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The North is Hella Boring [Travel -> West]

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The North is Hella Boring [Travel -> West] Empty Mon May 16, 2022 6:40 am

The North is Hella Boring [Travel -> West] NeaNFKH

"This place is boring now. It's not the same anymore." Zael sighed as he sat on a stump in the grand forests known as Worth Woodsea. The woman beside him walked along, giggling at the young Nimulli's pain. If any random person appeared right now they would have thought Z'Aleel was absolutely out of his mind only because they wouldn't be able to see the woman he was talking too. Perks of being the Nimulli, you could say. That aside, the young Fallen really was out of his mind. He wasn't batshit crazy, maybe, but he was crazy enough all the same.

"Are you enjoying your meal, Nimulli?" the spirit asked. A human man laid flat on the grass below, bleeding from the place his arm had once been, struggling to scream, squirming as hard as he could to get out of the ropes wrapped around his arms and legs. Zael took another bite of the bleeding arm in his hand, blood bursting onto his face and dripping down onto his clothes. "Yeah, but ika ufe thum schal." he swallowed. The spirit smiled menacingly, most likely living through her master and enjoying the meal as well. "So, I was wond-

"That's weird..." Before the spirit could get a sentence out, she was interrupted. She had been following Aleel around for days trying to figure out when she'd be conjured. Now that she was out of perdition, she was just waiting to level up. She was so anxious that it was nearly eating her alive, much like the man in front of her. Aleel may have been young, but it was safe to say that he was no fool. He knew what she wanted. It was the same thing they all wanted for him; to feel alive again. Literally. Clenching her jaws, the spirit said nothing.

"I'm already full. Awe maaannnn. Welp..." With a defeated sigh, the Nimulli turned to his meal, still squirming about, crushing the plants beneath him. "Looks like today's your lucky day." the child smiled warmly. Slowly Zael reached for a large stone beside him, picking it up before slamming it repeatedly onto the mans head. "You get to die quickly! You're welcome!" He laughed as blood and brains splashed around. When all was said and done he wiped his hands on the dead mans clothes, standing up to begin his journey towards the wild wild west.

"Z'Alee-" quickly the Nephilim waved his hand, causing her to vanish immediately. "You're no fun..."

North -> West

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