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I'm coming home...again [Travel][East -> Central]

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#1† Aleja 

I'm coming home...again [Travel][East -> Central] Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 6:30 am

† Aleja

"I'm glad we're going back to the capital, the east was...a lot." Happy said with a sigh as the two began the walk back to Central Fiore. The exceed wasn't one to hold his tongue. If he was angry, he'd say it. If he was sad, he'd say it, and of course when he was Happy you could just see it all over his face. Usually, he was happy. Today though, he was tired. Alejandro nodded, running their bruised hand through their hair. Their mother had been calling non-stop since this morning, but the elf paid it no mind. She was probably wondering where her child was at, but Alejandro couldn't be bothered. As much as they loved her they wanted her to loosen the grip. They were seventeen after all, soon enough they would be an adult. Things had to start changing. It wasn't just that Alejandro needed their space though.

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I'm coming home...again [Travel][East -> Central] Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 6:33 am

† Aleja

After what they did to the pack of werewolves in Dahlia city, there was this sense of guild clouding over them. By now they had been able to lock the traumatic memories away. It didn't effect the way they worked as much as it did the week prior nor did it haunt them when they slept during the night, but they just couldn't bring themselves to talk their mother. Not right now, at least. "Honestly, me too. I thought it'd be fun. Seems like our days are gonna be filled with work on top of work." Alejandro responded. Happy shrugged and turned towards their partner, flashing a bright cheeky smile. "That just means we can get stronger and more experienced!" He said. The Stellan chuckled and agreed. "Mhm. Also means we'll make a lotta money. More money?" Alejandro turned to Happy. "More food!" the small, blue, cat-like creature exclaimed joyfully.

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I'm coming home...again [Travel][East -> Central] Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 6:33 am

† Aleja

Crocus was quickly approaching. The large building at the center of the city could be seen even from miles out. Ale had a love hate relationship with their job at this point. They loved it because the benefits were great and it was really pushing their limits. They hated because they constantly had to make hard decisions, decisions most people wouldn't be able to make. Sometimes they even had to disassociate to get the job done. No longer was making their father proud the reason they were in this. With everything in them, they wanted to become a Kings guard. The glory, the money and most of all, the legacy. To be Kingsguard meant to be the highest ranking Rune Knight and Alejandro wanted to excel at everything they did. Still, their ambition only stopped there. Once they achieved such a ranking they knew they could stop working as hard.

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I'm coming home...again [Travel][East -> Central] Empty Mon Aug 29, 2022 6:34 am

† Aleja

The pair of friends strolled into the city and per usual, it was noisy. It was a beautiful change of pace though. After being in the East so long they damn near felt like a Fairy Tail mage. It was always funny to them when they returned, they suddenly realized how much they missed home. Today they would take the day off. They had done everything their higher ups asked of them for the past few weeks. Sure they went to Luluhawa and had a short vacation, three days was hardly enough time to decompress. They wouldn't answer their Lacrima device for anyone. Today their superiors could suck it. Happy and Alejandro were going to eat until they couldn't eat anymore and enjoy the rest of the day. "Home sweet home." they said as a grin stretched their lips from cheek to cheek. The Exceed stretched their arms. He couldn't wait to eat and nap until tomorrow.


Central Fiore

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