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Talk it out [Solo]

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Sho found himself on the outskirts of the city wrestling with Slim Jim. Slim Jim his wyvern was in a playful mood so he figured he indulge the beast. Sho uses his strength to wrangle the beast with little to no effort. But despite his size, Slim Jim was very gentle with Sho so as not to hurt him or anything. Sho had Slim Jim in a headlock before the fun was cut short. A pigeon came flying overhead holding a letter, Sho knew what this meant. This meant there was work to be done. Sho let go of Slim Jim for a moment as the pigeon dropped the letter on the ground, but Slim Jim was still trying to play. “Wait a minute buddy!” Sho said in a cheerful tone while walking over to the letter. Slim Jim nudges him in the back to keep playing. “Sorry, buddy I got work I gotta do.” He said opening the letter and reading it. The first thing he noticed was who it was from. It was Gerald again, no doubt he had a possible lead on the Cold Collier gang. Sho read the letter very carefully, making sure to absorb every detail.

“It’s Gerald again, blah blah blah, got it.” Of course, Sho read it carefully he just verbalized how he felt about all of this. It would be easier to go to the source of the problem and dispatch them personally but clearly, the doctor wanted a more indirect approach. As long as he was making dough he couldn’t complain about the doctor’s methods. Considering it was the middle of the day it would be best to go now and not keep the doctor waiting. Sho gathered up his gear and headed into town leaving Slim Jim to his own devices. “I will be back boy stay out of trouble!” Sho yelled as he jogged into town.

Sho made his way to the doctor's office, there were no customers so the nurse let Sho in right away. Sho walked into the foyer to see the good doctor pacing back and forth. He was clearly frustrated about something and surely Sho was going to find out what exactly was in store for him. “Come follow me to my office,” Gerald said in a hurried tone. Sho wasted no time in following the doctor into the office. Sho closed the door behind him to make sure there was no one else listening in. No need for plans to get foiled before they even take off.

“They have gone too far this time!” Gerald yelled, he had somewhat lost his composure. “Calm down doc there is no need to yell someone might hear you besides me.” Gerald took a deep breath before continuing. “You know what your right it's just they have gone too far those Cold Colliers. No matter how angry they are it's not right. You need to do something about them. Here is the address.” Gerald explained before handing Sho a piece of paper with the address written on it. Sho wasn’t going to question how exactly the doctor got ahold of this but good intel was always welcomed. Especially if it was the hideout of Sho’s target. “Go talk to their boss, Mattoro get them to stop this madness before it gets any worse.”

“I got it doc just relax no bigge.” Sho said with a nonchalant tone before heading off. Sho looked at the paper he knew where this was. It was a back-alley location for the black market of Baska. No doubt it would be heavily guarded but he was merely going to talk. Hopefully, this wouldn’t escalate. Sho arrived at the location under the cover of night. People were in the black market but the gang hideout was secluded. There were two guards standing in front, both holding onto the handle of their swords tightly. One of them spoke up as Sho approached. “Don’t come to any closer state your name and business.” Sho put both of his hands up in a nonthreatening manner before speaking. “I am here to speak with Mattoro your boss.” The guards looked at each other before signaling for Sho to come closer. The guard patted Sho up and down and took his sword but didn’t take his helmet. “Follow me,” the second guard said while taking Sho through the front entrance. The guard led Sho to a rather big opening, almost colosseum-like arena. Mattoro was sitting on the second floor high up and surrounded by guards.

“Your Mattoro I take it?” Sho yelled, but there was no response. “Well, I am here to ask you to stop hurting the good people of Baska.” As Sho said that they began to laugh loudly in unison. They clearly weren’t going to listen to reason but Sho figured he tries anyways. “Please just listen I know you guys were hurt by the city of Baska but not everyone is so bad just give the people a chance to do right.” They continued laughing before Mattoro put a hand up causing silence to fall over the arena.

A snapping of his fingers signaled the men down below to come out. “I can’t let you leave here alive you know. You know where our base is and you have seen my face. The guards from outside were closing in as well. There was a total of six men. One of which has Sho’s weapon. Sho let out a deep sigh before placing his helmet on his head. “I rather it is like this anyways,” Sho said before putting his hands up and standing in a fighting stance. He looked around making sure he counted out how many he needed to deal with. Sho ran towards the man with his weapon. The man unsheathed his blade and ran at Sho. He came in with a horizontal slash that would split any person in two hits buy it. Sho was already running at the man, he stepped to the side and stomped on the blade as it hit the ground since it missed. He stomped hard on it to sink it into the ground before jumping up and kicking the man in the face with his other foot. The man fell backward onto the ground. Sho flexed his right hand causing the light saber to fly into his hand.

Sho caught the handle of the saber and flicked it to life causing a loud humming sound. The other guard came in from the left, Sho parried his incoming attack with his weapon before quickly slashing across the mid section of the guard. Blood did not shoot out as the heat from the weapon immediately cauterized the wound. The man fell backward to the ground in pain, as Sho did not go for a killing blow against him. Sho turned around facing the other four guards and took a deep breath.

The words left his mouth, “Fus Ro Dah!” loudly causing a loud booming to follow, blowing back all of the individuals standing before him. They all felt their bodies go limp as they were tossed onto the ground. Sho wasting no time with his weapon came running in quickly to dispatch the men that stood before him.

As they struggled to regain balance, Sho attacked the first man laying on the ground removing his weapon by cutting off his hand and holding it. The saber left a searing burn across the ground as screams were followed by this attack as the man was writhing in pain. Sho ran over to the next man trying to get up. With a running kick, Sho’s foot met with the man's lower chin causing him to lose consciousness almost immediately. The other three men scrambled to their feet, clearly wobbly from the initial blast. Sho wasted no time rushing in against these three. Matteo leaned forward in his chair, clearly entertained by Sho’s show of force against the odds. The first man standing in front tried a horizontal slash aimed at Sho’s midsection. Sho used his saber to knock the attack backward before kicking the man in the chest with a solid forward-moving boot. The man had all of the wind knocked out of him in an instant. Next came the second man trying to cut at Sho in a diagonal fashion. Sho found himself bringing his sword up while holding it horizontally to block the attack. Their blades met, locked in place. Sho forced the man back with all of his might. Sho jerked his sword upward, causing the man to lose balance, and with an uppercut, Sho knocked the man clear into the air before landing back on the ground. The last man stood there motionless. He didn’t know what to do. He just saw five of his friends get put down with minor effort. Sho took a step forward, and the man jumped backward before looking up at Mattoro.

Clearly, Mattoro was scarier than Sho because the man swallowed his fear and ran back in yelling with a sword overhead. He tried to come down with an overhead slash. Sho just stood there with his weapon moving upward to meet the attacker's sword. Sho held the man in the palace before taking his free left hand and popping him in Adam's apple with a fist. The man fell over choking on nothingness for a moment. He tried to gasp for air as he fell to his knees. Sho just left him there before turning around and running out the back entrance. He made his escape and headed back to the doctor's office. Sho made in, out of breath, and headed into the doctor's office where he would explain what happened. “I asked for Mattoro, his men attacked me so I dealt with them and escaped.”

Gerald let out a sigh before pulling out a large bag of jewels and setting it in front of him. “This is all yours for making it out alive.” Sho took the bag of jewels while counting it. “Alright looks all here I’m out. You know where to find me.”

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