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Northern Ruin Exploration [Closed | Sharyar]

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Northern Ruin Exploration [Closed | Sharyar] Empty Thu Sep 01, 2022 5:06 pm

An urgent request that had been circulating throughout the country, even reaching the Dark Guilds such as Sleeping Calamity. The exact reason for this request wasn’t clearly expressed, but the severity of the issue was clear due to how the person issuing the request didn’t hesitate to reach out to the Dark Guilds. Even more surprising than that was the generous rewards that ensured that many mages and adventurers would move according to the will of the Archeologist who spread it.

Ikazuchi had naturally shown interest in it due to the possibility of obtaining a rare item from the archeologist if he managed to provide enough of the pages that were requested. He recalled many ruins that seemed to resemble the type of location specified as examples spread throughout the Worth Woodsea, so he was able to quickly choose those as his first target. As he was leaving, he happened to meet Xerxes who agreed to accompany him while also showing interest in the request. After a bit of discussion, Ikazuchi decided to create a rough map of the area leading to the ruins for his guildmate before departing separately on his wyvern. Currently, he had already arrived and was sitting on a rock near the entrance while his wyvern circled overhead as he waited on Xerxes to arrive.

Word Count: 210

#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
It hadn’t been very long after Xerxes had tied up all the loose ends, he had in Worth Woodsea that he ran into Ikazuchi who was on a bit of a quest for an archeologist. It was a rather urgent request that had the entire country up in arms. Xerxes had heard about it but largely did not pay it any interest until Ikazuchi explained more of what was going on in detail. Intrigued by what he learned, the Desiertian decided to accompany his guildmate on the quest. After going over their starting point, the two adventurers split off and head for the ruin. As Xerxes did not have a pet wyvern as his comrade did, he walked on foot, taking a few hours before he reached the destination.

Xerxes looked around in awe at the ruins in the distance, reminding of him his most recent quest he finished for Zimnur and the partially buried ruins from his homeland. The thought of exploring this potentially lost civilization to its fullest excited the man. He sees Ikazuchi sitting on a rock and goes to greet him before the two head into the ruin, eagerly awaiting the unknown.

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Ikazuchi alternated his focus between the overgrown ruins and the direction that Xerxes would approach from. He didn’t intend to enter alone, but he couldn’t help his curiosity as he looked at the surroundings. There were remnants of buildings spread throughout the surroundings, laid out in a format that vaguely resembled that of a fortress in his opinion. Unfortunately, most of it had been lost to nature over countless years in the Worth Woodsea. Most of the structures above the ground were broken due to the steady reclamation by nature, but he was certain that there was an underground section due to his first encounter with the area.

He had stumbled across the area while in seclusion, and felt it resembled the area where he received the blessing that granted him unique ocular abilities. Considering that, he felt that this was the kind of ruin where they would be able to find records related to the request. It was around this time that he noticed Xerxes roughly ten meters away approach him. He naturally stood to his feet as his wyvern descended to the ground and greeted his approaching guildmate. “I thought I was going to wait all day! Did you get lost?” Ikazuchi smiled slightly as he spoke in a joking tone. After Xerxes greeted him, Ikazuchi would turn his attention towards the ruins and speak again. “It looks like the kind of place where an archeologist would find something, right?” Perhaps due to the wait, Ikazuchi found himself speaking more than usual. Still, there was a certain piece of information that he needed to relay among his idle chatter. “There isn’t much on the ground level from what I’ve seen, but it seems there is a rather expansive underground structure that we can enter over there.” After saying that, he pointed in a particular direction intending to lead Xerxes to the entrance.

Word Count: 300

#4Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
As the Desiertian approached, Ikazuchi’s mighty red wyvern descended from the clouds; landing just behind its owner to show off its impressive frame. Xerxes looked at the creature in admiration as, while he had heard of Ikazuchi’s wyvern, he had not fully seen the beast until this second. “You flew here on him and have the audacity to say that you were going to wait all day?” Xerxes sneered as the two fully enter the ruins.

The ruins were full of toppled buildings covered in thick overbrush which gave off a look that this area had not been disturbed in quite some time. The insides of the buildings, from what Xerxes could see from the outside, had a thick sheen of dirt covering it. Each step the two took seemed to echo as Xerxes moves towards a small circular building. He peers inside, seeing empty bookcases and topped remains of furniture. The design, and the interior, seemed reminiscent of small studies within Desierto. Though farfetched, perhaps they could find what they sought here. As he places his hand on the wall just inside the entryway, he hears a soft clicking sound. Suddenly, a large rumbling noise could be heard coming from within. “Shit…” he mutters.

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Are you bad luck?” Ikazuchi couldn’t help but sigh as he noticed Xerxes triggering a trap. He couldn’t help but marvel at how his guildmate managed to find a trap before they entered into the bulk of the area. It had to be said, Ikazuchi had already briefly explored the area when he first discovered the ruins. The fact that he hadn’t encountered it during that time only highlighted the luck of Xerxes.

Ikazuchi was a step ahead of his companion when he felt the slight vibrations from below his feet. The steadiness of the ground that he was accustomed to was nonexistent a moment later. He didn’t hesitate to reach out to take hold of Xerxes a split second before the ground collapsed, attempting to pull his companion towards him enough to ensure they would fall together. “Oh no! We’re falling!” Ikazuchi pretended to be shocked as he looked forward to the adventurer awaiting them.

As they fell, Ikazuchi noticed that the area around them was rapidly darkening. ‘I wonder how Xerxes will handle this?’ He didn’t hesitate to draw one of his swords and attempt to insert it in the wall near them to slow his momentum after starting the unexpected descent. Unfortunately, his attempts to do so were useless. The walls were sturdy enough that even he couldn’t scratch them, let alone break them. ‘Shit…’ At the last moment, he managed to collapse his body and roll in order to comfortably break his moment. He likely wouldn’t be hurt by a hard landing, but he wasn’t fond of the sensation either. He quickly surveyed the area after landing safely only to see a golem the size of the three meter wide and ten meter tall passageway behind his guildmate seemingly ready to attack. “Behind you!” Ikazuchi gave a simple warning as he had enough faith in his companion not to suffer, even in the dark maze they had unintentionally entered.

Word Count: 320

#6Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
To the Desiertian’s surprise, the rumbling stopped as the ground beneath the two men seemed to vanish instantly. Xerxes attempted to hold onto the entryway to prevent himself from falling in, but the already descending Ikazuchi managed to grab onto the Desiertian just enough so that he would tumble into the darkened abyss as well. “Screw you…” Xerxes jokingly sneered as he attempted to draw Jotunn’s fang to prevent himself from falling. However, as his comrade discovered moments prior, the walls were infallible, foiling his plan. Seeing no other option, the man braced himself for the landing he was about to endure. A loud thud echoed throughout the area as the man lands face first on the cold hard ground, his spear clanking on the ground beside him.

While the fall was nowhere near enough to seriously hurt him, it was enough to agitate him. “You just had to drag me along with you?” Xerxes says with a sneer as he picks himself up off the ground. Fully emerging from the ground and retrieving his spear, he could feel a presence behind him. An ominous and foreboding sense of dread filled Xerxes as he firmly clutches his spear and prepares himself. He quickly jabs the fanged portion of the spear behind him, easily penetrating the revealed golem’s body with his strike. Removing the spear, he turns around and delivers a spinning strike to the head, beheading it instantly. “Thanks for the warning.” He says sarcastically. His face of sarcasm turns into one of pure amusement as he sees the outlines of the creatures looming in the darkness. A soft purring sound could be heard as wolf spiders, near equal in size to the golem he just destroyed move closer towards the duo from both sides. Knowing from their conversations that Ikazuchi had a particular aversion to spiders, despite their guild’s emblem being that of a spider, Xerxes could only relish the upcoming events. “I’ll take the ones on my side. You finish up over there and we’ll keep exploring.” He says as he heads towards those the few behind him, taking a swipe at the nearest one. “Be careful.” The Desiertian says with stifled laughter.

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If this keeps up, I will really start to think you’re bad luck…” Ikazuchi’s tone reflected his disgust as he clearly witnessed the monstrous spiders approach from both sides. He immediately drew his other sword in response to their appearance. They had appeared from paths on either side that weren’t in his line of sight, but there were only a few on either side for the moment. ‘If there isn’t a page here, I will burn it to the ground…’

He pushed off the ground and quickly cut his way through them skillfully. He intentionally acted in a way that allowed him to easily limit their mobility before dealing fatal strikes. Throughout the process, he continued to grip his swords tightly as he fought internally to ignore his hatred. “I fucking hate spiders…” It was at that moment that a barely audible clicking sound could be heard from the floor beneath his feet as well as the walls on either side towards Xerxes behind him.

It seemed to him that he had triggered a trap as well, so he quickly moved away from the sound behind him. He was fortunate enough to be at the initial trigger of the trap, so he only needed a few steps to escape the area of effect. As for what followed, he turned his head after exiting the area to see countless purplish, seemingly poison stained, darts exit the densely packed holes on both walls. “Look out!” His warning was late, but he instinctively gave it in the heat of the moment.

Word Count: 250

#8Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Xerxes hacked away at the oncoming spiders; each strike was accompanied by a rather futile attempt to not burst into laughter. Every time he glanced over towards his comrade, he saw him strike the creatures with blows full of hatred and disgust. The Desiertian knew that Ikazuchi would likely have some sort of revenge planned for him when they escaped but they would handle that at a later point.

As Ikazuchi moved to destroy the bane of his existence, a soft audible click could be heard echoing. “I’m the one with the bad luck, right?” Xerxes says sarcastically as a multitude of poisonous darts exit the walls. Sighing in frustration, Xerxes begins twirling Jotunn’s Fang, moving faster and faster with each rotation as he effortlessly deflects all of the poisonous darts either pierce the remaining spiders or harmlessly clatter on the ground below. As the assault stops, Xerxes glares over towards his comrade with indignation. “Thanks for the warning.” He says softly as he moves past him to continue their journey. Before long, the two come up to a giant clearing with tombs lining the walls. In the distance, at the very back of the room was a tomb many times larger than the others. “I wonder who will make things worse. Your bad luck or mine.

WC: 217


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You’re welcome.” Ikazuchi acted completely oblivious as he ignored the indignation of Xerxes. Their exploration was off to a wonderful start as they made their way through the maze-like structure below ground. Ikazuchi was curious about how his companion felt after being thrust into the dark underground that lacked any noticeable sources of light as they moved. While he was fortunate enough to be unaffected, he doubted that would be the case for Xerxes.

Neither Ikazuchi nor Xerxes spoke until they arrived in a new area. Almost as if inviting misfortune, Xerxes commented on the pair’s bad luck. “You just had to jinx us, didn’t you?” As if to answer Xerxes, the distinct sound of stone separating from stone could be heard throughout the crypt. Countless black snakes slithered out between the gaps of the lids that sealed the many tombs and blended into the darkness. It was soon revealed to him that it was various armored undead lifting the lids to their tombs and rising from their eternal rest. “This is definitely your bad luck…” At this point, his attention turned to the largest tomb in the back. It was the only one that an undead didn’t rise from, but the faint glow that emanated from it and latched onto the various undead granting them a faint glow and chill told him that the worst was to come. For now, he did his best to prevent the countless snakes swarming towards him from entering the gaps of his armor and latching onto him while preparing himself to fend off the undead assault.

Word Count: 260

#10Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
The Desiertian chuckled at this comrade’s words before the chuckle slowly turned into a groan as the sound of stone separating could be heard echoing throughout the area. The soft hissing sounds of many snakes could be heard approaching the duo as they slithered out of the various tombs in the area. Slowly following them were multiple undead beings adorned in armor slowly lurching towards their prey. Turning his head towards Ikazuchi, the man sighs. “My bad luck? This has your stench all over it. If you keep this up, I’ll wind up losing a body part.” Xerxes says darkly. A chill goes down his spine as he shakes his head for the dark thought and prepares himself.

The nearest snake makes a beeline towards him as it lunges forward as it reaches striking distance. Xerxes narrowly dodges the strike and manages to grab the snake’s tail before tossing the creature off in the distance. Deciding to leave the slithering creatures to his partner, Xerxes leaps over the approaching snakes and nears the undead. A quick strike with Jotunn’s Fang easily beheads the first before he follows it up with a sweeping strike of the second. Xerxes continues his assault, knowing full well that he needed to fully dismember the creatures to stop them. Suddenly, a loud roar emanated from the large tomb in the back as the glow increased in brightness. A shadowy hand emerged from the side of the tomb and forcefully tossed the lid towards the direction of the two men. Xerxes quickly dodges, knowing that Ikazuchi would do the same. A large beast, adorned in tattered rags, arises from the tomb before roaring once again towards the two. “Have I told you how much I hate you?” Xerxes says towards Ikazuchi in irritation.

WC: 297


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‘If you lose a limb, that will be on you!’ He wanted to shout this at Xerxes, but his companion had already escaped from the assault of snakes. “This fucking guy…” He mumbled under his breath as he determined that the snakes weren’t much of a threat. At the very least, they wouldn’t be able to slither into the gaps of his clothing and armor due to how he equipped and maintained his equipment. ‘They aren’t my problem either…’ His two swords moved as he cut apart several snakes while complaining internally.

‘That should be enough…’ As he wasn’t concerned already, he didn’t care for the remaining snakes. If they came after him still, he would pass them off to Xerxes in the same way his companion had done to him. Rather than the snakes, his attention was drawn towards the undead that his companion was fighting. ‘Disgusting…’ This was all he could think as he moved towards the nearest undead.

It was this point that he noticed the lid from the coffin flying towards him and the large hand. “Fuck!” Due to his positioning, it came flying towards his right side. He responded without thinking and slammed his right fist holding his sword into the lid causing it to fragment and fly back in the direction towards where it came from. “You? Hate me?!” Ikazuchi’s swords returned to their movements as they cut the nearby undead into pieces before he continued. “That fucking thing threw it at you, not me!!” An unfortunate snake slithered by his feet at this moment giving him the opportunity to kick it at his companion due to his pettiness. The fact that the two had the luxury to joke and blame each other made it clear that the situation didn’t concern him in the slightest, even after seeing the undead creature appear.

Word Count: 300

#12Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
The beast roared in anger, shaking the very foundation of the area as it does so. The splintered remains of the lid Ikazuchi deflected harmlessly bounced off the beast as it began charging the two. It’s sped was deceptive as within four large strides, it had already closed the gap and bared an arm in the air to strike. Xerxes quickly glances over towards Ikazuchi noting that the man was no longer in the spot that he was in. “Son of a bitch…” Xerxes mumbles as he quickly dodges the strike and begins to run along the creature’s arm. “As usual, you leave me to deal with your fuck-ups!” Xerxes shouts as he hacks away at the creature as he runs. Pain filled roars echo as the creature’s tattered rags become soaked in blood. A final slash of Xerxes’ polearm severs the arm entirely as it lands on the ground with a resounding thud. The creature’s screams slowly come to a stop as a new arm regenerate from the bloodied stump and an orb of red energy appears from within the beast’s maw. “Shit. Shit. Shit.” Xerxes says as he runs away, sprinting towards Ikazuchi’s location as the beam of magical energy rockets towards the two.

WC: 206


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You’re literally bringing the bullshit my way!” Ikazuchi couldn’t help but vocalize his frustrations as he naturally rushed forward towards Xerxes. Spellcutter cut a clean arc through the incoming beam causing it to immediately disintegrate as if it were only an illusion. “Fucking bullshit…” He spoke in a low tone, unlikely to be heard by anyone else as he didn’t pause his steps for even a moment.

Mana flared around Breaker as he entered the range of the beast, and it was immediately used to block an incoming attack from one of its forelegs. ‘Not too bad.’ After that, he stepped towards the other side of its body skillfully and transitioned his block into a cut that split the beast’s arm directly in half. Immediately after, Breaker’s arc moved to pierce the beast's heart directly. 'Disgusting.' Seeing the regeneration begin all the same, Ikazuchi sighed and brandished Spellcutter to directly decapitate the creature. Its regeneration naturally couldn’t operate after receiving a wound from a weapon that literally cut magic at its source.

He couldn’t help but look at Xerxes at this point as he finally spoke. “Hey, walking bad luck, I’m done with this shithole. I’d rather go back and fight you than deal with whatever shitty luck this place is trying to curse us with…” After saying that, he went back the way they came fully intending to climb out and leave. He also intentionally slipped in his desire for a spar after today, hoping that Xerxes would share the feeling.

Word Count: 250

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#14Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
The Desiertian’s last minute plan to force Ikazuchi to deal with the oncoming attack worked like a charm. Using one of his prized swords, Spellcutter, his comrade slices through the beam as if it were butter as he continued forward. Slowly, Xerxes began to catch his breath as Ikazuchi began to engage the beast one on one. An attack from the beast’s leg and arm were easily parried shortly before the creature is decapitated with a single stroke. “I could have done that…” Xerxes mutters as Ikazuchi shoots him a smug look before speaking. After he spoke, he left without another word, leaving a dumbfounded and irritated Desiertian. “The fuck! You are the one who wanted to do this nonsense in the first place and now you are leaving? Trash. That’s fine though, I have no qualms beating your ass to vent some frustrations.” With an irritated sneer, Xerxes sheathes Jotunn’s Fang and heads towards the exit as well. While their little excursion wasn’t fruitful, it did give way to a new option; the prospect of defeating Ikazuchi in combat.

WC: 180
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