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For the Greater Evil [Flashback | Red]

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#1Yoshino Freljord 

For the Greater Evil [Flashback | Red] Empty Sat May 14, 2022 10:05 pm

Yoshino Freljord
Yoshino shivered as the Demons fingers gently caressed her chin. She had escaped them years ago, back when she was visiting Enca. The demons had been using her in some sort of ritual where her blood was spilled to feed some elven woman. She should have known then, that her escape only happened because the demons let her get away, but for what? She could only wonder. What had she done to deserve this. She had managed to fight about three of them off, but she was far too weak to win this battle. The blue haired maiden stood as brave as she could. A dagger shook in her hand. She had been on the run ever since the incursion. Her instincts already knew that she would be tied up in this again. Demons had easily become her worst fair. One of the demons stepped forward. Yosh swung at the one caressing her face, trying to escape his clutches but...to no avail. The demon caught her wrist, the other grabbed her shoulder. His claws sunk into her skin. "Gaahhh!!!" She screamed out. "What do you want with me!! Leave me alone!" She roared. As much as she wanted to be brave, all she could do was beg for her life. To think that such creatures would be the death of someone like her, a worshipper of Illumin.

Another Demon approached, slapping her. Tears began to dwell in her eyes.

"This is nothing personal." A Voice from behind the three demons croaked. He took the form of a shadowy figure, Yoshino couldn't see his face.

"You should be honored, Yoshino. Your purity and faith in Illumin has rewarded you with being a sacrifice for the Nimulli."

Yoshino shook her head in denial. "The Nimulli? P-please...I...I don't wanna die." She said. The tears transformed into rivers of sadness and fear. She knew though, that this was the end for her.

"You won't. You'll spend eternity in the Abyss, perhaps born anew." Her eyes widened. She still didn't quite understand. It was a desperate attempt but as the demons forced her onto her knees, she began to pray, muttering words to Illumin. The Demons scoffed, snickering at her feeble attempt to save herself.  The shadowy figure slowly walked forward, revealing himself.

Her eyes widened. She didn't know who he was, but he had this familiar aura around him. Slowly he crouched beside her, his lifeless orbs looking into her innocent beautiful ocean eyes. Yoshino turned away. There was silence for a moment. Screaming was futile, she knew that. She figured there was nothing these demons could give her that she'd want. It was simply time to suck it up. Suddenly she turned back to the man.  "At least...is "Nimulli" a higher demon?" She asked. If she was being sacrificed to someone, she might as well get acquainted beforehand. She didn't even dare think about the torture she was about to go through. There were loads of stories about the Abyss and hell, which was which and all that. The Demon slowly took off his hat. Not a hint of emotion on his face.

"The beginning." With a singular motion, too fast for Yoshino to comprehend, the demon had sliced her throat with his nails. Her eyes widened from the shock. Nothing could have prepared her for this moment. As she gurgled on her own blood, shaking on her knees, she gazed towards the heavens. The demon watched. He tried to understand why even now she looked for the ghost god Illumin. She would not be saved. The Demon raised his hand towards her.

"O tenebrse, magne dux mortis, Dns irae, mandatum abyssi, Suscipe munus virgineum Hoc sacrificium. Nimulli matrem tenebras largire potestatem. Flumina rubra, odores atri, excita Nimulli. Uni puritatis immolamus, ut tenebras impiam consumat. Mortem da nobis, da gloriam, Mortem nobis affer, Confer nobis gloriam, Mortem perfer nos gloriam." Suddenly, her body began to burn violently on the ground, withering away within seconds.

"Your sacrifice is appreciated, human."

- DEAD -

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