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We All Scream For Ice Cream [AVA]

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It was a normal day in the town of hargeon. So normal in fact that Manzo found himself walking toward the guild hall, meaning he had about as much to do as a cicada buried in the ground. Which is to say, well, there was nothing going on. A long round about way of saying it. But he was known for his drawn out analogies.

Though it did dawn on him, that he was supposed to meet with a new recruit at the guild hall. Since he was the official ace of the guild of course. Though now that he thought about it. It was hours ago that he was supposed to be here. Time sure did fly when there was nothing to do. Or in his case, when he got lost on his walks, which is where he tended to expunge his mind of all thought entirely.

Though now he could only assume that new recruit had decided to not wait it out to see if he would show up. Making an awful first impression on this person was not his intention. Though it seemed that he had done so anyway. Maybe they would be forgiving, or maybe not. Nothing he couldn't sort out later over a stiff drink, if they were of that age.

As he opened the door to the guild hall he could be seen in a black yukata adorned with cherry blossoms down the side and his customary sandals. Not one to be seen in too much of anything else these days to perfectly frank of the matter. He found that the older he got, the more he cared about comfort over looks. Which was something he thought most people would respect in the long run.

As he crossed the thresh hold of the hall he looked around to see if who he was here for, still remained in the area. A long shot, but one could hope for sure.

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Ava still wasn’t a ‘staple’ within the guild. She liked to think she had enough uniqueness to her that she stood out among the ‘background characters’ of a guild this large, but she wasn’t part of the ‘family’ so to speak. Even after some years being here she was still only an F rank mage thanks to the level of her talents, but she was trying to raise through the ranks where she could. Of course, there was only so much she could do without backup, so… maybe she may as well try and dive in and get along with her fellow guildmates?

As such, she’d taken up some open offer to hang out from one of the higher ranking guildmates. Sure she could keep hanging out with the boss and her wife and try and rise through the ranks that way but… eh. They were nice but she definitely needed to branch out and not feel like she was just kissing the boss’ ass or any crap like that. Though, in waiting for this fella to show up, she had to say she’d been waiting quite a while.

Lounging back on some of the guild furniture, she’d actually begun reading the articles of one of these trashy mags the more beauty-focused guild kept around, quirking her brow as she read an article on the boss herself that was in such tiny text next to a blown up image of her in a bikini she wondered why theye even bothered pretending to have an article at the end of the day.

With the sound of the doors parting, she closed the magazine and rose to sit up, stretching her arms over her head and giving the lad a curious look. “ ‘Bout time, you-“ She began to rise, but stopped mid step. “…. You… wearing that as a fashion statement or somethin’?”


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His quiet thought seemingly out of nowhere was disturbed by a young woman in the guild hall. Could be the one who he was scheduled to meet today. He was a bit surprised to see her still here, wasn't sure if it was a nice surprise or not, he didn't know if she'd be very forgiving of his tardiness.

She would begin to speak in his direction, but it would seem she was distracted by something. Which made little to no sense to him. "I'm not sure what you're talking about." He said as he looked down upon her from his standing position. It was true though, he had no idea what she was saying. Or what a fashion statement was. This things were all a mystery to him.

But that would have to be to a thought for later. Much later, he seemed to need to snap this one back to reality. "Are you alright miss, you seem distracted?" He said as he waved his hand in front of her face to trying to snap her back to life.

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“W-hey!” She waved a hand across the path of his own to idly smack it away, her brow a little furrowed. She hadn’t been so out of it she needed the cartoonish wave infront of the face now. Come on there. “I’m commenting on your dress sense. It’s a little…” She sighed and shook her head. “Whatever. This is blue Pegasus. Unique dress styles are a dime a dozen I guess.” She let out a mild sigh and rose fully to her feet, stretching out her back and winding back her arms since she’d been stuck on that couch waiting for quite some time.

“Still, ‘bout time you showed. I mean, I assume you’re the guy I was waiting on?” She asked curiously, making sure they were indeed on the same page here. “Some offer to go out for…” She sighed as she remembered how this meeting occurred. “Ice cream…?” It sounded kinda pathetic when she said it aloud like that, but it was the case and, ultimately, it was just a stepping stone to getting to know more of her guildmates, so it’d be rude to complain right? “


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As she smacked his hand away, he showed very little emotion toward the action. At least she was still mentally on this planet. Though he still wasn't entirely sure as to what she meant by his state of dress. She was honestly the only person to actually comment on it, so he didn't find anything odd about it at all.

"Ah yes, I am the one you're supposed to meet with. Unless you didn't have a meeting with the Ace, in which case I apologize for disturbing you." He said softly as he reached inside his Yukata and pulled out a soft pack of cigarettes. Putting one his mouth and snapping his fingers to light it. He took a long drag off of it and exhaled all the smoke from his nostrils while he waited for her to finish her stretches.

"If Ice cream isn't really your speed, I do own a ramen shop not too far from here. I don't mind preparing you something there." He said as he took another drag from his cigarette, waiting for her to respond.

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This guy was… stiff wasn’t the right word. Dull rang a bit better but it wasn’t right by the dictionary sense and he wasn’t like, boring dull, more… muted? Was that the right word? Like everything about him seemed so toned down and laid back. She heard him mention being ‘the Ace’ and her brow quirked, resting her thumbs into the edge of her outfit’s belt as she took that in. “Ace? That some sorta rank in the guild or summit’?” Seemed like the kind of term you’d give the hot shot in the guild, but he seemed a little too quiet for that, and Alisa didn’t seem the type to slack off and let someone pull ahead of them, but that was just Ava’s vibe on the lass. Could be wrong afterall…

“Nah nah Ice cream’s fine. Or Ramen, whatever floats your boat. I kinda just need to get to know the other guildmates better so, ya know. Ace or whatever, I don’t really mind, I’m just lookin’ to get to know some faces. On that note-“ She offered her hand across, flicking her head back a little to get the blonde strips of lockes out of her face. “Ava. Pleasures all yours o’course.~”


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"I am Alisa's right hand, in simpler terms. I have been Blue Pegasus' Ace for about four years now." Manzo said as he turned his back to Ava and began to make his way toward the door. A title was a title, after all. Though he was a dog of war with Alisa, many times over. Hence the name she gave him, he didn't expect someone like Ava to care about old war stories.

Manzo did not return her hand with his own, handshakes were awkward in his mind. So as she gave her name, he returned in kind. "Mattori Manzo." He said as he paused for a second, but upon finishing his introduction he kept going toward the door. His cigarette still in his mouth.

It had been some time since he had dealt with someone of her ilk. But he could see why the mistress would allow her within the ranks. There was a spark there, something that needed oil poured on it. Perhaps in time she could surpass him, take that title from him. All things were possible in this world of magic.

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“Right hand?” She repeated in question, her brow quirked as she considered that. He definitely didn’t exude the same air as other blue Pegasus members she’d seen so far, as few as they were. Maybe this was just how the male members held themselves or something, she couldn’t judge on first glance, but it did ultimately leave her a little uncertain all of a sudden. Just who was she dealing with if he had the capacity to be Alisa’s right hand? Hmm…

She tried not to question it too far and took the introduction. “You prefer the full name or something like Matt or Manz?” She asked, genuine, trying to be as polite as she could be, but also so she’d know not to reflexively go for a shorter name or anything if he was uncomfortable with it.

“And what are we going with, am I preparing my palette for sweet or savory?~” She asked, a bit of cheekiness in her tone as she questioned his plan at the end of the day. Would be nice to know what they were settling on here.


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The nicknames did not offend him, though he wasn't a fan of nicknames. Only one person within the guild had ever really referred to him by a nickname. That would be Sofia, and it was more of a pet name than anything else. Not to say he wouldn't welcome the addition to the list of people who gave him a nickname, though her choices were less than desirable to say the least.

"Sofia refers to me as Manzy, and Alisa calls me Hitokiri." He said as he continued his stroll down the street toward their first destination. Which would be an ice cream stand. He did after all promise ice cream to this young woman, if she wanted something afterwards he would be more than happy to oblige her.

"Our first stop is going to be the ice cream stand, if you find yourself still in need afterwards, we can head to my shop for dinner." He said as he put his cigarette back in his mouth.

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As he gave her question a half answer, she faintly rolled her eyes and nudged him with her elbow. "I'm not asking what people call you, I'm asking what you prefer to be called. You want a nickname? I'll give ya one, but I'm asking what you WANT." She emphasized, trying to make sure his lax nature didn't just worm it's way out of this with another half answer.

She gave a light nod along as he emphasized that she'd be getting ice cream with him, and maybe something more if she still felt like it, spotting the ice cream stand not far off and wondering what she was gonna get. "They do the swirly cones? I always like those. People say it's more 'processed' but it dosn't stop it being creamy and tasty now does it?~" She asked with a mild smirk across to her companion for this trip. "Whats your 'poison'? Pretty much a vanilla gal but with all the toppings. You strike me as a bit of a... chocolate man?" People tended to list vanilla as the least interesting flavor, but chocolate ice cream came off as the most 'bland' to her. Not in an insulting manner, it was just a little duller in it's sweetness.


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"Nicknames are not something you pick for yourself, they're something people close to you bestow upon you." He said as he kept his pace toward the ice cream stand. Which was true, he had never been one for nicknames, mainly because it seemed a bit egotistical. He was not one to have an inflated ego. Not even close to be perfectly fair.

As they approached the ice cream stand, she of course wanted to know if they served her preferred sweet treat. He was certain that they did, there was nothing he hadn't seen them doing. So it was something he could almost guarantee that they did have. "I'm more than certain they have what you're looking for. Also I find vanilla to be quite dull. Far more so than chocolate." He said as he approached the stand.

He opened his mouth to speak his order. "I would a strawberry mochi swirled cone, please and thank you." He said in a monotonous tone. Assuming he was a chocolate man was actually quite far off from what his actual interests were.

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“…Right. But…” She sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Right so if someone called me Ave, or Avala or some weird elongation of my name I can’t think of, or heck, even ‘A.A’ to miss the V or some crap, I’d tell them to cut that out. I ain’t gonna bestow you a nickname. In fact, forget ‘nicknames’, I’m asking what ya like to be addressed as. That make it easier for you?” She was growing… mildly frustrated at how difficult this was, just trying to ask what he liked to be called of all things. She could only imagine a looser spirit like Alisa would only keep someone this difficult around for a good reason…

Ava took a half step to the side when he called Vanilla dull, quirking a brow as she did so while her gaze narrowed. She’d only made those comments about chocolate being dull in her head so… either that was some creepy timing to insult her preferred Vanilla by comparison, with weird specificity to her internal thoughts or…

Nah. Mind reading magic was high end shit, and she doubted Alisa would want anyone doing that to their fellow guild mates without asking…. Surely.

She reached the stand all the same, and ordered- “Vanilla swirl love.~ All the toppings, double flakes if ya don’t mind. Just doooouse the thing in the flavored syrups too.~”


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"That's a lot of sugar you've got going on there." Manzo said as he began to lick his own ice cream. Though how much sugar she ingested was none of his business. But then again, he was a bit of a nutrition nut, and as the Ace he was tasked with protecting his guild mates, though he wasn't sure if that responsibility extended to their choice in eating. But none the less he had already opened his mouth so it was far too late to walk that back.

"You can call me Mattori, as is the custom of my people, when we get more familiar I'll allow you to use my first name." He said as he kept eating his ice cream, wandering over to a near by bench to sit down for a moment and simply enjoy the sounds of the port town while indulging in his own sweet treat.

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