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BASKA - No stone unturned[Solo D Quest: Bad]

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BASKA - No stone unturned[Solo D Quest: Bad] Empty Sat Jul 30, 2022 9:05 am


It seemed that her previous work for a small faction called the Cold Colliers, was finally paying off. Once again it seemed that their leader needed a discreet and detail oriented person to follow his precise instructions. Of course details were not an issue for Nana- she was acute in her understanding and even subtle implications, all the while reding a book. The green haired girl was a bit curious though as to what the man, Mattoro wanted to ask of her however.

The previous time they had met for a quest, the miner leader had her plant and detonate explosives in a mineral rich mine. Of course his only real stipulation was to not kill the innocent miners working there at the time. Normally that would have been difficult, but circumstances had afforded Nana just a situation where she could comply with the soft-hearted man's wishes. Truly Nana wondered if this man was even capable of violence himself. 

Either way, she would make her way to a meeting spot and find one of Mattoro's men. He was to lead her to their boss. The two would travel just outside of Baska, to an abandoned warehouse. A convenient hideout for outlaws and rogues. Surely if this Mattoro could maintain an ilk of thieves and murderers, there must have been something about him that kept their respect for the man. Nana had no intention of reading too much into their power struggle, nor the politics behind their reasoning. She was just here to do a job and get paid easy jewels. "Well Mattoro. What is it you would have me do this time?" she would say in a nonchalant manner as her and the leaders' man entered their warehouse hideout.

He had several men around him and they seemed eager to show the pretty little lady a thing or two about disrespecting their boss. Nana didn't bat an eye though. She had the backing of her guild, the dark guild Eternal Nightmare. Not to mention, she was fairly certain she could deal with most of these men. Despite their ragged appearances, she could tell that most of them were actually simple miners. Granted a few of them had likely succumbed to crimes of various kinds due to the hardships they faced after being jobless from the mining fiasco.

Quiet and controlled as ever, the man Mattoro would begin his explanation- as he had nothing to prove to a dark guild, nor the men who desperately clung to him for any work. Nana suspected that half of them were simply there for vengeance however. "In four days time, the three leaders of the mining venture will assemble. They do this on a regular basis but we never seem to know where exactly. Their names are Kalaus, Giroud and Frankan. Those three men are in charge of the deaths of my crew. I want you to either identify the three men so you can accurately describe them, and or find out the location of where they will be meeting." he would say at length.

It seemed like a simple enough job for Nana, though admittedly there was very little int he way of detail to assist her in this goal. Luckily the three men would be visiting the town of Baska before their meeting. Their names was all she really needed. Four days was plenty of time. Nana nodded to Mattoro, "Expect me again in a couple of days or so." she would say and then exit his warehouse. She was aware of the eyes watching her, but none of them dared to bother her. The reputation of her guild alone, was enough to turn most men's blood cold.

For the first two days of her job, Nana would hang about the enrance to the city and listen to all the gossip. Women were always a great cource of information- no matter how small. With the sole objective of piecing information together, Nana determined the time and place of each man.

When each man appeared, she memorized every detail that she could. Their clothing, their facial hair, eye colors and even their specific traits: things such as their speech styles and their gait, no detail was too small. 

She tailed each man, coined their names to their faces and noted the various locations they liked to visit. Among those locations, the three only had one place in common. A large prominent building staffed with their own outside security. With all of Nana's findings, she felt that she had everything required to meet Mattoro's request. On the third day, she returned to the man in his abandoned warehouse. With a piece of paper, he would write down all of the information she had collected. Afterwards, he would use a magic device to recreate a likeness of each- just to determine by Nana's experience whether the information had been portrayed correctly or not. A few minor details corrected and Mattoro was pleased with Nana's job.
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