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Momma's Boy [Private]

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Momma's Boy [Private] Empty Wed Sep 14, 2022 1:18 am

† Aleja

"Ma?" Alejandro pushed open the door to the grand estate, hoping that his mother was home. One month. The Wood-elf had been away for one whole month. His parents were kept in the dark about most things since Ale was involved in more secretive work as of late. The Stellan hoped someone was home. Luckily for him his mother had been sitting on the couch in the living room, legs crossed, drinking tea as herbs burned throughout the home. Sage. Of course his mother was home. "Wha-" she jumped up, her hand jolted forward as a green magic seal appeared. "M-ma! Wait, it's me." The captain raised his hands to surrender. One thing about mama Celdrua, she was always ready. The magic seal likely would have released some green colored butterflies that'd look pretty from afar, but devastating up close.

The Brown skinned Elven woman halted where she stood. She didn't believe that she was hearing correctly and so sh slowly stepped forward. One quick gaze over her sons features and she knew. "Egleri- n- na Sayha! My baby boy!" Now that she knew it was Alejandro she rushed to hug him, "Hi mama", grabbing his face before turning his head. "Mijo, you've been working out? You've gotten taller...and your hair... why is it white? And where the hell have you been? Your father and I have been calling you-" In a matter of seconds her voice when from soft and gentle to scorching hot. Ale knew he'd have some explaining to do. "Your eye...what happened?" Much like any mother would have been, she was concerned. With a chuckle he smiled and stepped into the humble abode. As pristine as he remembered, a sigh of relief was his first response.

He carried a giant gun on his back- covered of course, and his mask was safely stored in the pocket dimension. Per usual he wore a cape sporting the Celdrua house symbol. There wasn't a place he went without proudly telling the world what family he came from. "A lot ma. Monsters, Blackwood Bank brokers-" "Those Blackwood's, mm-mm-mm. Nothing but trouble." she chimed, guiding her child to the couches. "Yeah. They wanted a magical relic I was sent to help deliver to Orchidia city. Apparently it has some extremely potent light energy. The Orb of Magi. I ate it and somehow it took my eye." The Captain placed his large gun on the floor beside the couch before taking his seat. "The Orb of Magi, why does that sound familiar...?"

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† Aleja

"Apparently it was a well desired relic? It was the form Lenux took to entrap his enemies." Alejandro said in a matter-of-factly tone. The brown skinned woman remained in deep thought though. She seemed to know something about the relic that she couldn't exactly remember. She leaned over from the couch to pour her child a cup of tea. The smell of the herbs inside fused with the burning sage's aroma in the air. It smelled like home. Alejandro was just glad to be back. He didn't realize how much he missed his mother until he was right in front of her. "Oh right! I remember now...Lenux was an Athlas elf, demi-god. Child of one of those Sevenese gods I believe. A long time ago your grandmother told me stories about how he single-handedly protected the distant lands of- Hrm... I can't seem to remember the name. He fought and sealed away evil Seraphim. They called themselves gods and tried to- wait... you ate the Orb!?"

Quickly, she placed the teapot back on its coaster upon the table and her eyes widened. "Yeah I had to or else I was gonna die. Why?" The elf was confused. "Sayha help us. My child, the Orb of Magi is a seal and you've consumed it. The power within it didn't just belonged to Lenux, it belonged to very powerful Fallen Seraphims and Demons. The magic he used was destroying them over time- hundreds of years it would've taken. If the Orb existed that could only mean that the evil inside of it was still alive." Alejandro's eyes widened. Nala spoke in lightning fast speeds but the Knight understood what she was saying. If Lenux' power was absorbed inside of him, the chances of the evil that was inside of the orb being absorbed by him were high. But why didn't he feel anything yet? Was there a possibility that the evil no longer existed?

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† Aleja

Now Alejandro has done some pretty stupid and impulsive things, but none seemed to amount to the situation he was in right now. The Elf grabbed the small white teacup from the table and took a tiny sip before letting out an exaggerated sigh. Mama's tea was always so damn good. The steam rose up and filled his nostrils, fighting whatever sinus issues he may have had. "We need to call your uncle Calen and have Lothwen see if she senses anything inside of you." Nala said. She calmed down but she was obviously still tense. The look in her eyes revealed that this was a matter of life and death- at least from the way she saw things. The Silver-headed Savannan was usually alarmed when his mother acted this way, but today...today he just wanted to not deal with any issues.

" Ma relájate, está bien. Me siento bien. Si esos demonios o lo que sea estaban dentro del Orbe de los Magi, ahora se han ido. Ha pasado una semana y no he sentido nada."
Ma relax, it's okay. I feel good. If those demons or whatever were inside the Orb of Magi, they're gone now. It's been a week and I haven't felt a thing.

Nala shook her head. She wasn't a native of Stella but being around Rohan and the Celdrua's for 80 years of her life, she was able to pick up on the language and culture. She spoke like a native and she understood like a native. The Savannan Elf sighed before taking a sip of her own tea. "This isn't something you can brush of Alejandro. You need to make sure that you're fine. Demons and Seraphim are intelligent beings, wiser than people give them credit for these days." She began. "Come." her soft voice commanded the six foot tall Elf to lean forward. Ale put the glass cup on the coaster in front of him before leaning. Nala stood and placed her fingers upon his temples and focused her energy.

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† Aleja

Nala, hailing from a very mighty Elven Savannan tribe had powers even Elves in Fiore didn't Have. For example, if she wanted to she could bend the will of any living being save for Humans and other elves. Any other creature or being with less mana than her could be controlled, though it took a toll on her body. So, to preserve her own life she didn't often use those abilities. She could also connect with nature on a level unseen before. The trees, the leaves on the trees, even the wind whispered to her. "I'm not as strong as Lothwen, so I can't sense if there's darkness inside of you. I can only sense your essence. If the beings that were once sealed away inside of the Orb are within you now, they would have stripped you of your essence." This meeting turned into a doctors appointment. The motherly elf would do that. One moment you could be talking to her about food and the next she was connecting it to your spiritual health.

Alejandro didn't fight her on it though. He knew better than to reject the help of his mother even if he felt like he didn't need it. Honestly, the Knight didn't think that any of this was necessary. That was until his mother gasped and pulled her hands away from his head. After a few moments of feeling for his essence, she seemed...worried. Ale widened his eyes and looked up at her, cocking his head to the side in confusion. "Ma...? What's wrong, why'd you-" quickly she wrapped her warms around her son. For a moment nothing was said. The Requip mage blinked. He had no idea what took over her but he knew it couldn't be anything good. Still, he allowed her to hold him for a moment. "Ma?" his tired voice asked again. Whatever was about to be said couldn't have been that bad, right?

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† Aleja

Nin laes boui... Im-" She began in the native Elven tongue. She pulled away from her baby boy and for a second just gazed into his silver eyes. How could she not have noticed? The gold in his eyes was gone, his hair was white and his body had buffed up tremendously. It was like he traded what was once his for a different source of power. "Your essence...I can barely feel it." She said softly. Nala's eyes watered as she fought her tears. Alejandro raised an eyebrow. Her epiphany caught the Stellan off-guard but he still wasn't entirely sure what his mother was saying. He had only ideas, but what he assumed she was saying sounded impossible. "What? What're you saying...? Ma?" He asked. Nala was nearly lost for words. "Your essence is nearly gone. Your connection to nature, the very thing that makes us Wood-elves...papi its..." she couldn't even finish her sentence.

It was as if the world stopped for Alejandro. Him? No longer having the essence of a wood elf? It made no sense. The Orb of Magi stripped away his connection with nature but he could still use the element of light? He couldn't have been consumed by a demon then. "W-what..?" Alejandro's eyes widened and in them was nothing. He couldn't believe his ears. Nala saw her sons reaction and pulled him in for another hug but Alejandro couldn't move. The mother wrapped her arms tightly around her son. He was a Celdrua, there was no way in hell that he could lose his connection to the earth. The house was completely silent. Ale couldn't even bring himself to cry. Truth be told he was just so overwhelmed with a variety of emotions.

"It's okay Mijo...we'll figure this out. Your father will be home soon and we can-"

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† Aleja

The last thing the Elf needed was his father coming home to this. Knowing the old man he would freak out far worse than his mother had been freaking out. First there would be some scolding, then there would be a teaching moment and then there would be an emotional breakdown full of "I love you"s and all sorts of other phrases that were supposed to put the knight at ease. Alejandro took a moment to breath and after a while his mother took a seat beside her son. She picked up his glass full of tea and handed it to him. "Here." she softly said. The Stellan dropped his head and stared at the wooden floor beneath him. A million and one thoughts rushed through his brain. It took him only a moment to gather himself together, coming to the realization that he did this to himself. Even in the pursuit of justice there were some unseemly consequences.

"No, no. It's alright." Finally he lifted his head and gently pushed the tea cup back down to the table. The Savannan elf sighed and turned away for a moment. Of course, she thought about what this meant for the Celdrua Head Household. There was information that she knew that he didn't about who was heir, but Alejandro was still a representative of the Celdruan family. If only his mother had kept her mouth shut and her hands to herself. Still, the Knight couldn't blame her. She was doing what she thought was best. Her intuition was never wrong, she knew there was something spiritually and magically different about her child, even if he himself couldn't feel it. There was only one question that begged his mouth to ask. A question that perhaps he wasn't even ready to hear. Alejandro sighed and leaned back onto the couch. Wait until Happy hear this shit.

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† Aleja

"You can tell father, but I won't be here when he finds out. I don't have the patience to deal with him today." Bluntly said, Alejandro rubbed his forehead. If it wasn't one thing it was another. This though...this new information changed nearly everything. One child missing, another no longer an elf. It was as if he was cursed or something. At least that's what he'd think. Somehow someway he made everything about him. Alejandro shook his head with another sigh. Nala said nothing. She understood the relationship both of them had with each other. Alejandro often argued with his father and his father always did everything for the sake of Alejandro. Alejandro just didn't see it that way. She learned early on to remain the neutral party. Their bickering with one another only started when Rosalia went missing.

"So before I go, should we discuss what the hell I am?" Alejandro asked. "Hey...watch your mouth in this house." His mother remarked before taking a sip out of her own tea cup. "I'm afraid there's nothing to discuss because I don't know what else this means for you. All I can tell you is that your essence is hanging on by a thread. Oddly enough, it's still there. You have roughly the same amount of a half elf." A damn half elf? Alejandro didn't look down on his distant cousins but a half-elf wasn't going to keep this family going. His children would barely have essence unless he partnered with another elf and the chances of that were thin now. "But I can still use the light element. In fact, I feel stronger with it more than ever...actually..." he sat up.

"I feel closer to the light element more than I do nature. When you used you almost used your magic earlier it felt stronger than usual, like if you hit me with it I'd be in serious trouble.

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† Aleja

Nala raised an eyebrow almost at the same moment Alejandro did. The two were alike in many ways. Kind, logical, but short-tempered and dangerously passionate. They also couldn't stand being kept in the dark, except today that was all Alejandro wished he would have done; stayed in the dark. "And now that I think about it, the other day when I was on a duty I fought some sort of shadow creature and its darkness magic hurt me less than it should have..." Slowly but surely Alejandro was concluding what he was in his mind. It wasn't hard to figure out if he paid attention to the details. There were so many signs that he had missed. So many omens he overlooked. It all began to make sense. The patterns began to reveal the truth about what he had become. "The powers of a Seraphim... I'm a-" He paused before turning to his mother who had been listening anxiously. She was practically on the edge of her seat. "One of those Seraphim are inside of me. How could I have missed that?" He said. A fallen Seraphim at that.

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† Aleja

Alejandro hadn't a clue about what this meant for his future but right now none of that mattered. The Elf discovered what was lying dormant inside of him all along. It didn't make as much sense as it should have because if the Seraphim was inside of him then he would have already been taken over. It made no sense for him to become a Seraphim either, since that would have required this power to be his own and that could have only happened if this Seraphim gave it to him...or if he took it. Nothing made sense but Alejandro was getting there. "Nephilim." His mother said, almost relieved really. "But wouldn't that require a contract? Unless..." It finally all came together. "You eating the Orb of Magi was the contract." She said. Alejandro immediately felt compelled to do something so impulsive that he would probably regret it later. Now though, he wanted to do it- no, he needed to do it. Even if it didn't do what he thought it would do, at least what he was about to do meant he tried before it could get any worse.

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† Aleja

"Welp..." Alejandro said before quickly bringing his hand up to his face. He dug his nails into his eye socket and with all his strength began to pull. Immediately Nala gasped, bringing her hands to her mouth in pure awe. She probably thought that at that moment her son had completely lost his mind, but it was the exact opposite in Alejandro's eyes. He was trying to liberate himself from whatever hold whomever may have had on him. Lenux, the Fallen Seraphim, the demons, they could all burn in hell for all he cared. This was his resolution. He had made it through countless situations unscathed and unharmed by the grace of Sayha, he was sure that he would come out of this unharmed. Who knew? Maybe he would lose a whole eye because of this. If you asked the Elf if he cared he'd tell you that he didn't give two shits. His mother didn't know what to do, all she could do was watch and wait.

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† Aleja

The entire process was a spectacle. As violent and extreme as pulling one's eye out sounded, it was honestly the complete opposite. There was pain, yes. Alejandro roared as he pulled the eye attached to his skull out of his face, but light so bright crackled all around him like electricity. A golden aura radiated around him and began to hum. The light grew brighter the harder he pulled yet there was no blood. It was like the eye itself was a creature with its tentacles glued inside of him. Like some sort of ancient technology. Alejandro continued to pull though. Suddenly the house began to shake as the aura around him radiated brighter. "Ale, stop." His mother murmured. There was no stopping. The Captain was in way too deep now. All he could do was endure the pain and hope that it wasn't enough to send him into shock. The humming grew louder and louder. So loud that Nala Celdrua had to bring her hand to her ears. She said nothing. What could she say? She wanted to run and help her child but she was too afraid that her nature magic would only do more damage than it should have.

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† Aleja

The roaring, the light, the crackling sound, the humming aura, and the shaking of his house went on for at least another minute. The Savannan elf began to feel tears dwell in her eyes as she tried to look away. She just couldn't. Her son was in so much pain that she nearly felt it herself. There came a point where she just could no longer take it anymore. The house rumbled so much that the kitchenware began to tap against each other adding to the amount of roaring noises she was already hearing. At this rate, she believed that her son would kill himself.  Surely this couldn't have ended well for the Captain of the Rune Knights. Alejandro gritted his teeth as he pulled the eye away from his face. He was almost there...just a little more and-

"Alejandro Yunta Celdrua, STOP!"

The woman roared just as the Stellan ripped the eye out from his skull. Still, no blood but now he didn't have an eye. The light disappeared just as the eye was removed from its socket, the humming noise stopped, the aura faded and the rumbling came to a halt. Ale brought his hand to his face to cover the empty socket. It was just a hole now. With his other eye he gazed upon the golden eyeball which had once been the Magical Relic known as the Orb of Magi. As he held it in his hand he could no longer feel its energy. It was like a dead Lacrima device. Sweat dripped down his face. He finally turned to his mother with one eye closed, a weak smile stretching his full lips. "See? It's out. Easy peasy."

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† Aleja

Nala shook her head in utter disbelief. She couldn't believe what she had just witnessed. Quickly she looked around to make sure that they were still standing inside of a house and not outside surrounded by a field of rubble. Alejandro smirked as if he had just accomplished something impossible. In the end, this could have crippled him in more ways than one. That wasn't the end of it though. Suddenly an aura of light began to surround the Knight again. His mothers eyes widened and just before he could say anything his body froze. Suddenly his head was thrown back and his arms stretched out on both sides of him. Energy exploded from his very body. The Stellan roared in pain. Nala quickly threw her hand up and summoned a green magic seal. Vines sprout out of it and soared through the air between them towards her son. In a desperate attempt to help him she found herself to be useless. As quickly as her vines made their way to Alejandro was as quickly as they withered away, inch by inch until they were nothing.

The vines hadn't even touched him. The light was even too strong for her nature magic. The sheer amount of energy was enough to blow the table and the couches away from him. Alejandro's frozen body began to lift into the air and Black wings sprouted from his back. Horns began to grow on his forehead and a thick smokey like energy began to rush out of the eye socket he had just separated from the magical relic. Quickly Nala swayed her hands and summoned a dome of magical energy to surround her, protecting herself from the flying plates and teacups. She realized that there was no time for her to freeze up. With one hand she held her barrier and with the other she summoned another magic circle beneath the young, idiotic Celdrua. Vines sprouted again, this time coated in Arcane energy. The vines wrapped themselves around Alejandro's legs, attempting to pull him down. All of her attempts were futile, however. This thing had to run its course.

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† Aleja

The smoke like substance made its way out of Alejandro and when it finally was gone, he fell onto the ground. The rumbling came to a halt and everything was just...silent. The Mother of the Knight kept her shield up but dispelled her vines. She looked around to see where the smoke had gone but it seemed to vanish into thin air. Unlike Alejandro, she still had her essence. Things like poison didn't harm her much so she wasn't afraid of whatever she just saw entering her body. She was almost certain she was safe. After a few moments of taking precautions, she released her barrier and ran to her son. Alejandro groaned, struggling to remain conscious. It was only the fact that his mother was around that kept his eyes opened. Mama Celdrua's eyes widened upon realizing that her sons eye had magically grown back but when she placed her hand upon his head, she still couldn't feel his essence. There was no longer an ethereal connection between them and this time there wasn't even a hint of it. With a sigh she pulled her child close. Ale began to gather himself and shot up up ready to fight. It didn't take him long to realize what had just happened.

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† Aleja

"Are you alright?" Alejandro's mother asked. The silver-headed mage slowly sat up and looked around. His eyes bounced around the house. He knew he was responsible for this mess. Soon his father would come home and wreak even more havoc. Right about now Alejandro would have planted a bullet in his skull if he decided to be the biggest asshole in the room. Ale nodded to answer his mother's question. "It's gone Ma...my connection to...it's gone. I can feel it." Yet, this was simply just another day. Seeing it that way was the only way the elf could accept the fact that he was no longer an elf. He was a Nephilim. He felt the wings explode from his back, he felt the energy, and for a moment he caught a glimpse of the Seraphim he was bounded to via some sort of magical contract. What was more was that this Seraphim wasn't any ordinary angel. This one was different...something more. Something he had never even heard of or seen in books. "We'll figure it out, Mijo... we always do."

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† Aleja

Except this time there was nothing to figure out. The facts were there and they were as clear as day. Alejandro was a Nephilim. Some may have seen this as a blessing but truthfully this was nothing short of a big fat messy curse. It wasn't like he was bounded by a Seraphim of virtue, this particular Seraphim was a fallen. Alas, the Knight knew his mother was merely telling him what she thought he wanted to hear. There was no longer a need to discuss this topic any more though. The Seraphim inside of him was alive and it escaped through him. Whomever it was, whatever plans it hand, it was free to bring them into fruition. Ale sighed before standing, he wobbled as he caught his bearings.

Now he had one more thing to add to his list of things to hunt. As if he needed any more in the first place. The mother of the Nephilim stood too, wiping tears from the corners of her eyes. She remained optimist because at least her son was alive. In this short time that they had spent together so much had happened. It was quite silly when you think about it. "Did that really just fucking happen?" Alejandro thought aloud. "Aye! Watch. Your. Mouth!" the Elven woman reminded him. The two paused, then broke out into laughter. "...Let's clean up this mess before your father get's home.

- END -

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