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Mapping Theft (Quest)

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#1Vivi Ramstein 

Mapping Theft (Quest) Empty Thu Sep 15, 2022 1:45 pm

Vivi Ramstein
Thievery was never something Vivi considered in her wheelhouse. The notion wasn't entirely against her creed, it was just something she didn't feel was typically necessary. If she wanted something then it seemed more prudent to just purchase it or to take it. But sneaking away with it like a shadow in the night was never her style. She much preferred the idea of making off with items in broad daylight with as much force as was necessary to take them. But, then again, she knew that not every problem could be solved with that kind of behavior. If it could be then surely she would be quite rich by now.

But, she could lend a hand to a man looking to acquire items that aren't his. For the sake of making some extra coin, well, she could do just about anything at the moment. She didn't have to like it to make it happen. That's just how life forced things to be for the time being. The request hadn't seemed to odd, just another man looking to own what he didn't. A map though, that had seemed like a bit of an odd request. All the same, she knew that she could get the job done with the right application of force. She'd done it before, this kind of work wasn't something she was a stranger to, and she could do it again with just a little bit of pressure in the right spot.

Nighttime in Hargeon was a better time to move anyhow. She knew she was taking a risk even being in the city at this point, but better to be aware of the things going on around herself than to be completely ignorant to the workings of the world. She stuck to the back alleys and the hidden paths that she'd become familiar with over the months, always playing to the strength of the darkness rather than moving about in the light. With her appearance, well, she wouldn't seem like someone just out for a nightly stroll even under the best of conditions. She looks like what she is: a woman out to cause her fair share of trouble. It practically comes with the territory.

Thankfully, even someone with as little interest in geography as her knew where to find the town hall. It would be harder to miss it. She expected it to be secure, it was, after all, the center of the city government. But, it wasn't as if she would be going in the front door. Though she took time to scout it out, she could easily tell that it was heavily guarded. As were the other obvious entrances around the building. Rotating patrols were always going to be a problem, but she only needed the briefest of moments. A single chance to slip past the cordon was all she ever needed to be well on her way. It took several minutes for one to present itself. It was brief, a slight gap in the patrol pattern. She took it without hesitating. Jumping from around the corner, she ram towards the outer wall of the building and took a leap for a windowsill. Latching on, she pulled herself up then made another jump to keep up her ascent. She was glad that brute strength tended to work well for scenarios like this.

Pulling herself up onto the next ledge, she took one final jump to the third floor and scaled onto the outside of the window. Jumping from window to window, she looked in each one carefully for the storage room that she needed. The instructions, thankfully, had been quite clear about where she needed to go. It wasn't hard to find, even if she did almost lose her balance once or twice. Opening the window from the outside was a bit tricky, and she winced as she stressed the wood to the point that it almost snapped in half. But once she had it open, Vivi slipped inside and rolled to the door to lock it shut.

Turning on the lights in the room, she took a careful look around for initial evidence. She thought that it might be a much more hidden object than it turned out to be. But the map was quite easy to spot, just hidden in an unlocked box. Seizing the map for herself, Vivi stuffed it into her bag. She was just starting to feel a slight sense of accomplishment when the sound of the alarm began to ring. She nearly jumped out of her skin in surprise, but there was no time for that. Unless another thief was in the building, she was sure the alarms were for her. She didn't have the time to think about how she had been found out, she simply needed to make her escape. Once again, her mind went to the most immediate solution. The job had been clear about the need for discretion, and she didn't intend to be caught or even seen. So, she needed a quick way out.

Vivi made for the window again. Climbing back out onto the ledge, she turned and jumped down a level towards a windowsill diagonal from her. The landing was rough, but it gave her just the height difference she needs in order to jump down from the second floor to the ground without breaking her legs. Landing with a tumble, she started to run back into the alleyway she had come from. She didn't stop running for at least two minutes before she dared to slow down so she could catch her breath. Checking around to make sure she wasn't followed, she waited an extra five minutes, counting each second, to make sure she could move. With the coast clear, and a chance to breathe being given to her, Vivi composed herself before making for the meeting point. A nondescript bench in the middle of town may have been a bit less inconspicuous than she liked, but the instructions, again, were clear. She spotted the older gentleman that had left the notice quite easily, looking as nonchalant as possible with that newspaper of his. Walking towards his bench, she set down the map on the seat beside him. The older man barely glanced at the material before he handed Vivi her reward from beneath his newspaper. "A pleasure doing business," He said under his breath.

Vivi only nodded as she took her reward from his hand and continued her walk. She never cared for being a thief, but at least it paid decently enough.

Mapping Theft (Quest) Vivisi10

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