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Tournament Arc B-rank [w/Vex]

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#1Azure Fenic 

Tournament Arc B-rank [w/Vex] Empty Thu Apr 21, 2022 6:42 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure had wanted to get some more combat training in and then what better way for him to do that than participating in a tournament where the whole purpose was to fight and come out on top. Fighting wasn't really something that he was known for due to him having summoning magic and his summons did most of the real combat. The plan was rather simple to win by any means necessary after all it didn't matter if he fought fair.

The weather was rather nice and great for fighting though it was a bit too hot for his liking he could manage it. People from all over made their way to Baska for this event and from what his reports told him it was very popular even more so for the fighters. Blue couldn't help but think what some of his fellow guildmates would think if they saw him taking part in this sort of event.

The check-in line wasn't massive or too long for that matter which was either a good sign or a bad one. After finally getting to the check-in desk the repsiniset looked at him with a smile as he looked down at the sign in sheet to see that the rules had changed. They informed him that it was a last minute change that none of the other fighters had a problem with, "What it's a tag team tournament!? Why would you just change it all of a sudden?"


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She walked along the stones in her heels the clacks of her heels weren't heard by anyone she was the master of her own fate she was gonna make sure she played to win today and not back down and just keep trying to win and not get left behind after that loss to Yuurei, her ego as well as her abdomen was bruised pretty decently so she was gonna fight to win and not look back. She keeps walking guys staring her up and down and not really moving toward her but grining like she was making their mouths water, toward the table and she sees a familiar person and she wonders what had brought him out here if he was here to watch or if he was gonna be in the fights.

"Well well well, look who it is, if it isn't Azure himself, here to fight or to watch ?" She teased cause she figured he was here to get himself stronger as well, she signs her self up and leaves her partner space blank and she walks off into the waiting area she wasn't sure if he would want to partner with her or not so she left the opening for him to pick if he wanted to or not but she wasn't gonna just wait around for him if he can't make up his mind and make a choice out there. She looked around for what the enemies look like today and if she thinks she has a ghost of a chance against any of them at all or if this was gonna be a total beat down leading to another loss.

#3Azure Fenic 

Tournament Arc B-rank [w/Vex] Empty Fri Apr 22, 2022 8:27 pm

Azure Fenic

He was excited to take part in the fighting but finding a good partner on such short notice was near impossible. Azure looked around for anyone that was in the same situation as him and it seemed as if everyone had their partner. The other participants looked at him with smug looks on their faces as when he could hear the faint sound of heels clicking on the ground. When the clicking stopped the voice belonging to heels had remarked about him being there, the voice sounded all too familiar as it was Vex.  

Blue had wanted to question just why she of all people had been her but it didn't matter as he had found his partner for this experiment so to speak, "Hey wait don't leave your partner behind!" he shouted running after the woman after filling in the blank slot next to her name. He didn't really see her as a fighter but then again she probably thought the same of him Man I can't wait to see how I have to carry us through this, his child side thought as they made their way to the waiting area.

It roughly three minutes for the matches to be posted up for the fights for the first half and by some miracle they had been placed in the very first match against a pair of Black Belts. "I can handle them don't want you breaking a nail," he said in a joking manner as he didn't really know if he could handle them solo.


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She heard the man yelling after her and she walked away after leaving him the invite she wondered if he really was up to all this big talking he is doing right now to her and saying she is gonna break a nail and she looks at him. "You are talking a pretty big game for a human." She starts stretching out her body as she was gonna be dealing with these guys like she does with every other threat that she deals with here. She starts sizing up their enemy, she doesn't look scared or that she has any fears of maybe needing to be carried at all in this fight she was gonna fight like her life depended on it because her life just might need to be dependent on it going the way they are gonna need it to be and she wasn't gonna be slowing Azure down she was gonna carry her own weight.

She looks to Azure and she isn't sure if he is really gonna be okay in this fight or not she has never seem him fight in the like two and years she has known him, she wonders if he is gonna try to play the knight in shining armor to protect the fair maiden with a rose in her hair from the big mean fighters they are gonna be clashing with or if she will be in need to save his butt if it comes down to it. She was going to do her best and hit them with a spell and debuff them so that the fight part of the fight will be better for them but after that it is gonna come down to if Azure can control his summons and what he will do if all else fails and he is face off with himself man to man like some like cheesy fighting book hero but she finds the thought kind of cute.

#5Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

"What does being a human have to do with this?" he asked as both of the men had taken their stances and had more or less focused on Azure "Shame full to have a woman be your partner." one of the men said as they charged at him. Azure flicked his wrist and created a magic circle right under himself throwing the men off as he used that short lapse in judgment to trip them with a leg sweep. "I'm no pushover and the lady isn't either." as too how much of this was true was up in the air as neither know the other fighting style. The two men quickly got to their feet and started to focus their mana into their fists but anyone that's been in a fight knows never to let your opponent charge anything "You can take the next round Vex I got this," Azure flicked his wrist summoning Old Ignis to his side and gesturing for the golem to protect Vex.


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Vex sighed she guessed this fight was just gonna be all Azure doing all the hard work cause he wanted or had to prove himself, she sighed and just used herself for support as she didn’t feel right to be stealing his thunder put she still casted her AoE spell so that the two men have their endurance debuffed to help Azure make shorter work of them and she wonders if Azure has a chance vs them or if it is just gonna be a wash.

" You better not lose cause I will not be pleased with you if you fail me." she smirks as she has faith in them to handle this and she starts running a little to keep their eyes on her and not the summon so she can at least feel like she did something and wasn’t just a useless teammate even though the informant had asked her to hold back so he could do this on his own bu that isn’t her type of thing to do.

#7Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

He wasn't sure how to handle the two men given that they looked to be used to tag battles like this which didn't sit well with them at all. "I just need you to focus on keeping her out of this." Ignis had stopped themself from joining her contractor in the battle but she could tell how much she means to him even if he didn't. One of the men broke off and went after Vex while the other made their move with a swift stream of gut and face strikes, four hits in total managed to find their way to Azure.

Damn it I can't fight like this! he thought catching his breath for a moment as the mana-infused punches did actually had some power behind them. They had managed to get some hits in but that was all they would do as he pulled out Elem 2 and fired an A rank orb at the head of his target knocking them out.


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The man that had broken off and came at vex, seemed to be cocky as he figured attacking the wood elf female would be easy but the second the man went to hit her he realized that it wasn't gonna be that easy as she used their own punch against them, the man underestimating her threw the punch at Vex and she flipped over him kicking him in the back and the momentum of their own punch carried them forward and made them fall on their face sliding against the stone.

Vex landed gracefully then walked over and kicked the downed man a few more times to keep him down then she walks over to azure and makes a x in the air with her finger tip then a butterfly made of water flutters and lands on him and heals his limb based damage and she walked over to him. "Are you okay azure ?" She had seen the man take a decent amount of damage there, in the flurry of blows that met his body.

#9Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Azure watched as the man fell to the ground with his head still engulfed in smoke which made him smile a bit as part of him liked seeing the amount of damage he could deal. But the time he looked remembered that there was even a second person to deal with Vex had already taken care of them. Ignis moving on its own had picked the man up and tossed them into the crowd and walked behind Vex as she come to Azure.

"Ignis...carry me." the golem marched over Azure and placed him on its shoulder as he was slightly upset that he didn't take both men down. "Ya totally fine." this was a lie as he was pouting and didn't want Vex to know. With this, they had finished their turn-in and were on to the finals though he was happy to know that she could handle herself if needed.

While they waited for the next match Blu continued to pout about their first bout. "So...What made you enter?" a question that he wanted to ask when he first saw her but was too overjoyed to ask.


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She can tell something is up with Azure as she sits with him and he asked her that question. "I can't let my combat skills get rusty, I have to be a leader they can follow, if all i did was stand and preach then they would start doubting me." She giggles softly, she sorta liked that she had gotten to show off to the informant, she hopes he isn't too upset she took down the second one even after he had asked her not to do anything but she wasn't gonna just sit around and be a target that isn't her style and she was a bit remorseful that she might have shown up azure.

"So how about you what did you enter the tournament today?" She wondered if he wanted to test himself or if he was looking for someone that might join this thing and learn about them and send that info off to somewhere for a decent price or for favors of some sort. She knew somethings but not everything about azure he didn't seem the type that would enter something like this and she knows people always underestimate her cause she is a small wood elf. She looks around wondering who will be their next fight and wondered if Azure will be back to himself by then or if he will be still grumpy looking with his arms crossed with his book.

#11Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

"Ya sure..." The fights after their own were rather quick and lame compared to their fight anyway. Part of him knew that he couldn't let his own personal feelings get in the way of clearing the tournament as he needed to improve on his combat ability. When Vex asked for his reason for joining he found himself perplexed as he did join to get stronger but also wanted to learn more about other types of fighting styles. He turned his head to the Wood Elf and with an emotionless tone responded to her "To learn something."

Their next fight was up and their opponents really weren't much to write home about given that they just bearly made it through the last fight. Azure quickly sent Ignis back as he wanted to actually test his skills without any magic. The ring was covered in blood, sweat, and other bodily things "Let's try and do this like an actual team?" he said with a smile on his face.


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She wondered why Azure and her were even expecting to go on and to enjoy this or if it is some wild things going on around them and she wondered if he was gonna be okay or if she was gonna have to drag his body along with her or if this is gonna have to be a double wipe out. The enemy is not looking too good but she isn't gonna estimate them and she hopes that Azure isn't going to do it as well. She stretched and she doesn't understand why that hit she took from Yuurei was still hurting her to this day.

She starts walking and running to get warmed up and she looks him over to see if he had got knocked around too hard. she looked at the next fighters and he readies her self they looked like a berserker and a spellsinger so this might still be a pain in the butt to deal with if they get him buffed up and on the war path of destruction that will just end up bulldozing them she isn't gonna back down and she is gonna make sure the AoE hits and the debuff and then strike on them while they are weaker then they should be she just hopes azure and his summons can keep up with her as she leads the fight and gets in her strikes.

She walks up with Azure and she starts the fight off by casting her offensive spell that debuffs them for a small bit and she starts by running in to take on the charging berzerker who was buffed by his spellsinger so that he can rampage harder and do more damage in a smaller window of time then he would have normally and she was gonna take down as fast as she can maybe with Azure helping her to do it was yet to be seen but she feels she can trust him to have her back for it.

#13Azure Fenic 

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Azure Fenic

Azure was confident in the ability that he had already worked on but maybe using magic to assist him to achieve a new fighting style that only he could use. Their opponents had the same determination as them so this would make for a rather great fight assuming that both sides actually gave it their all and showed the crowd a true show. His child side was excited to finally show off for his partner to make up for the first round. Quickly examining the two in front of them he already knew which one he was taking out.

"Okay, I'll take the small one!" He shouted partially summoning Ignis to launch him 50 feet into the air, as he was airborne he felt as if he was nothing but winning mattered. Part of him could glimpse him and Vex standing over the fallen with smiles. The berserker tried to knock him out of the air, using his speed to counter the punch he simply used their arm as a mini launchpad to deliver an ax kick to the spellsinger's neck. Landing the hit Azure cartwheeled around the now downed caster.

They quickly got back to their feet and attempted to fire off a spell but he wasn't about to take anything point-blank. Azure took their hand and twisted it to the point of breaking it, The sounds of their screams placed a smile on his face as he was actually enjoying this. Still holding onto their broken arm the summoner stood them up and punched them in the face twice knocking them out. Oh man, I hope she saw that? he thought slicking back the right side of his hair. "Need a hand? Cuz it looks like you need a hand?" he asked sitting on the back of the spellsinger. He would stay on top of the caster to ensure they didn't get back up and try anything funny. He waited for Vex to finish off the second half the team so they could get their prize.


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This time Vex was going to make that berserker hit themselves with their own punches, she weaves through his barrage of punches and she gets low and kicks up and hits the mans arm and the fist goes back up into his own face, she sees the mans teeth going flying out of his mouth and the berserker looks at her like he was about to make Vex pay for that and she wasn't gonna just roll over and just let him do that.

She stays light on her feet and when he goes in for another attack she jumps wrapping her arms and legs around the mans arms around his back and uses her momentum to knock the man off his feet slamming him neck first onto the fighting area and she sees azure going for a strong style of fighting she smiled at him as she saw him finish off the spellsinger and making sure they couldn't raise from the ground even if they wanted to and she choked out the berserker to finish this fight off then the fight is called as the two in the ring couldn't continue and they are named champions of the day and they are paid and Vex makes sure to hold up Azures arm as he had made up for what looked like a weak display earlier in the day. "Good work you really showed up there and proved yourself a stronger mage."

She was proud of him he had came out of his shell and he showed off what he was really made of and it was tougher stuff than he had been showing before when they had teamed up and had taken to the fighting area to start with he seemed far more sure of himself and his skills. After they were done she heads off with or without azure to go and get cleaned up and get something to eat.

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