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Takedown Opposition [Rank B Quest]

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Toma sat peacefully on a bench outside of a small food cart. Eating away at some kabob and drinking tea he looked to the letter at his side. He snatched it and tossed it around his fingers. Once the curiosity became too much for him he ripped open the letter. It had found its way to him while he was eating through a strange cloaked individual. He didn't pay too much mind to it regarding the business he found himself in. Putting away the plate of kabob sticks he wiped his hand off to not dirty the letter.

Glancing over the letter it had seemed he was being hired for a job yet again. A certain blacksmith who had hired him before as he used his lighting magic to spark the paper letting it crumble to ash. Rising to his feet he was off through the town of Baska. Now headed towards the blacksmith's workshop it could be a number of things he'd ask Toma to do.



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Hoodie over his head and heads comfortably stuffed in his pocket. His posture was slightly crouched he wanted to blend in a young man on an evening stroll. Arriving at Godfrey's shop Toma gave the man a simple nod and cheesy smile. He had to play the part after all. The gesture almost made his cheeks hurt."Welcome welcome great customer I'll have the details of your order ready soon!" Godfrey said with a hearty laugh. Wrapping up a newly purchased weapon he slid it to the customer. "Here you are old friend good as new, be safe on your travels!" The man waved off Godfrey and walked past Toma. Toma kept his eyes open as he looked through all of the weapons. He was noticing how whatever it was it was supposed to be secret.

That was simply the current vibe of the situation. Turning around Godfrey had waved Toma over having a letter on the desk."Everything for the order is in here." Toma picked it up and bowed politely. The two waved each other off with smiles as Toma walked out of the store as quickly as he came in. What type of job was he being offered that it had to be done over the paper. Although most of the stuff he did was done hush-hush anyway. It wasn't too big of a deal to him he thought with a heavy sigh. Toma had walked around a bit aimlessly to make sure he wasn't followed or became too suspicious. When he saw the opportunity he had gone in to a restaurant and ordered more food for lunch before taking out the letter.



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Opening the letter the first thing he saw was a picture. It was most likely to be his target. Reading over the rest of the letter Toma smirked now having to plan an assassination. It was a delicate matter despite being with such low-level people. He had to make someone disappear for good without letting the world know. Multiple plans ran through his head as he gave the information another look over. Three possible target locations being the shop, his house, or the inn in the evening.

Realistically it made sense to wait until night fall. Under the cover of darkness he could maneuver and escape better. But the real trick was making sure none of this came back to Godfrey. He'd be drunk from the inn most likely. And considering his popularity he was sure to be with a possy and splitting whenever they left to go home. Luckily he lived neared the outskirts of Baska and somewhere isolated it seemed.



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Toma tucked away the contents of the letter before eating his food. Eating a plate of fried catfish a great plan came his way. He would need to scout ahead and watch his target and survey the area. But if he could catch the man on his way home alone he could easily do a hit and run. By stealing a horse carriage and killing the smith by running him over. He could easily kill the owners by suffocating or hitch a ride and set the horses off. This way he could kill the target, and kill the witnesses by making it look completely like an unfortunate accident.

It was a good start but the execution needed to be flawless. Or possibly if there was a torch of some sorts he could burn up the carriage and all the evidence. Some carts did have lanterns for light. Oil to cause the fire to spread; it would seem so crazy yet plausible. Taking heed from the restaurant Toma retreated into the streets of Baska once more.



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Toma snaked his way until slipping into an alley. Acrobatically making his way to the rooftops Toma decided to lie low. Sneaking his way through between buildings from above he headed back to the two blacksmith shops. Laying down Toma crawled behind one of the chimneys on the roof He was in a desirable position which gave him a full view of the street below. Silencing his breath and relaxing his body. Deep and full inhales and exhales putting him in a state of calm. For the next few hours or so Toma watched as people went in and out.

He had done work of this nature before and kept busy by looking at those coming in and out. However, it was go time as the target finally left the shop. Perking up Toma now had the cover of darkness as his aid. Rising to a crouch Toma now began tailing his target.



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The bar is where his target ended up as Toma sighed. He pondered now would be the time to search for a carriage of some sort. Toma now confirmed that his target was at the bar. Now he could worry about the second part of his plan. Running away he lept and lept through the roofs heading towards the road towards the target's home. All the while scanning the roads and listening for horses. Luckily in the distance, he spotted a large group of crates along the path. A pair of two young men were loading the crates onto the carriage.

Toma stopped in his tracks leering from above seeing as they had quite a bit of merchandise to load up into the large cart. However, it had seemed the two were taking a break which would work out to his plan. It would buy time for the Smith to get done drinking and head on his way home.



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After about forty minutes or so the old smith was now on the route. Toma watched patiently as he stumbled his way on home. Yet shortly he would depart from this world with his guiding hands. As he started to get a lead the men loading crates had come back from the building and were loading up. The carriage had 3 horses enough to gain enough speed. As such Toma checked the rest of the road as it was seemingly empty at this time of night.

Jumping over the ledge of the roof he grabbed its edge. He dropped himself down grabbing other ledges to help slow down his descent before dropping behind the carriage. As the two men saddled and headed out Toma ran forth with careful footsteps. Stopping in back he would jump rising two meters and grabbing onto the cart. Narrowly swinging himself in the back with the little space that was there quietly watching the front.

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From the back view of the carriage, Toma was careful as there was a large gap between the crates. The left and right sides were stacked but the middle was left open except towards the front. A single crate was left there. Meaning he could see them and they could see him if he wasn't careful. Toma kept himself pressed against the left side and was peeking from its corner. Luckily they hadn't noticed him and he could see the smith down the road.

The illumination from the moon and lantern of the carriage let him barely make out his silhouette. There is no room for failure he thought to himself. The next biggest thing was making sure there was no one else behind them. As such Toma not only watched out the front. But from the rear as well as they got farther and farther away from the city.



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Having a few minutes passed it was time and the road was clear. Unlatching the back of the wagon Toma dropped out before crouch walking to the front of the carriage. His heart was racing but his mind was silent. Leaping forward he grabbed the top of the wagon and kicked both the driver and passenger off the carriage. Hopping forth landing in the seat snatching the rains before causing all 3 horses to startle and rear now charging forward toward his drunken target. Toma moments before the collision would jump from the side and roll out of the way.

He watched his plan unfold clearly seeing his target eliminated. As a result, the horses and the carriage both crashed and would fall onto the side of the hill leaving the cargo scattered everywhere. He ran over to the old man's body putting his fingers on his neck. No pulse... nodding his head and ran to the other two. Throwing both of their heads onto one of the busted crates he had sure to eliminate them as well.



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Toma was at the back door of Godfrey's shop having knocked a certain rhythm. It was late in to the night and Toma made sure he wasn't seen. After killing the target and all the witnesses he escaped cleverly.  An opening to the door as Godfrey signaled with a nod to come inside. Inside the shop Toma dusted himself off before leaning on the counter and crossing his arms."It's done and I made it look like a complete accident."

Godfrey didn't say anything and handed Toma an envelope full of his reward. Opening it and counting the money Godfrey worked up the courage to speak. "I hate that... it had to be this wa-" "Shut up you pathetic fool." Toma scoffed and walked past Godfrey back to the backdoor. "You just paid for me to kill a man and you want to act heartbroken? His death is on your hands because you paid me to do it. So own up and don't be such a coward." Toma said waving the money at the man. It made him feel pity but he let the emotions go and left out the door. Looking around to make sure it was safe he ran off in to the night. A place to retire and to get a good few hours of rest. Because pretty soon the work of the night would call him again. More blood yet to be shed of the innocent or the unworthy who would know.

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