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Polluted Waters [Solo]

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Sho was off basking in the sun before a carrier dove came by with a message, dropping it in his lap. Slim jim was sunbathing in the nice weather. Sho opened the letter, reading it thoroughly. The note was from Doctor Gerald. The issue was that he didn’t want to meet Sho in the usual spot. But he wanted to meet in an alleyway not too far from his office. Sho hopped up from his usual spot and left Slim Jim behind to meet up with the good doctor. It wasn’t long before he made it into town. Sho tried his best to be inconspicuous, he was becoming known through his good deeds. Just going around trying to be natural is becoming harder and harder to do. It did come with some perks being somewhat famous. He fought his way through the crowd before he noticed someone standing in the alleyway. It was hard to tell who it was because the alleyway sat shrouded in darkness. “Hello?” He said calmly while approaching. The figure turned around and walked forward out of the darkness.

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It was Gerald, he motioned for Sho to come closer into the darkness. Sho said nothing and proceeded deeper into the darkness. Gerald was wearing civilian clothes with a big hat to cover his face. As well as some sunglasses to hide his eyes. “Come come, we have much to discuss.” Sho nodded and they both sat in complete darkness for a moment. “Why do we have to hide in here couldn’t we have done this in your office Ger..” Before Sho could finish his sentence, Gerald placed his finger over his mouth causing Sho to stop talking before he could say his name. “Please let me explain why you are here.” Gerald let out a sigh before speaking. “I called you here today because of a certain gang that has been quite active as of late. The Cold Collier’s Gang, they have been around for quite some time. I have been quite suspicious of them since that incident. I won’t go into detail but a lot of men died chasing some promise of jewels. They are harboring some hatred toward the city. Never thought they would do something like this but I need you to do me a favor. The violent plague isn’t just something new or a resurfacing plague from days of old. This was brought on by a certain party I am sure of it. But I need you to confirm this first. Go into the hidden water source located deep in a cave on the outskirts of town. That is where you will find our drinking water.”

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Sho jumped in and interrupted eagerly, “You want me to beat them up and make them confess? That’s easy…” Gerald chuckled at the idea, “No this is purely a reconnaissance, I just need you to confirm my accusations. Head north from here and follow the pathway it should lead you straight to the water source.” Sho let out a sigh, “Fine, sneak mission it is then. Sho replied before getting ready to take his leave. “Be safe out there Sho no telling what could happen if they get found out, do not get caught please, and make sure to report to me when the deed is done. I will be waiting in my office.” With that Gerald made sure to leave first, pulling his hat down to cover his face before heading off back to his office calmly. Sho waited a few minutes before leaving the alleyway shortly after. Sho made his way through the crowd and out of the city. Sho made sure to stop back by to make sure Slim Jim was okay. Sho was going to wait till nightfall to travel to the cave.

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Sho spent the majority of the day napping so he could be wide awake for the stakeout mission he was tasked with. Sho woke up when it was later in the day and night was falling on Baska. Sho made his way north as requested. He made it to a dirt path where he would follow the path very calmly. He didn’t rush as he didn’t want to come off as suspicious as he made his way to the cave where he would begin the mission. As he made it to the cave the opening was quite large. There was no sign of anyone present so he had to wait a bit before anyone would show up. Making his way into the cave, Sho noticed markings and man-made lanterns lining the cave. They were already lit lighting the way. Clearly, people came through this cave on the regular. Sho noticed markings along the wall, cave paintings, and ornaments all over the place. Sho made his way through the cave before setting his eyes on the water source. There were several places to hide and peek in on any evil-doers.

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Sho found himself sitting behind a bunch of rocks located on the opposite side of the watering hole. He sat down behind the rocks waiting for someone to come in. It took some time, thankfully he waited till nightfall to get here before they did. About two hours passed of Sho waited patiently before someone entered the entryway. Sho ducked back down to not be seen. He couldn’t really make out what they were saying outside of the gang name. It was the one that Gerald had told him about. Two men were present, it was hard to make out what they looked like through the dimly lit area. They were dumping something into the water supply. ‘Looks like the doctor's suspicions were correct.’ He waited to see what else they would do, Sho wanted to confront them but that would go against the mission parameters. Sho said nothing and waited for the two to take their leave. It wasn’t long before the two left as quickly as they came. Sho waited till they were completely out of sight to make his move.

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Sho left the cave quickly and ran out to the city to meet the doctor in his office. Sho snuck through the darkness of the city to get to the doctor's office. He knocked on the door someone opened it, it was Gerald he had been waiting for some time. “Quickly come in.” Sho hurried inside and followed the doctor into his office where they could speak. “You were right, they were poisoning the water hole. We gotta put a stop to it quickly before more people get sick.” Gerald nodded, “I have a cure, but we need to stop it at its source,” Gerald spoke calmly. Gerald brought out a large bag of jewels before placing it on the table. “Your reward,” Gerald said pushing the bag of jewels across the desk to Sho. Sho quickly grabbed the bag and began to climb out the back window. “Let's keep this between us, I will contact you soon,” Gerald said quietly. Sho nodded quickly before leaping out of the back window.

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