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Fantastic Fabrics [Lothwen Solo Quest]

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#1Lothwen Celdrua 

Fantastic Fabrics [Lothwen Solo Quest] Empty Thu Sep 01, 2022 3:57 pm

Lothwen Celdrua
How had it come to this? A question that repeatedly went through Lothwen's mind as she stood in front of the request board of this small settlement. While she had originally planned to seek out Alejandro to find out how they were doing, Lothwen soon found herself swept up in a chain of unexpected events that were likely all contributable to Wiggly's silly ideas. At first it sounded like a plausible idea: To take on a request so that she could learn more about human society and as a result discover more about how mankind truly functioned. But as she stood in front of the board and watched the small pink mass beside her eagerly bouncing up and down she couldn't help but ask to make certain: "You're certain that we are not doing this simply because you been interested in trying out this lifestyle of the profession they call an 'Adventurer', right?"

To which the blob chimed happily in response: "Nonsense~ I genuinely believe this will be a valuable learning experience that will enrich your understanding of human culture." Why in the world did that sound like something one of her tutors at the Celdrua household would have said?

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#2Lothwen Celdrua 

Fantastic Fabrics [Lothwen Solo Quest] Empty Fri Sep 02, 2022 1:43 am

Lothwen Celdrua
Heaving a sigh and concealing the smallest hints of a smile Lothwen's gaze scanned over the different fliers and posters posted on the board and picked a random, albeit stylish-looking one. "Oh, did you settle on one?"

Wiggly's question earned a slight nod from her while she allowed the blob to climb onto her shoulder, and while she made her way down along the street Lothwen explained further. "Seems that there is a tailor looking for assistance in purchasing fabrics for their trade. A simple enough task and an opportunity for us to take a look at the local craftsmanship of the people of Baska."

The blob nodded his head attentively while Lothwen entered what appeared to be the aforementioned store for the request. "Oh? A customer? And an exotic one at that also it seems~" A flowery voice called out to her as Lothwen raised the flier in her hand to correct the misunderstanding the man had made. "I'm afraid that I am not a customer, I am here for this job assignment you posted."

The man's gaze softened as he properly introduced himself. It seemed like Fernando was something called a 'Fashion Designer', and that he was looking for someone to buy the fabrics in his stead while he continued working. Overall a simple assignment.

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