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More Work [Travel/North to West]

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More Work [Travel/North to West] Empty Fri May 20, 2022 11:55 am


Being back in these woods made him sick. Utterly sick and filled with rage but a job was a job. As a new member of Sleeping Calamity, the guild tattoo fresh on his back felt more like a brand if anything. Walking alongside his tempest wolf he started to hold on to his mane. It was always soft and comforting he thought nearing the border of the North. A lot was racing through his mind especially hating to be a part of a group again. Not to mention he had only met so few members.

Reaching a small lake Toma stopped to allow Raiko to rest again before he finish up the trek. Stretching out his back and arms Toma prepared himself as well as Raiko howled letting him know that he was done getting water. "Alright let's head out boy." Toma hopped off the ground onto Raiko's back as the two continued their journey. Once back in the West he would his best to make name for himself. For some reason, it felt like the pieces were falling into place. As Raiko trotted through the surrounding area Toma simply lost himself in the emptiness of the road.

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