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Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫

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#1† Aleja 

Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫ Empty Sun Aug 21, 2022 7:45 pm

† Aleja


Name: Aleja "Alex/Lex" Celdrua
House: Celdrua
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Gold
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Pansexual
Ethnicity: Stellan | Savannan | Fiorian
Languages: Elvarin | Stellan | Savannan | Fiorian
Relationship: ???

- Honored: Crime Sorciere
- Rune Knight: Captain-Commander
- Celdrua Family: Heir (???) (Head Household)
- Class: High

Class: Hunter
Race: Wood-Elf

Rank: S-Rank
Guild: Paradise Dawn
Tattoo: Right Thigh
Relationship: -


Aleja is often seen as pretty easygoing on the surface, but has a side that forces others to keep their guard around them. It could be a mix of their extremely confident and seemingly care-free attitude, almost as if the world would never bring them harm. Most people find themselves oddly at ease around the young woman as she tends to be polite. She makes sure to excel at whatever it is she does, almost too easily. Aleja is far more astute than she lets on and is always a few steps ahead of her peers during conversations. As having been the heir of the Celdrua family at a point in time, she's had to step up in a number of ways and so she's no stranger to responsibility. While normally she tends to do her own thing, unable to be controlled or tames, she is still accustomed to the old ways and will use the proper honorifics.

Aleja does not particularly care to get along with everyone, though she finds that it is fairly easy for her to do so. She's kind, thoughtful, outspoken and passionate- but she does not consider herself "nice". Miss Celdrua tends to be nonchalant or unimpressed about men or other people who overcompensate or clearly try too hard, which makes her frustratingly different from their cousins and from the rest of the wealthy families who tend to stick around people like that. To put it bluntly, Lady Aleja could be described as a raging feminist. Unlike other wealthy folks and nobles, Aleja doesn't think she is "better" than anyone else, per se. Aleja can also be a hothead and sprawl into a rage when she is hurt or feels betrayed. Sometimes she can even be too impulsive and too passionate.

Miss Celdrua is a cunning strategist and is particularly skilled at mind games to throw their opponents off. It's her "We'll be alright" or otherwise confident attitude that throws opponents off and inspires the people she fights alongside. Even then, in the heat of the moment she is able to think quickly and move quickly, understanding the reality of virtually any situation that she's in. For her comrades Aleja is willing to make unspeakable sacrifices and can be depended on to make the hardest decisions or to do the most controversial things to end up victorious.



Her Older Sister: Aleja gave up on searching for her older sister... it's simply time to move on and accept the fact that she's long gone..or is she?

Wealth: Aleja was practically born in a golden bath. She was raised with what felt like a never-ending amount of money. She's learned from a very young age that money is the only thing that matters in this world. She loves expensive and shiny things, the latest jewelry, everything that would make someone turn to crime- except the difference is, Aleja isn't desperate for it. She would never sacrifice the life of an innocent person to expand her wealth. While she loves the finer things in life per se- she is only motivated by money because money can get her things.

The Lower Class: It may sound odd coming from someone who values money, hm? Understand that Aleja also understands that having a vast amount of money is both security and a necessity in this world. She is motivated to share and spread her wealth with those without the bootstraps to go out and get it themselves.

The Fountain of Youth: This motive is a fairly new one. After reading stories and doing research, Aleja is convinced that there is a fountain of youth that makes you truly immortal. This is especially important because Immortality is something Aleja strives for.

Family: Family means everything to Aleja, so much so that she goes to extreme lengths to protect them despite the fact that it feels like the family is falling apart. Although she's renounced her position as Heir, she continuously watches over the Celdrua Family as if her life depended on it.


Losing Wealth: Because they come from a rich family, she fears being poor and losing access to the finer things in life. It's a genuine phobia.

Growing Old: One of the perks of being a Wood-Elf is that you are practically ageless, however Aleja wants to be truly ageless. It's why she was reluctant to give up her vampiric "disease".

Destruction of Nature/Earth: As a wood-elf it is often instilled in you to protect and honor nature. Aleja is no different. What's particularly different is that she feels a pressing connection to nature that she cannot seem to shake, even as a vampire.

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#2† Aleja 

Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫ Empty Wed Aug 24, 2022 12:12 am

† Aleja


Magic Name: Kama, The Burning Arrow of Love

Magic Element: Nature | Fire

Magic Description: As the God of Love, Kama is known as a being who carries a sugarcane bow that can strike love onto the hearts of others, carrying themselves with a flirtatious, mischievous personality who accepts anything done to them as an expression of the other person's love. After being incinerated by Shiva for interrupting his meditation with their arrow of love, Kama lost their physical body and their Authority gained a flame-like attribute. The event left them scornful of other people's love affairs and reluctant to meddle in them, leaving them cynical, devilish when faced with lovestruck couples, to they point they recognize the love they can give as superior to all others. As an expression of their authority, Kama can appear as any gender and physical appearance, presenting themselves as the other person's ideal of beauty.

Drawback: The user becomes a hopelessly giving lover, determined to fulfil the other's innermost desires and ideals of true love, while believing nobody else could ever satisfy them as such. They gain some of Kama's scorn and sneer, believing people would be happier if people just accepted them as their lover instead of seeking it out themselves.










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† Aleja










Milo's Breastplate:




Ring of Seduction:

Hasgaia The Sillasa:



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† Aleja


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† Aleja


Manzo Mattori

@Manzo Mattori is an interesting man to say the least. He's the Ace of Blue Pegasus, the Woodland Dragon Slayer and an S-ranked mage. Him and Aleja met to discuss the future of Blue Pegasus in Eternal Nightmare while she was a Knight, but the two later went to the Bathhouse and hit it off immediately. She then learned that Manzo was inexperienced with women, though Aleja couldn't tell by the way things transpired. Manzo is extremely sweet and gentle when it comes to Lady Aleja and seemingly nonchalant to the rest of the world. Funny, charming, socially awkward, and strong... Aleja can't help but like him. Who knows where things are headed?

Relation: Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫ 1f498

Yuurei Starlight

Aleja first met @Yuurei on Luluhawa when she had just joined the Rune Knights. Crowds swarmed around the famous mage known to be the Leader of the North before she was forced to make them disperse. About a month later she ran into him on Luluhawa again and actually slapped him for what she believed was blatant disrespect. This time Aleja had become a Captain Commander and alongside Yuurei she discovered a new race (Ghouls...?). Aleja eventually promised him her loyalty, recognizing him as the King of the North and seeing opportunity for both her and her family. Yuurei's an interesting man, surprisingly laid-back, kind, and annoyingly charming. Although she doesn't exactly trust him yet, Aleja can at least tell that he has a good and honorable heart.

Relation:  Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫ 1f451 |  Aleja Celdrua | Sheet ♫ 1f49b


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