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Era - To Kick a Starving Dog

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Era - To Kick a Starving Dog Empty Sun Jun 05, 2022 4:45 am

Quest: To Kick a Starving Dog

Rank: D

Type: Bad


Barry Blowhard: Barry must be good because he is the Law, right? Wanting to remove 'filth' from the street, and willing to hire anyone to do it. His hand is always on his weapon, and he is constantly attempting to arrest others for crimes they may not necessarily have committed.

Summary: Often the rune knights employ light mages to help them solve crimes, and catch criminals. However, even in the heart of Era, corruption spreads. Men and women who have only becomes knights at the suggestion of their noble parents, who aren't used to the real world at all. They will blow things out of proportion, and hire anyone available to solve even the smallest of 'crimes'. Crimes, in this case, such as being poor.

An Unfortunate Soul: Not much is known about this criminal scum other than what needs to be known, that they are breaking the law. They must be a criminal because the law has been broken. Don’t ask questions. Follow your orders.

Objective: Enforce the Rune Knight's order and remove the child from the market, with extreme force.

  • Create a topic in Era.
  • Arrive at the market where Barry will be crying and waving his weapon around him scaring the civilians in the area.
  • He will inform you to violently and immediately deal with a criminal as he fears too much for his life to do so.
  • If you attempt to gently escort the child out, Barry will rush up and attack the child mercilessly as he asked you to do so.
  • Once the child is removed from his sight, receive your reward from Barry for helping him against such a dire threat.

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