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Target Practice. (private)

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Target Practice. (private) Empty Wed Jun 29, 2022 5:58 pm

Vex hurries into the forest with her two right hand cultists, she is gonna have them help her train with her bow and dagger to learn to defend herself with them, because much of the time she has been in this country she has been relying on them to protect her or help her out of jams that she has gotten herself into. She knows that she needs to start standing on her own so she can prove that her mission here isn't gonna be held back by her and that she will be able to step up to the plate finishing her own misses and being able to clean them up when she is in need to do so.

They start setting up targets, and rigging up ones that move as well as dummies for the dagger training so that she can at some point during her time in the forest do a gauntlet run off it starting at the set up targets moving to the moving ones then ending at the dummies.


Target Practice. (private) Empty Sun Jul 24, 2022 1:37 pm

She starts training with the new gear that she has and it seems like she just can't miss and this was a good work out for her as she runs and fires and flips and fires her shots and she has to keep going and not slowing down for the time being that she can as she is gonna need to work up a sweat and not fall behind the timing off her shots in her flips and her landings so she doesn't end up eating dirt as she tries to do what she can do to make it all count in the end she needs to make every last second count to make sure that she can do this.

It is not only her rep that is on the line here it is also her cults rep that is on the line and she needs to make sure that she can keep the cults name in tact and she needs to make a decent show.

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