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HARGEON - Deface Property[Solo D Quest: Bad]

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HARGEON - Deface Property[Solo D Quest: Bad] Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 10:18 pm


Nana had not been in Hargeon very long- maybe a day or to, when she thought it might be best to earn a little reputation in the city. Of course that was a secondary or even tertiary objective. Taking a quest from locals would allow her to gather information about the power dynamics as well. She had found a convenient and easy enough quest to do. Apparently there was a man that was unhappy with someone he knew and wished to enact some kind of revenge. Nana giggled at the thought of what exactly they wished for revenge. She hid her wicked grin behind her mask and approached her target nonchalantly.

She found the man in a back alley, tossing an item in the air with his hand and then catching it- repeatedly. He seemed rather bored, or so Nana thought. Upon her approach, the two looked each other for a moment. "I'm here for your request. What is it you would like exactly?" Nana asked in a very pointed way.

Maxwell continued to eye the green haired girl for a moment. She wasn't someone he recognized from the local areas. "Well. I have someone who I'm not pleased with. They got on my bad side and I want to send them a message. Take this can of grafiti, go wreck their apartment and write this message on their wall. 'Take it to the Max'" He tossed her the can, which she caught casually and secretly sighed. Another petty crime for a wanna-be criminal.

Upon this man pointing to her target's residence, she would make her way there carefully but not drawing any unwanted attention. The client's target lived in an apartment by himself, that would make things quite easy indeed.

Upon reaching the apartment, Nana would find the most direct way to the man's apartment door. She turned the knob but felt resistance.. Of course it was locked. Any sane person would secure their belongings while they were gone. She would knock at first, just to be sure that he was really gone. With no reply, she would grab the handle again with a firm grasp and turn the handle against the resistance she felt. After a couple of seconds, there was a metal snap and the door handle fell to the floor with a thud.

Nana was stronger than she looked, a simple door was mere child's play for her. With the door now opened, she looked around once more before entering the apartment and inspecting the surrounding contents of the apartment. Despite being single and busy with work- this man had kept his apartment fairly clean. "I guess I'll have to help him rearrange." she would say, with a wicked smile hid behind her mask.

With a swift and unexpected kick to the shelves, she would knock over the man's books and trinkets. With a wave of her arms, she would remove all of his diches from their cabinets and shatter as they crashed to the floor. With her unsheathed daggers, she would sunder the man's couch, followed by slashing a large "x" through the man's mattress. She smashed his chairs and broke his table in half, and then half again. Lastly, she would thrash his bathroom, smashing his toilet and ripping the water lines out of the bathtub. "There. Not only can he not relax, but he can't use his bathroom or clean himself in the bathtub either." she would say triumphantly.

It was not always the big details that bothered people, but the collective cost of little details. Finally with his apartment in shambles, she would take the can of spray graffiti and write out the instructed message. 'Take it to the Max' was written on the immediate wall upon entering the house in big bold letters. There could be no chance of misunderstanding. She would return to Maxwel and give him his can back.
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