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Vex goes north. (West to north.)

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Vex goes north. (West to north.) Empty Mon May 09, 2022 11:43 pm

Vex wanting to go see the north and check on the northern chapter of the Cult as well as maybe see Azure while she is there. She prepares her right hands for the travel to go and to have it be nice maybe a few day trip to do this she hopes that the weather stays nice for the trip, as she had heard rumors that the north was a pretty crappy place and that Khalfani’s giant head had them acting like they were so kind of big shot in the north. She hoped she is not walking into a huge trap that khal Had Azure set for her to use as bait to lure her up to the north as there was a rumor that Khalfani had kidnapped some poor weak mage that had no real chance at fighting back from their home in an effort to try an draw out a dark guild leader.

She figures that she has to be extra careful up here if she gonna be up here that she isn’t jumped by PAra drawn members while she is up here as she isn’t sure what they are gonna be like besides four of they which were azure, amir, brone, and yuurei. She just hopes she will be safer in the north.

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