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BASKA - A NEW MINE[Solo D Quest: Bad]

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BASKA - A NEW MINE[Solo D Quest: Bad] Empty Tue Jul 26, 2022 9:21 pm


Nana was a bit confused about her current quest. She had been asked specifically from a client of the guild's. Perhaps they needed her abilities, or even someone inconspicuous for a job that the more renowned members of Eternal Nightmare couldn't do. In any case, Nana was prepared mentally and physically. Doing dirty work was nothing she hesitated, or even blinked at.

It wouldn't be until she had reached the destination on the note, that she began to understand. Of course she had previously disposed of the note to prevent evidence or leads for law-abiding citizens to follow. The path of dark guilds was not for the common person, or even the self-proclaimed hands of justice. Light guilds or Rune knights alike. No. In this world, there were only some responsibilities that could be upheld by those willing to bend the lines between good and evil. "Well, I'm here as requested." she said tentatively as she stepped near a shack with a singular man waiting.

She was cautious and alert in case it was a trap: but as the man began to explain the situation, things became very clear to the green haired woman. "Glad you are here. Take the explosives in this bag and enter the mine a mile down the road. I need you to plant the explosives at the four major junctions in the mines to prevent is from being used. The financers didn't pay my team when half of my team died." the man would explain, his face visible with barely controlled rage.

Nana watched him for a moment, trying to understand just how deeply this man would be willing to go in order for revenge. "Oh and don't kill the miners. They're just innocent people just like my crew was. The explosives in the bag are already prepped. All you need to do is plug in the red wires and a timer will start. Ten minutes should be plenty of time for you." he would say- offering an explanation of the bombs after-hand, which Nana found immensely useful. She was no bomb expert. She had her answers though- this man was fine with doing a petty crime for his own sense of justice. Personally, Nana felt that death required death... but this was her customer's wishes. She simply nodded and made her way towards the mine with her bag slung over her right shoulder.

Once she was close enough to the mine to see the miners, she waited for bout half an hour in hiding and watched the miners' patterns. She was looking for a loner, someone she could easily impersonate without suspicion. It took almost the full half hour before she spotted one leaving the mine. A short woman similar in build to Nana, but with brown hair. Easy enough. 

She would sneak up on the woman and wait until the woman's guard was down and was relaxing on her break. With her enormous strength, Nana gave the woman a swift and powerful bash to the back of the head with the pummel of one of her daggers. The woman crumpled instantly and fell to the ground on her face. Next, Nana found a mud hole nearby and grabbed a large handful of the brown mud. She mixed it into her hair until her green hair was muddy brown. She stripped the woman of her outer garments and left the woman half naked and unconscious in the break area above ground.

With her disguise complete, she slung her explosives over her shoulder again and made a straight line for the entrance of the mine. She ignored people and steered clear of groups to avoid suspicion. Without incident, she made it inside and walked around for awhile until she found the four major intersections. She would start with the farthest in and began to place the explosives. Around this time, there was a commotion outside of the mine- someone had found the unconscious woman and was calling for all of the workers to assemble to solve the mystery. A perfect and convenient method to prevent the workers from being harmed in the blast and collapse. 

Once the last explosive was place, she made her way to the entrance and stood among the crowd of spectators who were trying to get the story from the woman who had just regained consciousness. Nana would blend in and wait for the right opportunity to make her leave. Only moments afterward, the first explosion in the mine went off. It caused a chain reaction- both in the cave and out of the cave. Inside, the other three explosives went off with the ignition of the first. Outside, the explosion startled the miners and sent them into a panic. A run for cover or to get distance from the disaster. Nana took this opportunity to make her escape and disappeared into the chaotic crowd.
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