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As the Night [ Travel West to South]

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   As the Night   [ Travel West to South] Empty Tue Jun 21, 2022 10:43 am


Toma collected his things from the dusty cabin. Bandages wrapped his body he put on his clothes, wincing slightly from the sudden jolts of pain. Walking up to his mount he ruffled his fur to wake him. "Let's go boy we have to take our leave." Ryko slowly opened his eyes and slowly rose to his feet. A sneeze and a shake to stir him completely awake. Toma peeked out the old rinky-dink cabin as the moon had enough light for them to see. Signaling to his tempest wolf to walk out Toma turned around and held his fingertips slightly apart. A few sparks as he held it close to the grass. A few seconds of running his lightning and fire caught. Soon the flames would span as Toma turned and ran.

Jumping onto the back of Ryko the massive wolf took off kicking up dirt in his wake. Leaning forward Toma leaned into his companion's neck as he began to pick up speed and dart through the forest. Smoke and fumes left behind as all evidence would be burnt and turned to ash. Their destination was towards the south as his work in the area needed to die down. Off to the sea they were.


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