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Tournament Arc - 1 [Solo | A-Rank]

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Tournament Arc - 1 [Solo | A-Rank] Empty Sun May 22, 2022 9:45 pm

Piper was feeling pumped. She ran her hands through her multi-coloured locks, separating it into two parts as she pulled them up and tied them into their usual twin pigtails. Her signature style that both looked super cute in her opinion, but also had the added benefit of keeping her hair out of her face. Meaning everyone could see her super cute glittering golden eyes and chubby cheeks. The ultimate cuteness combo.

Confident that her appearance was perfect, she was ready to begin growing her reputation, starting with the rock in Baska, well known for its fighting scene. While she herself had little experience actually fighting anyone other than her siblings growing up, she wasn’t here to win the fights but to win the people’s hearts. If she won, she’d definitely be more popular with certain people, but she was confident even if she lost she’d have at least a few people approach her based on her appearance alone.



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Piper was well aware since leaving home that very few could resist her adorableness, especially if she played it up. It may have gotten to her head a little bit at this point. However, she saw it as a good thing, it made making friends all the easier. There was also the fact that perhaps she could even use that to her advantage in the upcoming battles, a thought that made her chuckle gleefully to herself, something that would have seemed crazy to anyone nearby if she hadn’t been in the waiting room all alone right now.

However, after a few minutes, a couple of other participants also entered, one definitely stood out, his build much more muscular than the others. So he probably used his fists rather than magic if she had to guess. Glancing over the others, however, their bodies definitely lacked in the muscularity department compared to the first.

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However, she knew all too well how deceiving looks could be, after all, she herself looked fairly weak from a simple visual perspective. However, they were actually fairly sturdy thanks to her dwarven heritage. There was also the fact that just because someone may lack physical prowess didn’t mean that that they would lack when it came to their magical capabilities. Piper, themselves, wasn’t especially gifted on that front, once again, being a dwarf, magic wasn’t a common thing among her people. So she wasn’t entirely certain what they should expect front the others before them.

Although she doubted they’d have anything beyond what had been written on the rules of today’s fights and if they did, they wouldn’t be allowed to utilise those magical skills, or they’d just be disqualified anyway. So she wasn’t particularly worried about all that either. All she had to do was buckle down and focus on looking cute while smacking people with her staff.

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Today there was simply a few sparring matches between beginner fighters, hence she’d been able to join the open event with no qualms. Although when she had been signing up he had gotten a strange look from the person at the reception, they seemed a little worried for the small dwarven teen. Perhaps it was because she looked like a small child to most people that didn’t realise she was in fact not human.

To be fair, their concerns weren’t completely without merit. Piper was well aware that they weren’t a fighter, they never really had been. They had received a little formal training from their father growing up, but they had ignored his teachings for the most part. However, they did have a game plan of sorts. The plan was simple, should things start to look bad for her fight wise, she’d simply surrender before her adorable face took a hit. She couldn’t have her money maker receiving an injury after all.

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The loud sound of chime ringing resonated through the air, and the sound of a cheering crowd echoing down the hall could be heard. It was finally time. As instructed all the participants, PIper included, strode out onto the rock to be introduced to the crowd and as she stood looking out at them, she could see some whispering, making bets based on the appearances of each of the fighters. A few gave the child-like competitor some strange glances, and worried faces filled the audience once more as she was introduced.

However, she did spy a couple of people amongst the crowd who gave sly smiles as if they were expecting her to have something up her sleeve, perhaps some kind of trick that would guarantee her victory. She could only beam a huge smile at all the faces during her introduction, trying to show off her cuteness appeal before they'd even begun.

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As the introduction of the fighters ended the first fighters were to remain while the rest went back to sit on the sidelines. Piper watched on as a lithe lightning mage took on an axe-wielding elf. A rather odd combination and whilst the crowd appeared to eagerly watch on, the dwarf quickly grew bored as her mind drifted off, thinking about different types of pastries she might try making later if she bought ingredients with the money earnt from participation rewards. Sure she could whip them up with magic, but it wasn't quite the same as making them herself.

There was something satisfying about putting in the physical effort of baking. Perhaps it was the smell of goods baking in the oven, or the feeling of accomplishment once it was ready to eat. Her magic food never truly had quite the same effect on herself, although others did tend to enjoy it and she often received plenty of compliments that told her that the food she magically crafted wasn't bad.

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She was abruptly pulled out of her thoughts of food as a loud chime rang through the arena, the winner, the lightning mage stood tall, as their opponent was carried out. With one final flourishing bow to the audience, the lighting magic user soon returned to the sidelines and now it was finally Piper's turn. Picking herself up she'd merrily make her way forward as did her opponent. A big burly man with rippling muscles. In a test of strength, she didn't doubt for a second he'd win, fortunately, fights were not all about how was simply the strongest. Although she wasn't too sure if she'd really have a chance even in a regular fight.

"Please avoid my face." She'd whisper to the man who seemed a little taken aback by the small girl's request. As the man looked over his opponent she could feel the look of pity in his eyes as he nodded with a gruff grunt as if to say 'okay' in response.

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He shifted a little uncomfortably, perhaps he didn't like the idea of beating a young girl up, which was fair enough, he was sort of stuck in a lose-lose scenario. Either he lost to a short little girl, or won by beating her up, neither would feel great.

As the chime to start fighting rung through the air, the man was still unsure what to do, clearly uncertain about how to deal with his situation. Piper on the other hand took his indecisiveness as an opportunity swiftly moving to bonk him with her oversized staff aiming for his shin, the easiest location for the shorty to strike. The man looked utterly perplexed, despite here tiny size the attack would definitely leave a bruise as he scowled at his leg where she had smacked him. No longer afraid of attacking her now she had struck first, he'd raise his leg in an attempt to kick her away, only for her to skirt around him with unexpected speed as she'd smack him again in the same leg, only from behind this time.

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The fight continued to proceed in this manner, the burly man attempting to kick or punch the dwarf, only for her to slip right by him and avoid him and smack him in the same leg continuously. Whilst he was still able to move, it was clear the burly man was growing more and more irritated as the fight proceeded, the little one unrelenting in her attacks. He had thought she would be easy to fight, perhaps even a little too much so, but he was quickly learning how wrong he was.

When he finally managed to land a solid kick into her stomach through a feint attack he thought that they'd be sent sailing only to find her standing her ground. As the feeling of his leg in their stomach landed, PIper grimaced as they felt a little winded, but their body barely budged, her small frame sturdier than the man or the onlookers had predicted.

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Her dwarven heritage was one that definitely shouldn't be looked down upon, well at least figuratively. As she took the opportunity of his confusion as another chance to strike, once more striking him with her staff in the same location. As she hit the sound of bone cracking beneath her weapon and the cry of anguish of the burly man caused the crowd to cheer as the man fell to one knee in pain.

"Surrender?" Piper asked with a small wink as she stood above him now, causing the man to shake his head with a pained, gruff laugh. Despite not wanting to lose to her, he seemed smart enough to know when he was beaten as he called to give up the fight to the dwarven teen. The crowd's cheers grew louder many screaming her name as they chanted in their excitement over seeing someone so small bring down someone so much larger than themselves. A true underdog story.

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She'd bow to the audience and then beam her most adorable smile as she could manage towards them. They still felt a little out of breath, a combination of having to fight so hard for the last five minutes and taking a rather strong kick to her stomach. She was thankful he had kept his promise to not touch her face, leaving her cute little money maker untouched was a blessing. Whilst they felt a little bad about breaking the man's leg, he would be soon treated by the fight club's staff, which they had been told were some strong healing mages upon signing up earlier today.

Hopefully, he would be up and walking again in no time, as given his build she had a feeling his source of regular income more than likely was some form of physical labour. Regardless it wasn't really her problem now, as they had other things to worry about, like their next upcoming match. Whilst they had won their first fight somewhat easily, they doubted their next ones would go quite as well. Not only would she be going against the victors of previous matches, meaning they were probably stronger than her previous opponent, but they had also had the opportunity to see how she fought, meaning they'd probably already be strategising on how to counter her fighting style.

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Fortunately, there was still plenty of time until her next match, as she finally left the boulder to take her seat on the sidelines next to the lightning mage and the next pair of fighters took her place and began their duel. Piper tried her best to focus on them, so she could also learn to fight against whoever won, but quickly found herself zoning out as her mind wandered to things it found more interesting. Before she knew it the next couple of fights were finished and the four victors were all that was left.

Piper finally gave their attention to the announcer as she learnt their duelists would now be randomly pitted against one another for the semi-final matches. She wriggled a bit in her seat acting excited as she was drawn for the second fight against the last fighter to have their match. Meaning she could relax a little until her next fight.

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