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Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training]

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#1Ren Aikawa 

Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:09 am

Ren Aikawa
The wind blew and rustled the trees. The warm rays of the sun washed over the land. It was early in the morning and Ren walked in the thick forest of Worth Woodsea. After what occurred in Orichidia with the giant rats, Ren realised that he might need a bit more training. He remembered how much he struggled using his raw strength and skills alone to beat the giant rats. Only when he utilised his inherent magical prowess was he able to swifly take out the giant rats. But he knew his magic was quite weak than what he had witnessed throughout his lifetime. He wondered how strong he could become once he had the proper training. This was the reason Ren was in the thick forest of Worth Woodsea. To train his magical abilities and learn a thing or two about it. Ren also seem to be able to channel his magic better with his katana by his side. So he brought it along as well for the training.

WC: 170

#2Ren Aikawa 

Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:09 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren walked until he found a clearing wide enough for him to train in. He stood at the center of the clearing, and looked up at the blue open sky. The wind blew once more, rustling the trees and combing through his hair. He unsheathed his katana, grabbing its hilt with his two hands like he always did. Ren then did his usual training routine, the one thought by his father, the Aikawa sword technique. His legs bent and moved in a firm manner, his back straight and arms moved in an orderly yet flowing motion. Right leg moved to the front as he striked the katana down, then the left leg with a horizontal swing of the katana. His right leg then spun around him, bringing his body around as well and builds the momentum, striking diagonally to his front with a greater force than his previous swings. Once he landed this move, he retracted his legs, keeping them closed, the left leg at the back and pointed outwards, while the other leg pointed forward. His arms brought his katana up to the level of his chest, with the blade pointing upward. This was what his father thought him as the ‘In no Kamae’ stance. Standing firm and holding the ground. As he did this stance, he could feel the wind flutter around, blowing the leaves around him. Perhaps there was something more to the moves his father had thought him.

WC: 242
T WC: 412

#3Ren Aikawa 

Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:10 am

Ren Aikawa
So he did the same moves again and again, with each ending in the In no Kamae stance. He was lost in the flow, but something was beginning to build up around him, an aura of some kind that are carried by the wind. Then it finally kicked. When Ren ended the sequence in the In no Kamae stance, a white magic circle appeared beneath him and shined, summoning a gust of winds to encircle Ren, singing its tune as it did. Ren held his position as he watched in awe. It seemed that the winds sticked and encircled around Ren as if it was part of him now, and he somehow felt a bit more resilient. Like he could take more hits than he could before. He smiled in excitement as he wondered what else he could unlock with his newfound magical ability. What other parts of him could he further enhance with the help of the winds.

WC: 159
T WC: 571

#4Ren Aikawa 

Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:10 am

Ren Aikawa
Ren then began experimenting with the other moves and stances that were passed down to him throughout the Aikawa lineage. Ren wanted to try the most aggressive of the moves, again he bent his knees and his amrs and shoulders were in its firm form as it held unto the katana. He slid his right leg forward first as his arms moved to slash the air with his katana in a diagonal slash that leans towards the left, then right afterwards he slid his left leg forward while bringing his katana up towards the left side of his body before bringing it down in yet another diagonal slash that leans toward the right. Then again, right after this move ended Ren jumped up in the air while attempted to turn his body, this was the hardest and most aggressive move of the Aikawa clan, and mastering this jump is what made it so hard.

WC: 154
T WC: 725

#5Ren Aikawa 

Awakening of The Kaedehara [Training] Empty Sat Jun 18, 2022 1:11 am

Ren Aikawa
But Ren managed to spin completely in the air striking the space around him with his katana as he spun, landing with his right leg in font and left lag back, his arms arched to the left of his back. Then he brought his body up while moving his right leg back and bringing his arms up with the katana, his body turned a little bit to the side. This was what were called the ‘Jodan no Kamae’ stance. He was thought that this stance was the most effective when being on the offensive side, being able to strike down on the enemies with full force. Then it occured again, the winds deemed the move mighty enough and Ren unconsciously channeled his mana that a white magic circle appared yet under him. The gust of winds encircles him again and strengthening him. He could feel his physical prowess grew as the winds gathered around him. He wanted to test it, so he lunged towards a nearby large stone, and released a slash of his blade at it. With that one strike the stone were severed completely in half. Ren grinned in excitement and joy. With this newfound power, he could reach even greater heights than where he was then.


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