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Awakening To A New Life.(Private.)

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Awakening To A New Life.(Private.) Empty Wed Sep 07, 2022 2:07 pm

It would be strange to just wake up from something that left like a long night sleep, Nasira's case, she had no idea how long she was actually a sleep. Just that she felt: rested, sore, lighted slightly and like something still had been off but she had been too a sleep to really pick up upon it.

She had a fairly peaceful and long dream opening her eyes and looking around Nasira did not really know where she was right now, however she had clothing on and was in a bed so she must not be that bad of a place. So muttering to herself in the language of Deserito Nasira seemed too mention to herself."Where...am I?"So far she seemed to be alone in this room, so she would get on her feet and walk over to closest window.

Looking out of it, she realized she was not exactly anywhere she remembered right away. So now she seemed to be a bit worried, Thus Nasira would start leaving the room she was in currently, looking on the small shelf by the bed and looked at an empty potion vial. Leaving to a bit of a confused look on her face. Then she picked it up and gave it a sniff. It did not smell like poison. So she felt a bit more relaxed but for now she needed to think. Was there anyone else here? if so where are they? A few questions for the now awake.

Language colours: Deserito Fiorian.

#2Lothwen Celdrua 

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Lothwen Celdrua
The rustling of movement, accompanied by a feminine voice speaking in a foreign language drew her attention from the book she had been reading. Gently closing the book she rose from her chair and walked over to the bookshelf, placing the book back on the spot she had found it at earlier and walked over to the bedroom. A gentle knock followed on the wooden surface of the door, which was left half-open so she could make sure to reach the resident of the room in her time of need.

Speaking of said resident... "Ah good, you are awake." The elven maiden spoken in the Fiorian language as she took a step away from the door and gestured at the window outside. "You're at an inn near the outskirts of Baska in West Fiore."

She paused for a bit, noticing the bottle in her hand she nodded her head slightly. "It seems the potion of your acquaintance has done its job. Miss Ivalice did mention that even should your fever subdue it could take a few days till you would be back to normal."

She paused for a bit, her gaze shifting away from the dark-skinned maiden as she inquired in a hesitant voice. "Do you remember what happened? You were on the slavers ship when we attacked it. Although the other victims were freed and are now in the care of my kin in Athalaran, our doctors believed you would be more comfortable recovering in the lands of men, so I took you here. In case you're wondering, Miss Ivalice and her wife are currently in Seven on business but mentioned they would come to seek you out in the future to make certain you were recovering well."

Although it was only now she realized something of importance: "Ah right~ That reminds me: I am Lothwen of house Celdrua."

and with her introduction made she awaited Nasira's reaction.


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It was a extremely good thing that that Nasira was not a playful or a tricking type after all she remembered enough to realize it all made sense. So she would just simply walk over to Lothwen. Hug her and simply said."I have been asleep that long? it was not a part of my plan to."It was the sigh that Nasira was back to normal since Lothwen seemed to be wanting to enjoy taking her time to be sure everything was right. Nasira just made sure it all made was cleared up. But just in case a kiss upon one of Lothwen's cheek might also help.

Then she just seemed relax but still realizing she was trying to recover and had just awaken she just needed to ask."Very well, how long have i been asleep?"Which was also a fair question to ask since she at least did not know that part. But if she knew how far she knew currently it was not all bad. At least she thought. Then again these moment just seemed to be good because she was just happen to be free and moving as she now. The normal things she stride for.

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