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Kai the Vagabond & Yuri the Damned

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#1Kai the Vagabond 

Kai the Vagabond & Yuri the Damned Empty Sun Jul 31, 2022 7:41 pm

Kai the Vagabond

"So the guild doesn't exist anymore, but the building still stands?" Kai asked.

"Symbolism is a powerful tool," Yuri replied.

"Okay, symbolism of what? The building is empty," Kai continued.

"It instills hope in people. Something they accomplished once can be accomplished again," Yuri said in a serious tone.

"And we're taking away that hope?" Kai was paying attention to Yuri, but he couldn't help himself to taste what this universe had to offer. As he licked his lips, he kept opening small portals throughout the street through which he let his hand slip to squeeze and grab some of that goodness of this universe. Firm, juicy, and delicious. No better way to describe the yakitori skewers that he had just stolen from the vendors and consumed.

"We show them that their end is inevitable. Look around you, Kai. What do you see?"

"Happy folks without a care in the world."

"Exactly. Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times," Yuri elaborated.

"Since their world is at peace, they have become weak?"

"Correct, and since we're constantly experiencing hard times, we have been forged into weapons for the purpose of our universe. If it was the other way around, they would have done the same." Yuri clarified.

"The rise and fall of empires!" Kai shouted.

"Yeah, but in our case it's worlds."

The two stood before the abandoned Empyrean Divine building that once graced the town with its presence but had now fallen into ruins.

"I'm saving my powers. It's all yours."

"Haha, in that case, don't mind me," Kai chuckled.

Kai clenched his fists and performed the forms of a martial arts style that he had picked up in Joya a long time ago before releasing a powerful move.

"Asura's One Thousand Hands of Destruction!"

Suddenly, Kai punched through a single portal right in front of him which was replicated multiple times all across the building. And as the form continued, each attack moved through a portal that opened up multiple times all. Despite splitting his damage, Kai kept attacking the building from all angles to leave nothing behind while continuing his forms. The speed at which Kai executed his forms along with the excellent mastery of his magic made it a fearsome sight to behold.

"They're here."

"Let's switch. You can tear down the building in one fell swoop, but in order for you to take care of them, you need to destroy the whole place. I can take them down without causing a mess." Kai chuckled.

"Let's switch."

Yuri created a magic seal beneath the old guild building and blew it up to smithereens while Kai started to perform his sword forms. With each stab and slash, countless portals opened throughout the streets. As Kai stabbed his katana forward, the portals opened in front of the guard's chests to grant them a quick death. And as Kai slashed his sword, the portals opened next to the guard's necks to grant them eternal sleep.



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