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Silk and Threads (D-Rank, Solo)

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Ashlynn approached the theater quietly, looking up at the building from the street. She took out the request form, scanning over it once more. She was very meticulous and always needed to triple check or even quadruple check things before she went through with anything. The job request was simple enough, not that there were many options for a fledgling mage. She had been in Hosenka for a short while now and needed to start earning income. More importantly than that though, this was her first major step into the proper world of wizardry. Although she wasn't with a guild she was now an officially registered mage and able to take on jobs accordingly. She took a breath, resolving herself for the social encounter to come. Opening the doors and making her way inside. As usual she gave the main a thorough but somewhat subtle look, noting mentally the exits, doors, windows and people or objects of interest. After her initial study of the room, she carefully approached the main desk and inquired about the job request.



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After being lead back to an employee only area, Ashlynn was left waiting for a few minutes as the client was being notified of her arrival. The manager of the theater, Yua entered and greeted Ashlynn. They took a moment to make each other acquaintances before delving into the matter at hand, the job request. Yua explained in more detail about the silk fabrics they used for the costumes and gave some insight into the Hosenka vendors. Ashlynn, a thorough and investigative type herself committed the details to memory and even took a few notes. Not wanting to take up any more of the manager's time than necessary, she had no further questions from the client. "I assure you that I will find the proper material as swiftly and as carefully as possible. I will be back soon." Giving a polite nodding bow to Yua before taking her leave. She made sure to have good manners, you never know if they will be a client in the future as well.



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Ashlynn began making her way across town, going to each specific vendor that was mentioned to her from the manager of the theater. This particular job seemed to be mostly a task of convenience, at it's core it was mostly running a basic errand for the theater staff who were presumably too busy to do it themselves. On the other hand, there was some challenge in both spotting counterfeit products and negotiating proper price for authentic products. Ashlynn, despite not being well versed in fabric, had an eye for detail. She could spot counterfeit or even just poorly constructed material rather easily. It was the latter issue that she struggled with. She always had an issue with haggling or bartering goods, because logically it made no sense to her for prices to differ for the same product and quantities. Rather than trying to negotiate properly, she mostly refused to purchase over priced goods and simply moved on to the next vendor. She did get all the material required for the theater but it took her far longer than it probably should have and left many vendors stumped when she walked away without negotiation.

She returned to the theater, silk fabrics in tow. The manager Yua and herself exchanged a few pleasantries, inspected the goods.. and received her pay accordingly. There didn't seem to be any fuss over the time it took to complete the job, since there wasn't any counterfeit product and she stayed in the budget. "I hope my services were satisfactory today and wish you success in your upcoming shows." She bowed politely and left quietly.

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