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Intercept the package. D-rank mission. (Amir Nuit)

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#1Khorshid Namdar 

Intercept the package. D-rank mission. (Amir Nuit) Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 2:41 pm

Khorshid Namdar
Mission link

I need the dollar. The dollar is what I need and Khorshid had an immense need for money. Money to hire mercenaries, money for travel expenses, money to purchase items and equipment worthy of killing a god. She had a rather meaty wish list and her first step in scratching items off it? A quest but not a goodie two shoes quest. Not one of those kinda quests taken up by the soft hearted in Fairy Tail or Blue Pegasus. Oh heavens no. This was a far more morally and legally questionable mission, even if it wasn’t exactly the most dramatic thing in the entire world.

The mission brought Khorshid to the streets of the Orchidia, her steps carrying her through the hustle and bustle of the market streets. Her aesthetic, normally such a consistent thing, had to be sacrificed for the purpose of this village. Gone was the dress she normally wore, replaced with a simple pair of trousers, a shirt, and a hooded jacket. She still kept that mask though, even if it was partially obscured beneath her jacket’s hood. This mission did seem to require some degree of obscurity, or at the very least the ability to disguise one from notice and what was the best way to avoid being noticed? To blend in.

Hopefully such a revelation was something Khorshid’s partner for this mission realised. Normally she preferred to work alone but in this case? A second body, a second pair of eyes, a second person. They would help. This mission did involve taking on an unknown number of enemies to secure some package and a little bit of backup never hurt. Khorshid would swallow her ego and desire to prove herself in the name of pragmatism. She valued the money more and, after all, she’d always have future chances to prove just how utterly dangerous she was.

She pretended to window browse a series of stalls, watching and waiting for either her partner or the client to arrive. Hopefully she would not be kept waiting for too long. Patience may be a virtue but for Khorshid? She knew there was a limit.

#2Amir † 

Intercept the package. D-rank mission. (Amir Nuit) Empty Mon Apr 25, 2022 2:39 pm

Amir †
Amir munched on a bag of chips. He enjoyed the salty crisp taste that assaulted his tongue as he waited. The scholar was taking a much needed day off. He decided to do some shopping in Orchidia. The Seigart Mountains were nice but they lacked the selection of a decent town. If he wanted minerals, staying put would have been fine. To get the fabrics that were stain and dirt resistant. He had to show up here.

“I don’t care!” A loud yell got his attention. Amir was going to overlook it till he got a better look at the speaker. The black hair of Ferdinand Cashier was distinct against his face. The man walked with a roguish air that permeated the place around him. Amir did not want to leave a situation like that unchecked. He made a move to get closer and check it out. The move was unneeded as the sketchmaster disengaged from the conversation. He popped his collar and was heading towards Amir himself. When he noticed Amir he froze. The guy gave Amir a once over and beckoned.

The scholar did not think too much as he followed. He realized today was not gonna be a day off after all. He would not refuse a quest that came his way under normal circumstances. Amir did not even think about how he was noticed. He did not keep his Paradise Tattoo hidden. He was relatively well known and thought of. It would have been more surprising if someone of his stature did not stand out. Amir followed Ferdinand to a semi secluded alley. His back was to the mouth of the alley. He could not see behind him but it was enough for Ferdiand and whoever may have been listening in.


#3Khorshid Namdar 

Intercept the package. D-rank mission. (Amir Nuit) Empty Wed Apr 27, 2022 5:34 am

Khorshid Namdar
They were late. That much was clear. Were they even coming? That was the first question to cost Khor’s mind as she watched and waited but eventually, it was pushed out of mind. The sounds of a man yelling, a voice the Masked Magus recognised, snapped her back to reality. She witnessed her client, the man known as Ferdinand Cashier, walking away from a merchant he had obviously been arguing with; at least if the raised voice and frustrated expression on Cashier’s features was anything to go by.

Much to Khorshid’s surprise, Cashier seemed to entirely ignore her, instead gesturing towards a random stranger. Was she being betrayed? Or double crossed? A glare soon began to taint the Masked Magus’ face, her irritation at how the situation seemed to be developing only growing ever greater. It could never be simple could it? With a hearty sigh she followed after Amir, taking advantage of dense crowds and numerous stalls to simply blend in as any other shopper. Finally, she reached the same alleyway as Amir.

I have no idea who this man is but dear Cashier, one would have thought you’d at least recognise the face of the person you hired.” Khorshid’s tone was that of disapproval and disappointment. She had been expecting Cashier to at least recognise who he had and had not employed. No matter though. Khorshid was here now and admittedly rather curious about this stranger who had been roped into things. She’d hopefully have a good opportunity to answer such curiosities.

Ah miss Namdar. I had worried you would not be able to join us.” Cashier turned his focus towards the woman in the mask as she pulled down her hood, revealing the horned mask and the perturbed scowl her lips were locked into.

I would be a bad employee if I simply bailed but no matter. Give us the details.” Khorshid kept an arm resting on her hips,

Down to business then. That merchant has come into possession of a very valuable item I would like to possess. He refuses to sell it to me but is planning to collect it from a caravan today. I would like you to meet this caravan in his stead and acquire the item then bring it to me. It need not be said but subtly would be appreciated.” A seemingly simple request but one Khorshid had a subtle feeling would be more difficult than initial impressions implied.

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