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Ace's Eye,While The Paint Flows.(Social/Manzo.)

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Ace's Eye,While The Paint Flows.(Social/Manzo.) Empty Fri May 13, 2022 12:25 pm

It would not take all that long for Miriko to settle into the place, This was just how she worked, Found a spot put all of her supplies in an area some where with in the guild hall, Miriko had found an area to set up at. One that had enough shade to not worry about the heat, still in a good enough area that it was warm that she did not feel too cold. It was perplexing at times how Miriko worked, She hated the heat and the cold, Never wanted to tan. Just showed up with paint and a giant cat that talked called a Cattian.

So far Miriko had just been painting away, by her along with the various colours she had, where at least a dozen blank canvas' with one already being worked on. Miriko had put herself in a corner facing the room around her, Keeping herself in the corner helped making sure she did not have anyone sneaking up behind her. For as interesting of a woman she was, Her flaws easily be came apparent when you started showing them.

Alistair was a few feet away, lounging around like a normal cat even if he was massively larger then a typical house cat, With out the normal travelling saddle bags on him, In the building Alistair just had a well made a crafted collar Miriko spend a few days on, It was leather with the Blue Pegasus guild mark all over it. Between being brought into the guild and now. Miriko had taken some time to work make that collar for him just so he did not wear that saddle and it's bags all of the time. But still quietly listening and watching over Miriko was her ever faithful, casually and happy Cattian.


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Oh what a time to be alive, or so Manzo believed. The sun had decided to come to stay for the day. It was a welcome from the rainy season that enjoyed plaguing Haregon in early spring. Oh bot not today, today was a nice day, perfect for getting some work done at the hall while the shop was closed for the day. Something he didn't entirely enjoy having to do, but when Alisa is away, the Manzo must play.

Well play the role of man who signs papers and approves documents. What a drag of a job it was, but it was for a lifelong friend. So, it all really did work out in the end. Upon entering the hall from the street, he could smell someone new. Been a while since he had been here, so he was sure that many new faces had come to call the hall home.

Happy, riding on his shoulder, could also smell a new scent. Two of them in close proximity. The man with the white hair, accompanied by the blue talking cat made their way to the source of scent. A woman, and an over grown house cat. As well as what looked to be painting supplied. "My god, have we gotten to the point of hiring painters now?" He says as he rubs the back of his neck.

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With that phrase Miriko did not seemed too bothered."I am not a mere common house painter at least, Alisa has requested a personal paint from me before."She did not look away from what she was working on but replied to his most likely rhetorical statement. With Alistair quietly looking at Manzo and his companion, For not he was quiet."It won't be that much of a mess, I can clean up any problems here with out a worry."That is if he was worried about that. But she continued painting away with out having any run off be apparent.

Then she would just explain as more of a means for casual conversation."I do not just paint, I craft various things as well."It was time to see if she could drum up some interest from this person she did not know the name of. Since it might be a good way to learn what people like."I can also:Make and fix clothing, sew, knit and paper craft."After mentioning then she would lean into sight of Manzo letting her face be partly seen. The moment her dark purple eye was seen for a moment then beck back to behind the canvas.

"So maybe, I am just more then a common painter."
With that Alistair chuckled slightly finding Miriko's actions just slightly entertaining, For he was just use to the Miriko that just quietly painted away until she was done then left the area. But alas she would wave in greeting to Manzo."I am Miriko, I go by Mimi as well. It is nice to meet you."sure there was various supplies everywhere but it was organized into sections just so she knew where things where.


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"To be honest, I'm more of a gardener, big fan of plants. Not sure why, probably because of the kind of dragon I am." He said as he took a seat beside the woman of the canvas. Wondering what exactly she was hoping to craft. He had no talent for art, but did always find himself in awe of those who are.

"What's it going to be?" Manzo asked as he lit a cigarette and continue his marveling at her work. People could waste time with their own small talk, but this was a very rare insight into the depth of this humans soul. Truly wanting to see what it was she had running around in her head.

Eyes are the windows to the soul yes, but actions are the door that is opened upon looking through soul. It's the evidence of it, and proof of the mystery of the human existence.

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So that is what he did, interesting one of the many things Miriko failed at."I have not managed well in trying to learn that."Miriko was a lady of learning, it seemed it expanded well and into many things."Not as bad as my attempts to whittling with wood"Even if the brush she handled right now is wood, It was something she did not have to do herself so it was safe for her to work with it. But she did not lack options so it isn't like she did not have other means to keep her hands busy in terms of her work.

What was it."So far the title of this would be The Grasp of Nature."It was the starting of it anyway. It was so far just the starting mere black lines starting to form shapes of trees that looked like a feminine hand. Manzo had joined when she was just starting."I will be making one hand entirely from trees, The other hand is a normal person hand."The rest of the details may come later, But the main parts of the painting were already in mind for her.

Then well, Miriko just asked random."Alistair, Do you require anything?"to the slight yawn of the cattian just said in return."No, I might nap, Since I do not have to worry you here."But he did not go take a nap right away, But he was a settled for the most part in his new home.


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"Grasp of nature, I like that." He said as he leaned back and continued to watch her work. Though he did wonder, if perhaps she'd like to see something spectacular. Something that would help her in her muse for this piece. Though how exactly would he begin to ask that.
Not wanting to seem as though he was attempting to pick her up.

"I forgot, names' Mattori Manzo, Blue Pegasus Ace." Manzo would take a cigarette out out of his inner pocket, and putting it to his lips. He snapped his fingers to light it. He blew his smoke away from her. Not wanting to cause her any discomfort in her work. In his other pocket he pulled a flask out, taking a small swig of it as he kept watching.

"Something dawned on me just now, I think I have something that can help with your work just a bit. If you're interested."

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She would complete the starting lines with out any problems."I do think so as well, Even then. If a person buys a painting from me they do tend to change the name of it sometimes."Yet to be known to Manzo. The tall gothic like painter had a lot of stories of customers that are often strange and interesting, But it was a given in the world of art and high spending she has seen. But that was not important for the conversation right now anyway.

She would change the colour of the paint she used to the brown of tree bark and start working from there."Oh? It is nice to meet the Ace, before arriving here, I only knew Alisa and the members of my previous guild."Which were the people she was more commonly around she knew a few other people but it had been a while since she saw them."I did not assume I would meet a guild ace so quickly...Then again art brings all kinds of life to me, So I should not be surprised."But she seemed interested still in learning this, Even keeping it in mind for later.

But that next comment interested her."Oh, Is that so?"She would stop painting for a moment."I am interested, what might that be?"Resting her brush on her painting plate she waited to hear what would be mentioned or done.


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"So, I have something of a shop. More of a Joyan tea house, that also serves food, and booze. But I have a green house attached to the back. I think you'd enjoy seeing it." Manzo would say as he turned his gaze to the gothic beauty he found himself with. Maybe she could appreciate it as much as he did. Every plant there is pulled from his own DNA, so no one plant is the same. With his imagination, he could grow virtually anything the mind could think of.

"You're a beautiful woman, who paints beautiful things. I think you'd enjoy seeing what I deem beautiful, and my life's purpose." He said his cerulean gaze still squarely upon her. Not looking up, not looking down, nothing but the eyes. The eyes were the window of the soul, and her soul seemed draped in a very interesting tapestry. He had to peek behind it.

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It seemed to gain her interest indeed. She would tap the handle end of her paint brush on the paint plate, With that the paint all on her plate start slowly flowing up like running water. Getting up from her chair she then she would find the bottles where she stored all of them and return to them to each vial, Cap them off to make sure the paint would still be good. Place her paint brush and plate on the chair she was sitting on. From her things she would pick up a leather covered book, It was a large drawing book with a lot of pages and a pencil."Well, You do have my interest with such an idea."She already prepared herself to go look.

She would also pick up a fairly large umbrella and rest it on her right shoulder."It should be okay as long as Alistair can manage to stay close by."Miriko mentioned because she generally did not go anywhere with out him. Then well how Miriko handled all compliments she seemed to freeze in place completely for a moment, Frozen in time because her brain was horrible processing compliments, At least she did not break down and some what squeak like a mouse out of embarrassment."I...I am glad you think that way." It would have taken a moment for her to finally answer, But finally spoke up in some way about it, She had still agreed to go along and would.


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Manzo would lift himself up from his spot seated on the ground. Happy riding on his shoulder as he did so. Meaning it was time for a little diversion from the days set task, which was doing paper work. Things he never wanted to actually do, but incurring the wrath of the mistress was something he had hoped he'd never have to deal with. At least not on a permanents basis. The life of a desk jockey was not one he wanted, not now, not ever.

"If you'll follow me, I'll lead the way." Manzo said softly as he began to walk toward the exit of the guild hall. He would open the door for Mimi, wanting to make sure she could get through without having to fumble with the items in her hands. Not wanting to be rude, and un like a gentleman in the presence of a member of the guild. After all, it was his way as the Casanova to treat them all with the care they deserved.

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With that she did follow Manzo, So did Alistair. After all not much would really happen with the starting stages of her paintings because they were not complete and did not have much value in them so far."I wonder if it will remind me of my recent trip to Joya, Before the disbandment of my previous guild, My guild master held a celebration before it disbanded in Joya."It was going to be an interesting thing to compare, But Miriko was not looking to do anything hugely judgmental either, It was just her comparing experiences she has had so far.

"Even then my life in here Hargeon, Is different then Hosenka where I was for the longest time."her life in the east was a bit different then here, At least with in the warmer port like are she had to worry about getting too hot. But then again, It was a life maybe more fitting considering how life was becoming for her in this guild. But she had a few minor question."What things do you recommend trying here? I am open to most suggestion I am not really a booze drinker for the most part." After all suggestions are a good thing for her.


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"The last time I was in Joya was during the holy war all those years ago. Ever since then, I cut out a little slice of Joya here in Hargeon." I say as I walk down the cobblestone streets of the resort town. Heading toward the central street where the shop was located. It was a quaint little show between two larger stores, at least on the outside. There was a specific spell placed on the shop to make it seem small on the outside, but very spacious on the inside.

Manzo walked to the door, holding it open for Mimi. Upon walking in she would be greeted with the sight of tradition joyan architecture and tea house vibes. Though it was also covered in green vines as well, making it feel like a tea house in the jungle. "As far as what's good, I make some damn good ramen, and curry." He said with a smile as he walked into the shop, presumably behind her.

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If it was entirely off of being last in an area Miriko recalled it quite easily. It was a nice time."A few months a go I got to visit there, It was my first time there seeing what the nation my father was from was like."She then seemed to smile slightly to herself."I left learning paper crafting, It was an interesting skill to pick up on."But she might just be carried away a tiny bit, It show her idea of trying to see everything and do so many things, She was a busy lady in so many ways.

As for what he mentioned he made well both options were good, Miriko was worried about what one she would not get a stain on her dress on, Not that she would not wash it out later but she tried to keep the things she made neat and clean."I would say the one I have yet to try, Ramen. I have tried curry at least before."She was half joyan so she was still trying and learning a few things from the nation, But with Alistair follow them both because of his own habit they followed manzo.


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"Well if that's the case then we should get started on the ramen then." I say with a smile as I walk behind the bar of my establishment and put on my chefs apron. "You're gonna be getting one of our people's most favorite version of this dish." I say as he head into the back of the kitchen and open the fridge. Bringing out a two pound pork belly. This would serve as the protein for the dish in question. The prep time would take about two hours. But seeing as how Mimi was in the process of painting something, she'd have something to keep her attention.

Manzo would then bring the pork belly out and slap it down on a cutting board behind the bar so that he and mimi could keep their conversation going. Taking out a knife from the knife block and beginning to remove the skin from the pork. "So what do you think of the place." He asked with a warm smile as he kept performing his task.

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It was something interesting fore sure, Not something Miriko have generally seen in her many travels in a long while. If anything the rarities were most of the times, The most interesting of experiences. But these things always kind of inspired something with in Miriko but she never really mentioned up front, After all she just often buried that detail in art."Is the ramen your most popular? Or that is something else?"It would not change her order as she already got something and was going to stick to it,She just still was mostly curious. But she seemed comfortable here with Alistair and Manzo.

With asking about what she thought, Before her actual answer, Miriko already seemed to be flipping through that book she brought, she was searching for a blank page in a book filled with various finely detailed drawings."There is a delightful and casual pace about the place that makes it, homely and settling. It is a spot I could see myself being in if I wanted to hide from the more out there antics that the guild seems to have."It was a reference to how the guild of beauty often had things that showed up a persons beauty. Given the tall goth lady seemed to at least always be in more clothing then most people, Maybe her reasoning behind that was easily given.

It would not be too long with in a few minutes, Miriko one of the last pages with in this book that was blank and seemed already to be drawing something. For her ideas here always came quick at times. But it was logical to assume, Miriko was not going to ignore  Manzo for she manage to multi task before. So far she seemed to be drawing a person a small person. She was not trying to hide her work at this moment.


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"I would honestly have to say that it's a mixed bag on what's most popular." Manzo said while tending to the task at hand, which was preparing a meal for the companion in his midst. He would then walk back into the kitchen area and open the fridge looking for more of the ingredients required. As he looked through the fridge he was able to spy most of them, aside from the ones that didn't need to be refrigerated. Which were located elsewhere. Low sodium joyan soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar. Before he left the back he would also grab a marinating bowl and measuring cups.

"Hello beautiful, time to put you in your bath." Manzo said in the direction of his pork belly. It was one of his weird quirks, he talked to his food. Much like talking to plants, he thought it added something to it. Now what that what was he wasn't entirely sure. Maybe there was a science behind it, one that he could pioneer and became famous off of. Ah yes another tangent for his brain to go off on, he should really get that checked he thought to himself.

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It was interesting and unexpected, Miriko noticed at times some places had people who were always pulled towards one thing to eat. Then again it might be the testament to his cooking if it was always a mix bag of dishes being popular."Good good, For once something different to hear when i ask that question."It was something she asked whenever in places to see as she travelled the only thing she never did was record her answer, After all at one point it just became a person naming one dish solely, To be well enough with various dishes was enjoyable.

At least Miriko quietly drawing away, had been distracted enough to not think it was her Manzo was talking about while he cooked, But they all had there interesting things, After all Miriko had Alistair and her creative hobbies."You manage and joy something, That even after so many years I have to even come close to be going at."She mentioned this as a piece of conversation."Many years I have tried to cook only to fail harder then when I tried my hands are carpentry."She was good at many things but she was not a handy woman, But she at least tried, At least even if Alistair was here, He for once did not laugh at Miriko about her attempts of learning things.


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Manzo began to meld the different spices and marinating liquids onto the pork belly. Taking his hands and gently coating the slab of pork in all of it equally, wanting to make sure that it was completely covered. "Truth be told, everything is good here because I run one special a day. I end up going to market same day to ensure it is the freshest that it can be." Manzo said with a soft smile while he continued about his work.

Once it was thoroughly coated he washed his hands in sink behind the bar, cleaning it with bleach thoroughly after wards as not wanting to cross contaminate the sink. Such a thing would be hugely irresponsible. Not very becoming of an ace or business man. "So when did you start painting?" He asked as he walked back into the back to retrieve plastic wrap to keep the meat covered with.

Walking back out he would take a sheet of plastic wrap and put it around the bowl, completely cutting off the protein from the outside world. Once done it was back into the fridge for it while he began to prep the noodles. But before any of that could happen, he must to do something else. Whilst in the back he grabbed a bag of oolong tea and a magic kettle.

He filled it with water, and walked back out to the bar area where he would snap his fingers brining the water to a boil. He would pour the hot water into a joyan tea cup and place the bag of oolong in after it. He would bob the tea bag up and down to make sure that it steeped correctly. Then adding a twist of orange zest to and presenting it to Mimi.

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That did make sense to how it work, Then again Miriko was a artist in other things and not around cooking so she knew there was ways around it that might not help. So far at least it seemed maybe that kept people around a customers happy."Well the markets here are fairly nice and fair in terms of cost and supply. They do not over charge me fish for Alistair."She would mention while she seemed to be putting the finishing touches on her drawing. Plus she was always looking for a deal on fish for Alistair, The cattian always seemed to eat a fair a mount of fish.

But she got a cup of tea, in which she would put down her completed drawing, placing the pencil. These were the kind of drawing some one always just seemed to be sure that done before anything else was really done.But she had tea to drink and she was not going to refuse mostly because she seemed rather settled here at this time.

At least she took the tea with out much else of a worry, Even if it would not take much time because she would feel the warmth of the cup start bothering her not too long after. But she seemed to take a sip right away then put it down."Sometimes, Food and does inspire a bit of the childish side of my brain, To create simple things with in an image."It seemed like a out of no where statement but it might have to do with the picture she just drew up so quickly that she had in mind. But she seemed happy with herself. Then she finally put the down the cup of tea and seemed to ponder to herself a bout a few other things.

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