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Dark Universe

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Dark Universe


Would you believe me if I told you that there is a world out there similar to ours? Perhaps it can be better described as a shadow of ours. A place formed out of every fear and bad decision ever made or dreamt. A twisted and darkened world in which many are moved by vices rather than virtues. It is a world that shouldn't exist. And desperate as it fights to survive, it is doomed to rot apart, and die, because its existence is wrong at its core. Unless they can consume a world similar to theirs...

Dark Universe Invaders

With the need to consume the essence of another Earthland, the Dark Universe keeps creating rifts into our universe through which they send armies to invade us until we're completely wiped out. In order to make the work easier for these armies, powerful figures have been sent along with them to weaken us. Some may look similar to someone that you know, while others may look entirely different yet still be a Dark Universe counterpart of someone here.

Dark Universe Events

There are multiple events tied to the Dark Universe that will all be ongoing for a while till we manage to stop this threat. Or till we get annihilated and lose our world. But let's hope that doesn't happen.

♆ Dark Universe Incursions
The rifts must be sealed. In order to stop the rifts, you may participate in the Dark Universe Incursion event. In this event, you must form a party and defeat an invading army of no-named raiders after which the rift will close. Some rifts are larger than others resulting in more powerful enemies coming through them. Please make sure that you meet the requirements to form a party before you apply for a certain rift difficulty.

♆ Dark Universe Raiders
In addition to the rifts, the Dark Universe has also sent out a few very powerful individuals to weaken our universe. Please read the Rune Knight reports on these individuals in the Dark Universe Raiders event. It will share all gathered information on these raiders and the battle recommendation. Please make sure that you meet the requirements to form a party before you apply to battle a certain raider.

♆ Lost Pages of an Ancient Civilization
We found out that the breaching of worlds has been mentioned in a book written by an ancient civilization. Perhaps they found a method to stop a similar threat in their time. Unfortunately, the book is missing many pages which are now scattered throughout Fiore. In order to collect the information to complete the book, you may participate in Lost Pages of an Ancient Civilization event.

♆ Training Session
Our world is in danger. In order to properly prepare for the battles, it is recommended to enter them with enough spells at your disposal. Merchants care more about staying alive than profit, thus they're selling spell-learning scrolls at a 20% discount. This means that you may purchase your spells at a discount of 20% compared to the regular price when posting the review in the Training Session event.

♆ Word on the Street
Throughout the Dark Universe invasion, mentions will be made if any items can be found on Earthland. Normally, this information is kept secret by whoever stumbles upon it. Even if they can't acquire it themselves, they can sell the information to powerful groups. But now the information is being shared more freely. Sometimes the Word on the Street topic will mention a place where an item may be acquired and sometimes it places information for sale.

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