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Wandering Star [Travel from North to East, foot travel]

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Wandering Star [Travel from North to East, foot travel] Empty Mon May 09, 2022 10:17 pm

In the dead of the night when all was silent, Aurelia quietly packed the few items that belonged to her. In an urge of wanderlust, she wanted to leave the north and explore the rest of what Fiore had to offer. A part of her knew she should probably let someone who she saw as a mother figure know, that person being Jikan but Aurelia was practically an adult now and she knew that the woman would understand and if she didn't...Well, Aurelia would cross that bridge when she got there. Though she respected the woman and loved her to some extent Aurelia was still her own person and has always been. She would allow nothing to tie her down if she didn't want to be and let's be real who the hell wanted to be tied down? The thought was a passing one as she placed a few clean clothes in a sack along with the jewels she made while being in the north. The climb to greatness was a lonely one and though she was used to being a lone wolf, being with Jikan made her realize she didn't really like it that much.

There was some hope that maybe she could make some new friends out in this big wide world. Or course she wouldn't say this sort of thing out loud nor would she ever actually act on it as her stunted growth was still following her even though Jikan had helped her grow into a better person than she was before. The scars on her life were too deep and not enough experiences in life were holding her back from fully coming into her own as an individual which had her marching to the beat of any drum she could hear that would feed her amongst other things. There was hope in her though that with this spontaneous trek into the unknown that she would come out better for it, and that she would gain something that would help her grow in life.

With the moonlight to guide her and the darkness to shield her, Aurelia began her adventure across Fiore. Since she had to walk it would take a few days before she even got out of the region, stopping every so often to rest and replenish her supplies before heading out of each town. None of the ones she passed seemed very interesting to her at that moment and something inside of her told her to keep going. Since it was spring she could enjoy the good weather and the beautiful scenery. Once she got out of the North she found herself in the west which also didn't provide her with the satisfaction that she needed to stop moving forward. Though this didn't stop her from stopping and making a few jewels on the side while also enjoying whatever the area had to offer while she did restock and rest as she did with the region before her.

Aurelia had to wonder when this restless feeling she had inside of her would die down. It was like every place gave her anxiety and she just had to keep moving. It didn't bother her but she wondered why she felt this way and where she was meant to go. Having spent a week traveling she finally felt the need to stop moving, stopping in a place called Magnolia. She had never been here before but she brought herself a room in a hotel for as much as she could afford for as long as she could afford it, now it was time to see what this place had that was so special she felt the need to come here.

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