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Fairy City [Travel][Central -> East]

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#1† Aleja 

Fairy City [Travel][Central -> East] Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 1:11 am

† Aleja

The night was slowly approaching Crocus city and as it did, both Alejandro and their new partner in crime "Happy" had been leaving. Happy was an interesting creature, truly the ray of sunshine that Ale didn't realize they needed. The two were still becoming acquainted but they were getting familiar with each other fairly quick. Happy had already been protective of his friend and Alejandro had already decided that this creature would be their exceed. Happy was just their speed too; kind, easy-going, friendly, and overall fun to be around. "So if your family's from Stella, how did you guys end up in Fiore?" Happy asked. The two walked alongside each other through the outskirts of the City. The destination was one of the most beloved cities in all of Fiore; Magnolia.

"Well the Celdrua's, like all wood-elves, originated in Athalran, but hundreds of years ago they migrated to Stella from Fiore and built a life there. A big portion of my family's wealth was built in Stella. My grandfather just decided to bring the family back to Fiore and here we are. Our Stellan roots are still stronger than our Fiorian roots, though."

"Oooh. That's really cool. You're rich! I guess that means I found the best possible friend, huh? Hehe!" The conversation pursued for quite some time. Alejandro broke down their family background and the pressure that came along with it. Happy proved to be an excellent listener, asking more and more questions as they travelled. Alejandro, at some point during the conversation, realized that they had been ranting about themselves and still didn't know much about Happy. The city of Magnolia was within view, but that didn't mean the convo had to end. After all, Happy was probably not gonna leave their side. "I'd say so, hahaha! What about you, Haps? You've gotta be from like...some other world or some shit."

"Well..." Happy cleared his throat. "I'm from Extalia..." he began.

East Fiore

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