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Pirates [A rank NQ]

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Toma was on a small little boat that had been liberated from the port. With the sail having caught wind he simply sat back and allowed mother nature to do most of the work. Apparently, pirates were causing trouble in the area. As such he was here to take them out but he had ulterior motives as well. With all of their recent victories over the local area meant more spoils for him to take. It would be two payments at once, especially with a silver tongue such as his. The entire time his foot repeatedly beat the floorboards in anticipation.  

That was when his eyes perked peaking at something fast coming out of his peripheral vision. It was dark so he had some cover at a large distance for the most part. But enough light from the moon to still see the large ship. Shifting up from his comfy position he started to reach for his gear.



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Taking off his hoodie Toma grabbed his medium armor the Beakcoat. Slipping his arms through he fastened it around his body. He shrugged his arms about and made sure it wasn't stiff. Throwing his hoodie back on over the armor he grabbed the Beakface but kept it in his hand. Seeing as the ship was on a direct course for his small boat he made the decision to crouch and hide. But not before cutting the rope holding up the sail. It would drop as he caught it out of the air.

Toma casually draped himself underneath before crouching in between the seats. He would then dawn the Beakface making sure it was on straight to his face. He blinked a few times as the enchantments started to kick in from his new equipment. The mask he wore allowed him to see heat signatures making it incredibly useful for this job.



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Toma hidden under the folds of the sail silently waited for the ship to pass as he peeked through. Taking a few blinks his eyes adjusted to the mask as well as being granted an incredible hearing. He could hear even up to 50m clearly. As such he started to pick up the sound of breathing. He could pick up the heat signature of a single person on the deck it had seemed to lean over the edge and was looking out at sea.

Toma slowly removed the sail from over him and washed his hand over the side of the ship. Feeling grooves underneath his fingertips he could tell it was enough for him to climb. He was sure to be as quiet as he could. He took three heavy breaths before dispelling all the air in his lungs. CLenching the side of the ship he started his ascent up the ship.



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Every few feet he was getting closer to the man above. It was weird he thought however considering he could only see the heat of those using invisibility. Was this the only invisible enemy or was there a spell masking them from the outside to appear as a ghost ship. The beakface was tinted naturally so he knew he wasn't crazy. "Oi Oi I'm taking a break for the jamming.!" A voice had rung out from the top deck. The man above Toma had turned his head to the sound of it before seemingly nodding. Now a regular person was before him

It had seemed that these pirates would use tactics. Of course, that would be troublesome, especially if not prepared for it. He was only a few feet underneath the leaning man hearing the sound of a door close. Toma rested simply hanging as he focused on listening to his surroundings. For the breaths and movements of any more enemies on board.



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Toma kept focused on the target above to keep his element of surprise. His hearing allowed him to reveal the location of 3 more targets on board. One on each perimeter of the ship it revealed. Toma now at the ledge would snap himself up. A flying knee to the jaw of the man knocked him back. Toma then kicked off the edge of the boat and landed on top of the man strangling him with his knee on his throat. He dug his knee into his throat to make sure he couldn't move from the pain and slowly lost his breath.

His eyes darted from left to right checking the location of the other enemies. No one had noticed so he started to search the body. He wasn't capable with any weapon except in theory. But a dagger or a short sword would do he could just run and stab. The perfect weapon of choice for silent killing. Plus more surefire way than snapping the neck.



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No weapon on this body so Toma sighed and kept it pushing using his hearing to look for the others. Looking to his left that was the closest pirate and his next prey. Slowly crouching staying low to the ground he was thankful that that cloak granted half-soundless steps as well. For the splashing of the waves did well to also cover his movements. But sadly despite this the pirate had turned on his own accord before spotting Toma moving towards his position. "Intruder!" As he screamed out Toma ran forward and elbowed him in the throat and shoulder charging him to the ground. Stomping on his neck to end his life he jumped effortlessly 5m in to the air to land up higher on the deck. The other members ran to his previous location and scampered having seen the two dead bodies. Toma sighed scanning from above as they left to get the others.



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Toma was hesitant while upside the deck but couldn't risk moving right now as more and more numbers started to fill the area. He counted at least 12 more bodies and he still was unaware of their overall skill numbers. Especially since one of them was capable of invisibility spells and cloaking. And luckily he saw the 13th person as their heat signature popped up in his vision. Their body was facing away from Toma climbing up the mast of the ship. Most likely to get an aerial view and spot for everyone else.

Regardless Toma decided to take him out going into a push up position. Kicking his feet in her ran forward a few steps before effortlessly flying 5m through the air. Toma used his legs to wrap around their neck while grabbing on to the ladder of the mast. He clenched tight locking his legs and crushing their neck with his legs as they struggled to claw at his legs.



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The struggle was futile and the man fell limp as the magic wore off. Now his regular body had returned to light as Toma let go and let him fall to the ground. He let his hand go and made a claw with his right hand. A yellow magic circle appeared as he swiped down at the mast releasing a 2m arc of lightning which could slash through the wood. Swinging around Toma rode the mast as it fell and crash alerting the entire ship.

Before the mast would make contact and fall through the deck Toma had safely jumped off and his foot landed on a nearby pirate. Luckily his head was mashed in as he stepped out of the puddle of blood scanning around for who was left. 5 pirates since the rest got crushed and were now surrounding him. Toma calmly watched as they hesitated to rush him.



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Toma made the first move with a hop-forward and cocking his leg. But none of them took his bait, and they all jumped back. Close the distance suddenly and explosively. Pressing off the deck, the wood underneath his foot broke from the sudden exertion of force. Toma glided through the air swiftly and truly, planting his foot in the gut of the pirate in front of him. Using him as a foothold. Toma jumped off his back foot and followed his initial kick with a spinning back kick to the head. Taken out, the others rushed him from behind. They stabbed at his torso, prompting him to go for a strong sweep as he committed fully.

Whipping out his legs, he knocked all of them over before rolling away and popping up. On his feet, Toma ran across the deck to try and move them around. They give in to the chase and bit the trap. Toma reached to grab the collar of the closet pirate. Pulling his shirt and spinning him around. He tossed him at the others with a heave before rushing in and striking everyone he could. A flurry and whirlwind of combinations as he finished off the last few pirates before the wood underneath him burst. He could not react to being grabbed and was yanked underneath the floorboard. He gasped and covered his face before crashing onto the floor below. A large pot-belly pirate loomed over him and started to laugh.

Toma clicked his teeth with a few scratches over his face and hands. The pirate was beginning to speak, but Toma attacked. Without a moment's hesitation, he put his entire body into kicking in the man's kneecap, inverting it as he screamed from the sudden attack. He specialized in quick, precise attacks meant to kill or cripple. Quickly mounting him by sitting on his upper chest, the man wouldn't be able to move as Toma beat him to death. Strike after strike after strike until blood was all that was left. He finally stopped when he calmed down and realized his emotions were high. But he took a deep breath and shook the blood off. Looking around at where he had fallen down to it looked to be the treasure room.

After about 10 minutes, Toma was able to relocate all of the treasure to a secondary boat docked down below. He took enough to where he'd received his intended pay and took all of the stolen money as well. Toma sailed off into the dark night under its protection. Another successful job was done right.

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