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Fuyu Ahorotoru's Sheet

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#1Fuyu Ahorotoru 

Fuyu Ahorotoru's Sheet Empty Sun Jul 10, 2022 9:11 pm

Fuyu Ahorotoru


Fuyu Ahorotoru's Sheet 609aeead81961788abddbf79ddbc8a00



Relationship: Single

Team: n/a



Weapon: Steel Spear

Head: ???

Body: ???

Ring: ???

Companion: ???


D-rank Spells:

C-rank Spells:

B-rank Spells:

A-rank Spells:

S-rank Spells:



Topics Completed:

Topics Ongoing:



D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:


"When I woke up today, I chose violence."

Fuyu Ahorotoru's Sheet 8e7d532c481f79afd74c4de13322875c

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