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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Kon the Conqueror)

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Dark Universe - Dark Universe Raiders (Kon the Conqueror) Empty Sat Aug 20, 2022 10:33 am


Kon the Conqueror


Race: Human
Class: Spellhowler
Magic: Chain Magic
Aura: Hierophant
Modification: Tanimoto's Kamui Eye
Enhancement: Homing, Invisible Magic Circles, Superior Spell Type: Offensive


Strength: 121
Speed: 121
Constitution: 251
Endurance: 251
Intelligence: 500
Mana: 9000
Mastery: Master (Fist)


Head: Death's Reaper
Body: Gruzmock's Chestguard
Weapon: Chains of Ezecrain
Necklace: Samwise's Necklace
Ring: Sokolov's Insignia (Duvall's Ring)
Relic: Magrerlun's Handcuffs
Cape: Nihlatak's Courpsemourn


Restriction: Kon the Conqueror may only be battled by a party that is not higher than X-rank.

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