1† Aleja 

Conman Coward [Quest] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 2:44 pm

† Aleja
There, up ahead, Alejandro spotted the Con Artist. He found himself doing a favor for Batra who happened to be someone he cared about. The Nephilim shook his head in frustration, thinking about all the ways he would beat the living shit out of the man who thought it would be cool to steal money from the bartender. Alejandro walked up to him with a very frustrated expression remaining obviously upon his face. The Conman turned to face Alejandro and knew automatically what he was here for. For a moment the two simply stared at each other in silence. This was the Captain Commander's way of telling the coward conman to give the money back. After a few second the conman fished out jewels from inside his pocket and handed t off with an embarrassed chuckle. He was lucky Alejandro didn't lay his dumb ass out right where he stood.

#2† Aleja 

Conman Coward [Quest] Empty Mon Sep 19, 2022 2:44 pm

† Aleja
The Nephilim took the money and made his way back to Batra to give him what he was owed. This was more like a favor for a friend than it was a job but he knew Batra would pay him regardless, or at the very least let him drink for free. Alejandro approached the bald headed bartender and handed him the money. Batra twisted his face at it. The money was fucking fake. How could the Nephilim have been so stupid. There was only one thing left to do. The Commander stormed his way back to where the Conman was as the coward began to run. Alejandro chased after him and caught up rather quickly. When he reached the coward there were no words to be said. Instead, the requip mage smacked the living shit out of him, knocking him out immediately before bringing his body back to Batra's pub.

250/250 (50% WC reduc via ring, RK level 5, hermit tarot.)

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