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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo]

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Sho sat up in his sleeping bag, as day broke upon Fiore. Sho upgraded from sleeping on Slim Jim to a padded sleeping bag near his companion. He did feel way more rested than the usual sleep on the grass while leaning on Slim Jim. He let out a big yawn and hopped up in his sleeping bag. He unzipped it from the inside and let it fall to the ground. He stepped out of the bag, it was rather cool in the morning. So a shiver crawled up his spine as he stretched. Sho looked around for a moment while wiping his eyes one at a time. Sho reached into his bag and grabbed out a toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, and some antibacterial soap. He walked over to the lake nearby. They had been using it as a means of showering and swimming. Sho bought his water to drink usually. He had a bunch of bottles by Slim Jim. He wasn’t too keen on drinking from the water he showered and bathed in.

It took a few minutes but Sho was ready for the day after brushing his teeth and washing. He got out a change of clothes, something for the summer weather. Shorts, a sleeveless shirt and some gym shoes. He figured he looked for some work in town, to get a jump on the day while it was still early. Sho headed into town and grabbed a breakfast sandwich from one of the local stalls and some coffee. He ate the sandwich in one hand while drinking the coffee in the other hand. Sho was in hog heaven at that very moment. He made his way over to the local request board. There were several jobs posted, one jumped out at him. It was a bright pink flier signed by Fernando. It was just a message saying ‘Come to the local boutique I have a job for you!’

Sho munched on his sandwich some more and took a big swig of his coffee to wash it down. He thought to himself while his mouth was full, ‘Seems interesting enough let's go check it out.’ He wandered over to the local boutique which wasn’t too far from the request board. Sho walked over to the place and finished up his sandwich. He tossed the wrapping paper in the trash and wiped his hand off on his shorts like a little kid. He began to drink more from his coffee before finishing it off and tossing it as well. He made his way inside, a bell ringing to notify him that someone was present. A rather flamboyant man came waltzing out of the back room. “Who dares enter my domain on this fine morning!”

“It is I Sho looking for some work, I saw your sign on the request board.”

“Did you now?” Fernando replied while looking Sho up and down. He walked around Sho while inspecting him very closely. “Shorts, sleeveless shirt, and some raggedy shoes. You need my help more than anyone I know.”

“Look I am not here for fashion tips I am here for work.”

“Oh my, direct aren’t we, fine then your no fun.”

Fernando walked towards the back, “Follow me.” Sho said nothing and followed the man into the back room where there were outfits, fabrics, sewing machines all sorts of fashion-related items. Fernando pulled up some fabric, “I need you to find fine fabrics like this, unlike the clothes you are wearing, here take this and go to the local stores and flea markets to find me the best of the best!” Fernando explained while handing Sho a large bag of jewels. “Please go wild and impress me with your tastes I will be back here getting the shop ready.”

Sho nodded and took the bag of jewels and headed out of the store and to the flea markets. Sho was very well versed in the shopping of Baska. He had been staying here the past few months and became well acquainted with the locals as well as the shopkeepers. Sho headed over to the flea market cause he knew that's where he could get the finest fabrics from traveling merchants. It didn’t take long for him to find a shop. A woman came out of the store as Sho was looking at the silk fabrics. “Oh you have a good eye there, that's premium silk.”

“I want more like this to bring me all sorts of colors and such fabrics that stand out to you.”

“You got the jewel for this kind of stuff?” She replied. Sho obliged by pulling out the large bag of jewels. “Trust me I got it covered.”

The lady bowed at the big spender, “By all means sir I will do as you please.”

She brought out all sorts of colors and fine fabrics she kept in the back. Various textures and smooth fabrics. Easy to mend and turn into fashionable attires. She folded them nicely and placed them in large bags. Four large bags full of fabric to be exact. “You better not cheat me or I will be back,” Sho said in a menacing tone while handing over the large bag of jewels. “Only the finest qualities.” She replied. Sho picked up the four bags and headed back to the boutique.

Sho waltz back in victorious, “Let me see please!” Fernando excitedly said while grabbing the bags from Sho. He grabbed out handfuls of the fabrics. “So soft, and vibrant, exactly what I was looking for.” He pulled out a smaller bag and handed it over to Sho. “That's all for today, make sure to come back I have more work for you.”

“Will do.”


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