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Trials Await: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes]

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#1Tsukishima Higurashi 

Trials Await: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes] Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 7:08 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
A few days had passed since Xerxes met the mysterious Leon Magamo and helped him out with his request. He was beginning to make a bit of a name for himself in Orchidia which would be a footnote in his eventual rise. On that morning, to his surprise, he discovered a letter addressed to him from Leon himself. The letter, much like his original meeting with Leon, was vague at best. He only asked that Xerxes meet him on the street where they first met. Intrigued by the request, Xerxes quickly gets dressed and heads towards the requested destination. Before long, he sees Leon and the boy standing near where he met them. “There he is!” Leon says as he greets Xerxes. Xerxes glances over at the boy, seeing him standing there of his own free will. “Surprised to see you here young one.” Xerxes says but the boy says nothing. “Don’t mind Yuka. He’s just upset that you caught him.” “So, Yuka is his name. Interesting. So, what is it that you needed me to do?” Leon chuckles and moves towards Yuka. He explains that he wants some help in toughing Yuka up some and wants him to gain some fighting experience. This resonated with Xerxes as it reminded him of the trials and tribulations he went through during his upbringing. The caveat, however, was that he needed to have Yuka fight someone without his help. Someone who wanted to seriously hurt Yuka and wouldn’t stop until one of them was unable to move. “Seems simple enough. You ready to go Yuka?” Xerxes replies as he gestures for the youth to follow him.

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#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

Trials Await: D-Rank [Solo] [Sharyar Xerxes] Empty Mon Aug 15, 2022 7:10 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
The two of them walk in relative silence as Xerxes surveys the area and attempts to find a suitable opponent for Yuka. After a few minutes of searching, Xerxes finds his target. “Him.” Xerxes says as he points to a man in the distance. A man who was obviously full of himself. A flashy dresser who was more concerned about his appearance than anything else. Though few, Xerxes had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with a few of those during his mercenary days in Desierto. They were always quick to resort to anger at the smallest of things which was the perfect opponent for Yuka. He hoped that it would be the same here as it was back home. “Follow me and get ready.” Xerxes says to Yuka quickly as he briskly jogs towards the man. “Hey, did you hear what he said to you?” Xerxes says as he lightly taps on the man’s shoulder. When the man turns towards Xerxes, he begins to spin his tale. “He joked about your clothes. Said that they were knock off designer clothing and that you were only wearing them in an attempt to find someone stupid enough to believe otherwise.” The man’s face turns bright red as he glares at Yuka. “You little piece of shit! How dare you say that to me?!” He yells as he pushes Yuka to the ground. Yuka, showing some resiliency, quickly hops back up to his feet and pushes the man but that only serves to piss him off even more. In a rage, the man pushes Yuka down to the ground and mounts him, raining down blow after blow to his face and body. Yuka blocks most of the shots but is unable to fully protect himself. Xerxes, growing impatient at the display, watches for a moment but decides to intervene as he sees the man reach for a knife in his back pocket. “Alright, that’s enough.” Xerxes whispers as he violently cracks the man over the back of the head with the blunt end of his staff. The man crumples over unconscious as Xerxes gently picks up the boy. “Such detestable behavior. Apologies you had to endure that for as long as you did.” Yuka nods and closes his eyes as Xerxes carries him back to Leon. Upon arriving, he briefs Leon of the events and listens to Leon giving him tips after he awakens, even inputting his own to help foster the boy’s progress. After receiving thanks and payment from Leon, Xerxes departs to see what else the city has to offer.

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